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10 Things You Didn't Know about Brian Sheth


It’s hard to imagine becoming a billionaire before the age of 40, but it can be done. Brian Sheth, one of the world’s most prominent businessmen, gained a net worth of 1.1 billion dollars by the time he was 39 years of age. Some might actually be envious of his meteoric rise at such a young age, but it is inspiring to see someone create their fortune before they hit their 40th birthday.

According to his many bio’s found online, Sheth has done a great deal to secure his own financial well being and has also done much for others. The company he helped to found is still a continual source of income for many and still continues to make him rich. A family man as well as a businessman, Sheth is known for spending just as much time building a life as he has a fortune.

Many would describe him in glowing terms as a wonderful husband and father, as well as a necessarily shrewd and calculating businessman. In order to procure and keep a fortune such as his, such traits are to be expected.

Apart from all that however, there are at least 10 things that many people don’t know about Brian Sheth.


Sheth married his college sweetheart. Both he and his future wife, Adria, enrolled in and were accepted to the same college. Having attended the University of Pennsylvania together, Brian and and Adria Sheth’s relationship grew stronger until they were eventually married. The two founded the Sangreal Foundation, which focuses largely on environmental issues. To date Sheth still has a very prominent role within the company that his wife runs.


Sheth and his wife have two children. There are not a lot of pictures depicting Sheth with his family, but through his bio it is possible to discover that he does have two kids. He fully enjoys his family loves spending as much time with them as he can.

Sleeping Habits

Brian admits to being a late sleeper on the weekends. After the busy hustle and bustle of his working life it takes no stretch of the imagination to think that he might take the time to relax on the weekends. He’s been known to admit that his weekend habits tend to annoy his children more than a little bit. The hustle and bustle of the average work day tends to fade away when a person is allowed to rest on the weekends, despite the fact that kids often don’t see things this way. For Sheth, the weekend is a time to rest and reflect before the start of the next week.

Early Career

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, Brian worked for the Deutsche Bank. With his degree in economics with an emphasis on finance it’s no wonder how he managed to land his first serious job. He moved on after a year of working at the Deutsche Bank, but he had already been in the process of making a name for himself.

Road to Riches

Along with friend Robert Smith, Sheth managed to co-found Vista in 2000. Robert made Sheth an offer to come work for him that Sheth simply could not refuse. Their start-up eventually took off, focusing largely on software technologies. Not long after that his stock continued to rise as his many different roles began to display a positive effect on the company. It was here that his net-worth would eventually skyrocket. To date he has become one of the richest men in the world, which is impressive because he is also one of the youngest.

Bob Marley Fan

He is an avid fan of the late great Bob Marley. Sheth admits to the deep respect and passion he has for Marley’s music. It has come to the point that anyone who knows him fully expects to hear the sounds of Marley playing somewhere in the background. He also believes that a little bit of Marley can set any day in perspective.

Sports Fan

Despite not being a resident for many years, Sheth is an avid fan of several Boston spors teams. Be it MLB, NFL, NHL, or otherwise, Sheth is a devoted fan. Be it the Patriots, the Red Sox, the Bruins, or anyone else Sheth’s interest in sporting events is firmly rooted. Never missing a season, he stays abreast of developments with his favorite teams throughout the year.

Business Role

Aside from being a co-founder of Vista, he is also the president. He has taken on a number of roles at Vista, and is fully immersed in the goings on of the company. Most people would agree that he is one of the most integral parts of the business. There is little within the company that Sheth doesn’t know about, and even less that escapes his notice on a day to day basis. The level of concentration and devotion he brings to his work is amazing as well as inspiring.

Nice House

He paid $38 million for the Trousdale Estates in Beverly Hills. Despite its lack of any proper front lawn and the proximity to other homes, Sheth purchased the grand estate for the large sum of $38 million. The home is quite nice, but is not seen as a bargain by many individuals. Sheth didn’t bat an eye when he bought the home, paying asking price without an issue. The estate is massive and is actually considered to be apart from Beverly Hills, without being a part of it.


Born to Indian immigrants, Sheth was still born an American citizen. He was born in Austin, Texas, which is a far ways from where he has ended up. Having been all over the world thanks to his many endeavors, Sheth is now known far less for his origins than for his current actions as a prominent businessman. Coming from simple origins, he is now worth over a billion dollars and controls a wide number of companies that continue to feed into his fortune. Brian Sheth is a man that many would seek to look up and learn from, especially when it comes to financial advice.

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