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How Tom Bilyeu Achieved a Net Worth of $400 Million

Tom Bilyeu

Tom Bilyeu is one of the most impactful and influential entrepreneurs of the 21st century. Having amassed a net worth of more than 400 million, and has built a company worth more than a billion dollars from the ground up, it isn't difficult to see why.

So, is an entrepreneur born and created? The answer is clear cut, especially if you take a look at Tom Bilyeu's life story. The following is what you need to know about Tom Bilyeu's net worth.

Early beginnings

Tom Bilyeu was born on the 30th of March, 1976 in Tacoma, Washington. He was born into a family of fairly obese individuals, and thus it should come as a surprise to find out that when he was young, he was a bit of a chubby kid, and a bit lazy. In fact, his own mother admitted to him, when he was a child that he would go far in life.

Now, it this was brutal honest or an effort to 'tough love' him into making something of himself, only she knows. Tom's first job was delivering newspapers to the surrounding community.

That being said, he was too scared to knock on the doors to ask for the money that was due to him after he had delivered the papers. All this goes to show that he was not born an entrepreneur, and thus everything he eventually did and accomplished was through crafting himself into one.


Once Bilyeu had completed high school, after considering dropping out a couple of times, his mother pushed him to join college. Eventually, he left his hometown to attended the University of South California. There, he decided to major in Film. That was not the only thing he decided to do to change his life.

At some point while in college, he endeavored to lose weight. Eventually, he did, and he lost over 60 pounds in the process. It was at that point that he knew his path was in health and fitness. It was while he was still in college, Tom was approached by a data loss company called Awareness Tech. they offered him a copywriting job, and he took it.

He stayed with the company for eight years, eventually working his way up the corporate ladder and becoming the Chief Marketing Officer. He also owned over 10 percent equity in the company. Though he was making decent money while on the job, he wasn't satisfied with it, and thus he quit, saying that he wasn't comfortable with what he was doing.

Once he quit, most of his coworkers, who felt the same way but hadn't really expressed their emotions, decided to follow him. These individuals eventually became the cofounders of Tom's next, and most prolific, venture.

Quest Nutrition

Quest Nutrition was a business for Tom Bilyeu because he had a passion for health and fitness. It is a business that sells healthy foods and snacks. After he had quit his job, he wasn't really concerned with the amount of money his new enterprise was making.

All he wanted to do was create an entity that reflected what he was interested in. Having grown up in an environment with relative obesity, and watching those close to him not put enough care into their health, he understood the importance of having a healthy and fit lifestyle. This was the inspiration behind Quest Nutrition.

He started the company with his wife, Lisa Bilyeu, and coworkers in his former job; Ron Penna, Mike Osborne, and Shannan Pena. The company's raison d'etre was to create protein bars, though they eventually diversified their portfolio to include other healthy snacks and foods.

Growth of the company

Tom and the team that he had put together worked hard to make sure that people got to understand the importance of the products they offered. They initially made the protein bars out of their kitchen, and it was only after they had perfected the recipe, which had not to sugar, did they begin to approach manufacturers about making the product on a large scale.

All the manufacturers they talked to turned them down. Thus, they had to buy the equipment themselves and start from scratch. Somehow, Tom managed to create a mammoth of a company. In the first three years, Quest Nutrition grew by a whopping 57,000 percent. Additionally, it was ranked number 2 on the Inc. 500 fastest growing companies in the USA in 2014. Today, the company is worth over 1 billion dollars.

The power of social media

Early on, Tom identified the power and potential that social media had. Thus, he used social media to push his products. According to this site, his net worth stems mostly from Quest nutrition. It was by using social media influencers that he was able to get a devout audience for its products. By the first two years, Quest is estimated to have made over ten million produces through e-commerce. The first retailers to order their products were GNC and Vitamin Shop, and this was only after two years.

Impact theory

After the success of Quest Nutrition, Tom decided to venture out into motivational content. The ambition to do so was also based on the values he had nurtured and created in himself. Together with his wife Lisa, he created Impact Theory.

The main aim of impact theory was and is to spread knowledge, simple as that. Through podcasts, speeches, YouTube videos, and blog posts, Impact Theory aims to help people develop passion and values, and thus make an impact on the world. The podcasts and YouTube videos, Tom and his wife have been able to interview some of the most influential self-made entrepreneurs on the planet.

The list includes Dr. Drew, Sam Harris, Tim Ferriss, and numerous others. The company has four very popular podcasts; health theory, impact theory, relationship theory, and women of impact. Additionally, Tom is also a motivational speaker and has given life-changing speeches at a plethora of events. Tom Bilyeu's life is the quintessence of willingness to be the best. By changing his lifestyle and governing values, he was able to create a fortune of more than 400 million dollars.

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