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The Top Five Motorcycle Sidecar Manufacturers in the World

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Motorcycle sidecars were initially manufactured to carry passengers. They also served as a place to carry luggage or supplies during the World War I era when the use of these small and versatile machines became popular with various military branches.

While sidecars for motorcycles fell out of vogue for several decades, they're starting to make a comeback. Companies are getting on board with the new trend and capitalizing on the new emerging demand. Here are the five top motorcycle sidecar manufacturers in the world today.

5. Liberty Sidecars

Liberty Sidecars is a sidecar manufacturer that is owned by the Billings Family. The company was founded in 1990 in Seattle, Washington. Mr. Billings is a fabricator and industrial designer who has had a passion for restoring sidecars for over 40 years.

Liberty Sidecars started in a metal fabrication shop measuring 1200 square feet. It has grown in size and now occupies an 8000 square feet shop where two to four employees work to produce custom sidecars.

The company receives orders from customers throughout the world. International orders come from Japan, Germany, Italy, Holland, Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, other countries, and from various parts of the United States. The business specializes in creating Harley-Davidson sidecars as well as replicas for classic and antique motorcycles that go as far back as 1936 models.

4. Hannigan Sidecar Company

The Hannigan Sidecar company specializes in the manufacture of sidecars, trailers, tri-car, and trike conversions. they're one of the most popular sidecar builders in the world today.

On the company's website, it lists the nine most popular pre-built models, but Hannigan also offers custom sidecar manufacturing for specific bike models. It also provides conversion services.

Hannigan offers one of the largest inventories of motorcycle sidecars. The fabrication team specializes in building touring sidecars, sport sidecars, and classic sidecars. Regardless of the type of motorcycle you own, Hannigan's skilled team of specialists can customize a sidecar that is suitable both functionally and aesthetically.

3. DMC Sidecars

DMC Sidecars specializes in the manufacture of sidecars. The company provides a large inventory for customers to choose from. DMC builds sidecars at their fabrication shop for practically every brand including EZS, Watsonian, Champion, and more.

The extensive list of available models includes the Halcyon Sidecar, the Adventure, the Classic Sidecar, the Enduro, The Expedition Sidecar, the Tomahawk and Tomahawk SE sidecars, the M72C, and more. DMC also offers a Sidecar manual that instructs riders about everything they need to know for driving with a sidecar outfit.

It is a manual that provides step-by-step instructions and outlines the skills required for the safe operation of a motorcycle or trike with a sidecar. The manual was created by volunteers from the USCA Sidecar Safety program. It was published as a do-it-yourself training guide as there were no courses for training offered at the time.

2. Texas Sidecar Company

Texas Sidecar Company is a business that has been in the business of developing and producing sidecars for more than 20 years. It's one of the more modern companies that started small and has evolved into a larger operation.

It is an American business that was founded in late 2000. The headquarters is in Donie, Texas. It has built its reputation by offering the highest quality sidecars on the market today.

The fit and finish are guaranteed by the company. They used heavy fiberglass materials for the bodies and marine-grade carpets. The upholstery is made of durable vinyl with a tonneau cover, and black powder-coated chassis, and mounting hardware for exceptionally long wear. The bodies of the sidecars are finished in a high gloss black that does not need a paint job.

Customized sidecars are made for motorcycles and scooters with well-designed safe mounting hardware included. Only basic hand tools are needed for installation. Texas Sidecar Company provides fast expert service for all makes and models of bikes and scooters.

They sell the sidecars and install them upon request. The company changed hands in 2019 when it was purchased by Kent Silk 2019. It is an American veteran-owned company, and although it's not the largest, it is one of the most well-known by reputation. You will see quite a few examples of their work at the larger bike rallies.

1. Diamonado Sidecar

Diamonado Sidecar is a company that manufactures a fully articulating sidecar. It is a precision add-on that allows for countersteering and leaning operations. This unique sidecar model is built with a low center of gravity with a wheel that behaves as a caster.

This allows for smoother performance over many other sidecar models, strictly made for motorcycle riders and passenger enjoyment. Diamonado also offers a premium touring package to more fully enhance passenger enjoyment on long rides. This is an American company that is based in Arborvitae, Wisconsin.

Final thoughts

There was a time when it was hard to find a brand new sidecar for sale. Now dozens of small startups are springing up out of fabrication shops as the demand is beginning to increase for these convenient additions.

The competition is stiff in the motorcycle and scooter sidecar industry, and this creates the perfect situation for consumers. Sidecar manufacturers know that the quality of the build, the safety, attractiveness, comfort, and durability must all meet top-notch standards for them to attract new customers. The battle is on and we're seeing some of the most remarkable new models coming out.

Some manufacturers offer inventories of pre-made sidecars and others offer customization services that design and build sidecars for current and late models as well as for some of the older antique bikes.

It's even possible to have a replica sidecar made from the 1930s era if you're into vintage designs. This is an industry that is beginning to re-emerge in the American market. If you're interested in a sidecar for your motorcycle, you might want to investigate our collection of the five leading sidecar manufacturers.

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