10 Reasons to Consider a TJ Maxx Credit Card

There are more credit cards available today than can be easily counted. The selection that people have to choose from is both extensive and at times very confusing. Too many card companies say the same things using different words and offer deals that are similar to one another with only minor differences that can make the effort put into selecting a card seem like a headache waiting to happen.

With the availability of so many confusing term uses, APR’s, and other various features that many people might never use, it is important to know as much about your selected card as possible. This is where the TJ Maxx credit card comes in. Like several competitors TJ Maxx offers both a store card and a Mastercard that each come with several amenities that can be used at the buyer’s discretion. Listed below are several ways that both cards can benefit the consumer and why they are the wiser choice when selecting a reliable credit card.

So,  why the TJ Maxx credit card?

1. Benefits of the TJ Maxx Credit Card

The store card and the Mastercard each have their own benefits, which are reward points after each purchase. This can come in handy if you are a regular customer of TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Sierra Trading Goods, or HomeGoods. Both cards also offer a grace period of 23 days to pay the bill, and it can be done online. This can be a great help in an economy where most people are constantly in debt and are constantly struggling to pay their bills.

2. Gift Certificate

For every 1,000 points earned the shopper gets a $10 gift certificate, which is incentive to many to continue their patronage at those stores that are affiliated with TJ Maxx. Also, if you use these stores as your go to places for back to school shopping and other needed merchandise, your chances at accumulating points quicker with each purchase goes up. During the holidays and for special occasions this could be a huge incentive for shoppers to come in and earn whatever they can in order to get even a small amount back in return.

3. No reward limits

There is no limit of reward points that you can earn with either card. While some cards might limit your reward points to a maximum number, the TJ Maxx credit card will continue to accrue your points every time you shop with no ceiling. Reward points of course can be used for cash back, items, or special purchases that might not be available on a regular basis. For this benefit alone many people flock towards credit cards, and with the TJ Maxx credit card it would likely take little time to earn enough reward points to make the card worth the while.

4. Accepted Worldwide

The TJ Maxx Mastercard is accepted worldwide, thereby negating most limits to its use. With the Mastercard and the Platinum Mastercard it is possible to purchase and obtain goods and services any place that this card is accepted, which covers a wide portion of the known world. To date there are few places in the world where shoppers are welcome that Mastercard is not accepted.

5. Identity Theft

The Mastercard comes with identity theft resolution, so you can quit worrying over what might happen if your card is ever stolen, lost, or damaged. Your credit will be safe and secure as the professionals at Mastercard work tirelessly to keep your information secure.

6. APR

The APR is not the nicest at 27.24%, but it invites another positive that can be borne from a negative. Paying this credit card off entirely is a good idea each month, and is a good way to build your credit as you continue to make payments. It might seem like an overwhelming negative, but if kept up, this credit card can greatly benefit your credit score.

7. Get Money Back

The Platinum Mastercard allows you to gain money back on purchases made outside of the store. For every $1 you spend you will gain points towards rewards offered by the card. As far as the TJ Maxx credit cards go this is the best one by far and the most versatile.

8. Discount on First Purchase with the TJ Maxx Credit Card

You will receive 10% off your first purchase. Despite not being thought of as a great amount, ten percent can be a rather tidy sum considering how much some people spend at stores such as TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. For the price it is a benefit to get anything back on the first purchase. Ten percent can be a good chunk of change when considering a high-priced purchase.

9.  Low Credit, No Problem

Even with low credit it is likely that you will qualify for a store credit card. The benefit in this is that you can begin to purchase and then pay off this credit card, thereby building your credit in an attempt to earn your way towards applying for the Mastercard or Platinum Mastercard. In the process you can freely purchase anything you need or want at the participating stores, which feature reasonably priced items.

10.  No Annual Fee

Despite being the norm for credit cards these days, there is no annual fee for the TJ Maxx credit card. This means you can hold onto the card and not use it without being charged each year for simply carrying it around. This is beneficial as it gives you the option of using the card for emergencies and then paying it down or using it when you need to, perhaps for priority shopping around the holidays, back to school, or just for fun.


The TJ Maxx credit cards are definitely not the most ideal cards for everyone. For those who frequent the stores that are in conjunction with TJ Maxx however, these cards are highly advantageous. Both the Mastercard and Platinum Mastercard are extremely versatile cards that can carry great benefits to the holder no matter where they are. The lack of any annual fee is a decided bonus that can help to make this card very enticing.

While it does have a startlingly high APR, the TJ Maxx card is still replete with benefits for the user and can be advantageous through its use. This card is a good choice and a good fit for those who like to shop and are careful about paying the bill.

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