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10 Things You Didn't Know About Bianca de la Garza


Bianca de la Garza is a familiar sight to people living in New England but less so to people living in the rest of the United States. However, that is something that could change in the future as she continues to pursue what has been by all accounts, a remarkable career in the field of journalism. In brief, she is not just an Emmy-nominated journalist who has covered remarkable events such as Superbowls and royal weddings, but also someone with a strong interest in media as a whole, which is shown by her other media-related endeavors as well as what her company, Lucky Gal Productions, has been doing in recent times. Summed up, Bianca de la Garza is a figure who is well-worth following for people who are interested in not just media but also topics such as art and fashion.

Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about Bianca de la Garza:

1. Had a Late-Night Show

In 2015, de la Garza launched a late-night show called Bianca Unanchored and then Bianca, which earned excellent ratings from audiences. As a result, a number of TV stations situated throughout the United States picked it up within weeks of its initial debut in New England, with the result that it could be seen in cities such as Baltimore, Dallas, and Los Angeles. For unknown reasons, the late-night show went on hiatus in 2016, though it has not been cancelled so far.

2. Her Late-Night Show Was Second to SNL

For the most part, Bianca was a late-night show like other late-night shows, though it is worth noting that it focused on a wide range of topics that included but were not limited to dating, fashion, sports, and pop culture. However, its execution was excellent, which could be why it managed to secure such remarkable ratings, which put it second to none other than Saturday Night Life.

3. Most Memorable Assignment Involved Human Smugglers

Given the sheer length of her career, it should come as no surprise to learn that de la Garza has been involved with a number of remarkable stories. However, her most memorable assignment saw the tracking of human smugglers along the Mexico-San Diego border, which resulted in the discovery of a sweatshop as well as its subsequent closure upon the reporting of what had happened.

4. Most Fun Assignment Involved Blue Angels

In contrast, de la Garza's most fun assignment was flying with the Blue Angels. For people who are unfamiliar with the name, the Blue Angels are the U.S. Navy's flight demonstration squad, meaning that they are the ones responsible for reaching out to interested individuals throughout the United States by putting on air shows on a regular basis. During the flight, de la Garza stated that they managed to reach 6 Gs, which is what people can expect when pulling a tight turn in a Formula One racing car.

5. Wanted to Be a Fashion Designer

When she was a child, de la Garza wanted to be a fashion designer. While this aspiration never materialized, the signs of its influence can still be seen in her current career. After all, de la Garza is well-known for her sense of fashion among the people who tune into her program on a regular basis. Furthermore, it is interesting to note that fashion was one of the topics that she explored on her late-night show, which made it clear that she remains as interested in the subject now as she was then.

6. Her Favorite Subject in School Was History

It might be a bit unexpected, but de la Garza's favorite subject in school was history rather than something more relevant to her remarkable career as a journalist. Then again, considering her attachment to Boston as well as Boston's enormous number of historical sites and other cultural institutions with a relevance to the history of the United States as a whole, this might not be so surprising after all.

7. Favorite Bostonian Landmark Is the Museum of Fine Arts

This is supported by the fact that her favorite Bostonian landmark is the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. In short, said museum started up in 1876 to host more than 5,000 artworks, but since its founding, has expanded by an exponential extent to encompass a remarkable 500,000 artworks. Together, these artworks cover an incredible number of continents as well as an incredible number of time periods, meaning that they offer what can seem like boundless possibilities to people with more than a passing fondness for the arts. Something that could explain de la Garza's love of the place.

8. Would've Wanted to Interview Andy Warhol

Out of all the people in the past and the present, de la Garza has stated that Andy Warhol is the person that she would have wanted to interview the most. Even if people don't recognize Warhol's name, chances are good that they have seen his iconic image of the Campbell soup can at one point or another, if only because it has been featured in such a wide variety of movies and TV shows. For people who are more interested in the arts, Warhol is still remembered as a leading figure in the pop art movement, whose works explored the relationships between art and advertisements as well as pop culture that had arisen by the 1960s.

9. Favorite Artist Is Georges Seurat

With that said, de la Garza's favorite artist is not Warhold but Georges Seurat, who was a French post-Impressionist painter whose career launched what is sometimes said to have been the first avant-garde movement in painting, Neo-impressionism. Seurat's work is interesting in that he combined opposed and supposedly incompatible characteristics such as extreme sensibility and mathematical precision, which can still be seen in famous works such as A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.

10. Loves Old Movies

To be exact, de la Garza has stated that she loves Casablanca, which in spite of its age, remains one of the best romantic movies not just in the American experience but also the experience of the world as a whole. However, it is interesting to note that she has also mentioned a fondness for the works of Alfred Hitchcock, who is much better known for pioneering not just the genre of suspense but also the genre of psychological thrillers.

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