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The 20 Best Porsche Models of All-Time

Most car brands are known for blessing the world with superb machines, but none does it like Porsche. It was established in 1931 by Ferdinand Porsche and is one of the most renown thanks to its iconic models.

If you are one who is used to judging cars according to their style, then you may be wrong because most Porsche cars are impeccably stylish yet offer the owners nothing but high performance ranging from the speed, durability and has top-notch features which you will not find in any other brands.

Since it was founded, it has produced nothing but the best machines, and there is not one that we can point out and say it was horrible. Although it has had its ups and downs, the company truly knows the definition of unique. The company's management has switched hands a couple of times but never did the quality of its cars go down.

It always plays its cards right and due to that selecting the best is no bed of roses. However, we went down Porsche's long string of superb cars and came up with a list of the top twenty Porsche models of all time.

1. The Porsche 356

It was the first ever Porsche model manufactured back when most of us weren't even born. It is, therefore, the purest form of the brand and the father of all the Porsche's we see on our roads right now.

It was what cemented the company's success in the United States, and up to date, those who like their cars vintage adore it. The 356 is quite lightweight, has a rear engine and wheel drive, and two doors.

To this day it remains one of the most iconic Porsche's, and it never grows old. It gives credence to old is gold due to its high price in today's market. Finding one might prove to be a daunting task and if you want it in your collection that badly, then you better be ready to blow a massive hole in your bank account.

2. The Porsche 356 speedster

The Porsche 356-speed star manufacture began in 1956 and lasted for three years. It was a stripped down version of the previous 356 and had a simple folding top, it did not have any side windows and lacked a conditioning system.

Thanks to its simple design and classy look, the Speedster gained instant gratification as soon as it hit the market. Also owing to its design, most people bought it for the sake of luxury and enjoyment. Anyone who owned this model back then was perceived as wealthy.

Today, the speedster is highly collectible, but only a few owners are willing to sell them. Like the 356, speedster has a rear engine and two doors.

3. The 550 Spyder

The manufacture of the 550 Spyder began in the year 1952 and went on for four years when it ceased. Although the 550 Spyder Porsche is no longer in the market, it is another one of Porsche's oldest models, and its design was based on the 356.

It helped soar the company to higher markets due to its superb features. For instance, it boasts a mid-engine layout which makes it way easier to handle and its ability to beat other racing cars on the ground due to its powerful engine.

It started off as a road car, but as more modifications continued to be added, it finally ended up in the racing arena. There were only about ninety models of the 550 Spyder which make their price quite expensive and moreover it’s difficult to find any owner of the Spyder wanting to sell it.

4. 718 RS 60 SPYDER

As the name suggests, the718 RS 60 SPYDER is a better version of the 550 Spyder and works perfectly for the streets due to its sleek and small aluminum body on steel frame design.

It is also quite lightweight with only 1279 lbs. Unlike its predecessor, the RS60 has its engine behind the rear wheels which is a 141600 cc with 1.6-liter capacity. It has a five manual gearbox and a 147 nm torque.

One of its most remarkable achievements is when it established victory in the 1960 Sebring endurance race.

5. 908

It was released in 1968, and its manufacture went on for four years. The 908 is a favorite of many car collectors and racers due to its sleek design and features.

It was a continuation of 906 and 907 and hence, combined the performance features of the two to give out one of the best racing cars that there will ever be. It has a rear wheel drive type and only weighs 1200 lbs, hence making it flexible.

It has the F8 3000CC/1833.1cu/3.0 Liters engine and a power of 370bhp @272.32 KW. It also has a five manual transmission, and unfortunately, only one person can enjoy having a ride in it.

6. 911 3.2 Carrera

If you are a fan of Porsche but not interested in racing, then the 911 3.2 Carrera is a perfect road Porsche for you. Its manufacture began in 1984 and ended in 1989, and although as our list shows, it has evolved into a racing car over the years The 1984 Carrera is the machine for road car lovers.

The Carrera is not only good in looks but also in features. It has a flat six aluminum block engine type and a horsepower of 200. Also, it has a maximum torque of 185 lb and can carry two passengers, making it the perfect car for lovebirds who are either dating or married.

7. 917K Porsche

Another tough cookie in races from the early 1970's is the 917 k Porsche. It is considered one of the most renowned racing cars of all time, and although it had a rocky start, the 917K picked its pace quite well after a few modifications.

Similar to many other models from Porsche, this one too has some impressive features which make it worth for any collection. For instance, it prides itself over a four to five-liter capacity flat 12 engine and can beat 0.62mph in just 2.3 seconds.

