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Why Town Hearth is One of Dallas' Finest Steakhouses

Town Hearth Dallas

Nothing beats a steak when you are dining out in Dallas, as Texas boasts some of the best beef in the world. There is an abundance of steakhouses form which you can choose to eat in Dallas, and these vary from fine dining establishments to casual bar and grill type venues. One that you might like to try for yourself is Town Hearth as this is a steakhouse that many people consider one of the finest in Dallas. Here is an overview of this steakhouse along with some of the reasons why it is such a fantastic place to dine.

The Restaurant

Opened in 2017, Town Hearth is the latest addition to the restaurants run by Chef Nick Badovinus, says Dining with Frankie. Despite being open for only a short time, this restaurant has already established itself as a great venue to enjoy an outstanding meal in Dallas. Of course, the main reason that Town Hearth has become a popular and successful restaurant is the food served at this steakhouse. Each of the ingredients is carefully selected to ensure that only the finest ingredients are used. These are professionally prepared to the highest standard and beautifully presented.

The menu at Town Hearth is typical of what you would expect in a good quality steakhouse. To start, diners can select food from the raw bar or the list of soups, small plates, and salads. Some of the highlights of the options include the king crab, the various oyster options, and the dry-aged meatballs. From the main course options, the most popular choices are the steaks as these are the specialty of the restaurant. There is a wide selection of prime cuts, bone-in cuts, and rogue cuts. Each steak is cooked perfectly to the temperature preference of the individual diner, and diners report that they are delicious. In addition to the steaks, there is also a selection of other entrees on the menu. For meat lovers, there are pork chops, veal chops, and a Wagyu cheeseburger. Seafood lovers can choose between a whole roasted fish, hot buttered sea king crab, or wood-roasted Maine lobster. There is also rigatoni Bolognese or spaghetti and meatballs for pasta fans.

To accompany any of these meals, there is a nice selection of traditional sides. These include various potato options, some tasty vegetable dishes, and a macaroni casserole. Diners can choose one or more of the options available. Town Hearth is also known for its wide selection of drink options, and it is particularly well-known for its wines and cocktails. The wine list contains an excellent selection of rose, white, sparkling, and red wines to suit all palates. These include both domestic and international wines, so there should be something that you like and that will complement your meal perfectly. The cocktail list is creative, and diners are sure to find a fun option to enjoy before or after their meal. There are also spirits and beers available from the bar.

Beyond the food and drink on offer at the Town Hearth, there are several other elements of this restaurant that make it one of the finest steakhouses in Dallas. For example, the general vibe of the restaurant and the high standard of the customer service are also reasons to visit this restaurant. Zagat describes this as an indulgent restaurant that brings a sense of extravagance to a laid back dining atmosphere. Located in the Design District of Dallas, the steakhouse has an opulent interior that features no less than 64 chandeliers. There are also some vintage touches to the restaurant, such as the fish tank that features a 1950s yellow submarine and the 1961 silver MG that is parked up by the entrance.

Customers who have dined in this restaurant say that the customer service is outstanding. The staff is friendly, welcoming, and attentive. They also have good knowledge of the dishes, ingredients, wines, and cocktails served at Town Hearth. Therefore, they can offer menu suggestions and information about the food and drink on offer. Unless you have a limitless budget, you will probably prefer to save a visit to this restaurant for special occasions as it is one of the priciest steakhouses in Dallas. There are many steak cuts and entrees that exceed the $100 mark before you have even added a sauce or a side dish. You could easily spend close to $200 per person for a three-course meal with a side and a bottle of wine.

Final Thoughts

However, it is not necessary to spend quite so much much on a meal in this restaurant and you could just as easily choose options that come to under $130 per person. It is also important to note that the prices reflect the high quality of the food that is served in this restaurant. So, if you are willing to splash the cash, then you should consider a visit. Overall, there are many pros to choosing Town Hearth the next time you want to dine out in Dallas. The food is of the highest standard and there is an excellent selection of dishes on the menu. The vibe is perfect for a special occasion, and the customer service is phenomenal. Therefore, it is one to add to your list to visit in the future.

You will find Town Hearth on Market Center Boulevard if you want to try it for yourself. This steakhouse is open from 5 pm until 10 pm from Monday to Wednesday, and then from 5 pm until 11 pm from Thursday through to Saturday. Unfortunately, this steakhouse is closed on Sunday. Although booking is not necessary, it is best to book a table at busier times, such as at the weekends. This will reduce the likelihood of you having to wait for a table or facing disappointment. Reservations are also recommended for larger groups. There is a small private dining room available for groups or small events at this restaurant if you book in advance.

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