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The Five Nicest AmEx Centurion Lounges in the World

AmEx Centurion Lounge

Some of us love flying, others fear it, but regardless of how you feel, the wait can be the worst part. Many American Express Centurion Lounges provide an opulent and calming place to relax before your fight. All of them are beautifully appointed and have standard privileges like Wifi and comfortable seating. However, these five are the creme of the crop with amazing perks and features. If you're looking for the best possible layover experience, you have to give these amazingly lavish lounges a try. It's worth arriving early or staying at the airport a while.

5. Mexico City (Inside Security)

Centurion Lounge Mexico City

When you fly to Mexico City, you're in for a treat. We don't just mean seeing one of the largest cities in the world with all its fantastic cultural attractions. (Though you should check out the Zocalo and take the time to ride the boats through Xochimilco). For AmEx customers who fulfill the specific credentials, you can also enjoy the world-class Centurion Lounge at the airport. Check in early for your flight. It's worth the time. The free shoe shine is nice, but the optional (paid) premium dining and spa services will doubtless eave you wanting more. Also, the lounge itself is beautiful. Unlike the riot of color you'll find out in the city, this lounge is understated in natural wood and neutral tones.

4. Mexico City (Outside Security)

AmEx Centurion Lounge Mexico City

The Mexico City Airport AmEx Centurion Lounges do not hold back on value or quality. As plush as it's sister lounge on the other side of security, both of these deserved a placement on this list. Strangely, the understated beauty and opulence of the Mexico City Centurion Lounges are like a reflection of the city itself. Whatever you're expecting, you'll find there's more. Mexico city is a teeming metropolis with international influences from everywhere. This lounge is teeming with decadent touches like fantastic snacks, and even private showers for anyone coming in from across the sea. Treat yourself to a free drink and enjoy a little Telemundo while you get a free fifteen-minute neck massage before venturing out into the massive city. If you'd rather pay for a quiet meal and full spa experience, or even rent a conference room for whatever business has you in La Ciudad you can do that as well.

3. Las Vegas (Inside Security)

Centurion Lounge Vegas

Not to be outdone by the biggest city in the world, the Centurion Lounge in Las Vegas is as decadent as the city itself. You'll love the artistic touches that bring pops of classy color into this luxe lounge experience. Like so much of the city, your drinks are free. You can also get free premium meals. We didn't get the chance to stop in long enough to try any of them, but they looked and smelled delightful. Vegas knows it's food and we're sure the chefs don't disappoint. Our favorite features were the free conference rooms and printers. It makes any business trip so much simpler. Because of the capacity control, you can't show up more than three hours before your flight, but who would want to when they have all of Las Vegas to explore? We suggest the indoor sky diving for a surprisingly comfortable (if loud) thrill while you're out on the town, but make sure to stop by the Centurion lounge before you fly out again.

2. Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Terminal D (Inside Security)

Centurion Lounge Houston

They say 'everything's bigger in Texas,' and the hospitality here certainly fits that description, though the lounge it'self is quaint and cozy. From decadent meals to snacks and showers, you can relax in this lovely lounge at George Bush International Airport in Houston. The occasional bold colors and outstanding cuisine won't let you down. The elevators are a little bit difficult to locate. You can find them inside the duty-free shop. It feels a little bit like visiting a Disney Club 33 location. We enjoyed the somewhat secretive aspect of the entry. Hidden in plain sight like so many delightful secrets. Our favorite part, however, was the fact that they provide old-fashioned landline telephone access. It reminded us of a simpler era when a waiter might bring a phone to your table if asked.

1. DFW Terminal D (Inside Security)

Centurion Lounge DFW

Fun fact, about 240 countries are smaller than the state of Texas. With so much space and so many world-class accommodations, it shouldn't come as a surprise that, like the massive Mexico City, Texas also placed twice on our list. Visitors rave about the Tex-Mex food and other dining options. This location lacks the telephone service we so enjoyed at the Houston location, but more than makes up for it with complimentary spa treatments. We would have liked to stay here a bit longer since we heard the daiquiris were exceptional, but since we had a flight to catch, we'll have to try them next time we pass through. The children's area looked like it was a lot of fun as well, though we're a little too old to try that out first hand.

Needs Improvement- Sydney

The Centurion Lounge in Sydney was our least favorite. While we love Australia. and found the architecture in this smallish space to be beautiful; it felt a little bit like they weren't trying as hard as other locations. The seating seemed less luxuriant, and the food was not made to impress. Perhaps we passed through on a bad day, it happens even at the most delightful places, but we'd hoped for so much more after seeing the Mexico City lounges.

Final Thoughts

Peckish, nervous, or just want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the unwashed masses? Amex Centurion Lounges provide posh peace and plentiful perks to the most discerning travelers. Consider stopping in for lunch the next time you're waiting to board at one of these extravagant terminal locations. You can have a drink at the bar, visit the spa, and even let the kids play. Leave a comment to let us know if we missed your favorite lounge. We're always looking for another great place to kill time between flights.

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