It also has a very high speed of 240 mph and claims a 600 bhp/441 kW power. It is also quite lightweight with only 800 kg's which further maximizes its ability to sprint forward without any difficulties. Due to this high tech features; the 971 k has made Porsche proud due to its accomplishments on the ground.

8. Porsche 917/30

Even after the success of the 917K, Porsche did not rest there. Instead, it went on to manufacture even a better version which it named the 917/30. The primary reason as to why the company decided to take 917 a notch higher is so that it could be able to meet the Can-Am challenge which was quite popular in North America during this period.

Also, the previous 971 did not meet some of the criteria which the company wanted hence leading to the manufacture of a better version. That meant that the features of the new model would be even better and indeed they were. The latest version had a twin turbo with a horsepower of more than 1580 hp.

It also had a high speed of about 260 mph, and as a result, a higher transmission speed. It could beat from 0-200 in 13.4 seconds which meant that it could quickly establish a win for Porsche which it did in the Le Mans race. It was indeed worth it.

9. 911 Turbo

Made between the years 1975-1989, it is the original Turbo on whose design all the other turbos are based. It combines both modern and vintage styles giving it an entirely stunning style.

The quote looks are deceiving does not apply in this Porsche as its design and performance are both top notch. It was mainly built for racing purposes hence it prides itself over a number of some high tech features. For instance, it has a 300cc intercooler in the rear and a power of 40bhp.

It has an additional torque which makes driving it at high speeds a walk in the park, and a dedicated dual muffler and exhaust pipe further enhance the experience.

10. The 959

In mid-1980’s, Porsche took the world by storm again after the release of the 959. Unlike its predecessors, the 959 was highly developed and boasted a lot of features which other brands had not even dreamed about.

It was one of the most complex road machines which could easily endure tough off-road racing rallies. The car has an interior similar to that of the 911, but its outer body is made of lightweight panels and an aluminum skinned lid and doors.

It has a stylish appearance which is made up of water-cooled cylinder lids. The car can go up to speeds of 197mph and 0.62 in approximately three seconds an aspect that makes it a favorite of many racers.

It prides itself over a 444 horsepower and is the first Porsche to have tire pressure sensors along with magnesium wheel. Up to date, there are very few cars which can beat this cars speed, and it is among the best Porsche's ever made. The 959 boasts an endless list of accolades which is why we'll have to stop there.

11. 911(993)

Another greatest Porsche to be ever made is the 911(993) whose manufacture began in 1993 and ceased in 1998. With its 3600 cc engine, the 911 boasts an aerodynamic look as the company ditched the upright headlamps which were in its previous model.

It possesses a power of 272 bhp, a maximum speed of 160 mph and can go for 0.60 mph in approximately 5.2 seconds. It has a relatively low consumption rate which goes at 25mpg.

The gearbox boasts six-speed levels and is atomic which makes driving way much more comfortable for everyone. It has a robust 3.6-literengine, and it requires proper and constant maintenance to stay in shape as finding a replacement one might prove to be extremely costly.

The brakes are very sensitive and can quickly stop in case of anything on the road. That makes it convenient for you to drive at any road and at any time.

12. Boxster 986

The Boxster 986&987 version best defines savior as it was released at a time when Porsche was undergoing a long list of financial problems to the extent it was almost declared bankrupt. It was manufactured in the 1996 and is still being released even today.

The Boxster immediately became a favorite to many hence increasing the sales of the company and saving the management the financial headache that they were going through. It has a sleek design and has an adjustable position for the steering wheel which makes driving a comfy experience for both tall and short drivers.

It boasts a 2480cc/6-cyl/DOHC engine and 201 bhp power which is quite high. Its top speed is 155mph and can go up to 0.60 mph in about 6.4 seconds. It has a consumption rate of roughly 29mpg and a 177lb ft@5000 rpm torque.

13. 911 Carrera RS

Our list would not be complete without this 1973-1974 Carrera RS model. It has a classic touch which makes it perfect for any occasion and some high-performance features which make it suitable for racing.

It also boasts a flat-six engine which is why it is still high in demand several decades later. It also has a maximum torque of 255Nm@ 188 lb with a top speed of 240 km/h.

14. 911 GT3 RS 4.0

Now dancing to the tune of some of the latest but the best Porsche models is the 911 GT3 RS 4.0 whose year of manufacture is 2011. Its impeccably stylish look is just but a bonus to the many superb features which it prides itself on.

For instance, its 3.8 to the four-liter engine is entirely new and not from its predecessors and boasts a 500 bhp amount of power which is quite high in comparison to the others on our list.

It is perfect for the racing arena due to its 8800 rpm powerful tachometer, lightweight and can beat 0.62 mph in just 3.9 seconds hence helping the racer take more wins home every time he is out there. It has a 339lb@5750 rpm torque and a six-speed manual gearbox. It has a rear steering wheel and a wide and front, rear tracks.

15. 2004 Carrera GT

With a horsepower of 605@8000, the 2004 to 2006 Carrera is one awesome sports car. From its sleek size and basalt metallic material, this GT is designed to survive any terrain. It has six-speed levels and a manual gearbox which means it can beat most of the automatic cars out there.

It has a 612 –hp V10 engine and is capable of going at a speed of 130 mph in just ten seconds. If you are going to drive it at this crazy speed, then you should be one experienced driver.

The brakes are quite responsive which places you in control and enables you to stop instantly whenever the need arises. Nonetheless, all that does not come on a silver platter as it has quite a high consumption rate since its engine has a 5.7-liter capacity.

16. 944 turbo

Going back in time is the 944 Turbo whose manufacture went on for about six years from 1985 and then came to a stop. It also packs a bunch of some top-notch features, which would make any Porsche lover add it to his or her collection.

It has a rear wheel drive and a horsepower of 220@5800 rpm. For quite a vintage drive, the 944 turbo was quite an upgrade as it had a manual five-speed gearbox and a compression ratio of 8.0:1.

It has a hydraulic dual circuit brake system which is highly responsive and a 155 mph speed which is capable of taking 0.60 mph in six seconds.

17. 911 Turbo S (997)

This is yet another hardcore 911 Turbo S model from Porsche, and like the others on our list, it does not disappoint. It was released in 2010, and in comparison to the other Turbo models, it has seven-speed gears which make even better and easy to achieve a higher transmission speed.

Also, its horsepower is slightly higher than the other Turbo versions as it boasts 500hp@6500rpm. The compression ratio too does not disappoint as it is 9.8:1 and of course it has a flat six engine.

However, it has the same old shape only that the aero wing mirrors are new. Therefore if you are a Turbo Lover, then there is no better way to enjoy the drive than with this improvised version.

18. 2016 Boxster Spyder

Yes, you hear us right, closing our list is the latest, and also one of the best Porsche's ever made. It is a 2010 version, so there is a whole bunch of improvements and top-notch features which make it the dream car of many.

Everything from its design to performance features is almost if not perfect. It combines the elements of the previous Boxster and also the Cayman S giving the world one of the best road machines. It has a horsepower of 375 @ 6700 rpm and a 309 lb-ft @4750 rpm. It has a flat six engine and boasts direct fuel injection.

It has six transmission speeds and can move from 0-60 mph in four seconds, and it's quite efficient as it has a consumption of 17 mpg.

19. Cayman R

The Cayman is also among the latest models from Porsche as its production began in 2010 and up to date, it is still being released hence aspiring buyers can easily purchase it from authorized dealers or even better from the company itself.

Like you would expect with one of the latest models, Cayman R packs a punch of top-notch features along with its sleek design. Each of its aspects spells speed from its light weight to its 326 bhp @ 7400 rpm speed. It has been such a success among all the 911 that Porsche has ever made that the company is not planning to release another 911 soon.

It has a 0.62 mph at 4.2-second transmission speed and prides itself over a twin-clutch manual gearbox with up to six-speed levels. It has a top speed of 175 mph and a flat six 3.4 liter engine with a horsepower of 330 rpm. Also, the manufacturer has incorporated some weight reduction techniques which further maximize its flexibility in movement.

20. 911 GT2 RS (997)

From the year 2005 onwards, Porsche has been marking milestone after milestone in the car production industry and 2011; it blessed the market with the 911 GT2 RS which is on every car enthusiast wish list.

The GT2 has a 630 hp, and most of its features are similar to that of the Turbo S except that its interiors have been modified to make it perfect for racing. It is the extremely lightweight which further enhances its ability to propel forward and also increases its transmission speed.

It has a 3.8-liter engine and has a seven-speed dual clutch. It can quickly move from 0 to 60 mph in less than 3.3 seconds which increases the chances of winning for any racer.

In Closing

In a nutshell, Porsche is one model of cars that goes unnoticed. All the models are posh in such a way that they are noticeable from a far. Driving one of these models incites the best feeling anyone could have.

However, not every model is the best for everyone, and that’s why we have elaborated top twenty Porsche models to help you select the one that matches your taste, for maximum satisfaction and enjoyment.

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