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20 Things You Didn't Know about Tripledot

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Mobile games are currently one of the world's leading forms of entertainment. With the rise in mobile games, people are looking for new and fun ways to play. Tripledot is a game that provides just that - a new and fun way to play mobile games. To show the support for this innovative company, the following is a list of 20 things you didn't know about Tripledot;

20. Founded in 2017 By Industry Veterans

This gaming company was founded by industry veterans with years of experience in the gaming business. Triplet was co-founded by Teng Bao, who served as the project lead for Hitman: Sniper and the original mobile version of Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Other co-founders include Naoya Tomita, who was the lead programmer for Shadow of Mordor. Finally, QA Lead Kishore Rebanallapudi worked on several notable titles including Shadow of Mordor, Halo Wars 2, and the Resident Evil series.

19. Tripledot Is a Game-Changing Company

According to the CEO, Teng Bao, "Mobile games are currently ruled by a very small number of companies. They give their users a very short time limit to play and then charge them a large amount of money. We know that mobile gamers want more for their hard-earned money, and we were founded to give them just that."

18. Tripledot Supports Gamers

In a very short time, Tripledot has become one of the most innovative mobile gaming companies in the industry. This is due to their creative business model, which offers gamers free access to their premium games, and provides their developers with an employee-centric work environment. To show their appreciation for all the feedback they receive from gamers, they offer them different ways to communicate with their developers.

17. Tripledot Is Making Games For The 4 Billion Mobile Gamers Worldwide

Tripledot game company is one of the leading mobile game development companies with hit games that include Tripeaks Solitaire, Matchington Mansion, and Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor. As a mobile game developer, Tripledot is constantly setting its sights on new platforms and different apps. In addition to the games mentioned above, Tripledot is looking to create new games that appeal to the next generation of gamers. In terms of mobile gaming, there are more than 4 billion gamers, both casual gamers and those who are willing to spend on virtual items.

16. Tripledot Is Developing Its Token, TRPX

Tripledot is set to launch its 'TRPX' token for use within the platform, which will enable it to operate as a self-sustaining business. TRPX will be used to reward users for the work they have contributed to the system. The firm said it has partnered with a multi-national company, Multiven to build the infrastructure for TRPX. The own token will also be used to pay for products, services, and other company invoices, while its users will receive discounts on the same. The users can use the tokens to buy blockchain-based security products on the Multiven platform. The move to build its token is aimed at ensuring transparency in transactions, which is necessary to establish a secure and trusted network for its users.

15. Tripledot Is Currently In The Pre-ICO Stage

Did you know that Tripledot is currently in the Pre-ICO stage? This means everyone has a chance to purchase discounted tokens for this highly anticipated project. In case you haven't heard of Tripledot yet, here is a quick description - Tripledot is a decentralized blog/forum platform, combined with a blockchain-based cryptocurrency. This allows anyone to share information on any subject while being rewarded for it. This is another great project out there that is going to change the world. You can think of Tripledot as a decentralized Steemit with tokens that can be traded on the market. The team behind this project is made up of highly skilled people who are passionate about what they do. They are always open to new ideas to help improve their platform, which is very rare in the world of crypto projects.

14. Developers Are Already Lined Up to Develop Games For The TRPX Platform

Its developers say it will be "a next-gen innovative augmented reality platform". The name of the project is Tangram Realty Pte Ltd (TRPX). The platform will allow players to play games and do several other things in a virtual, augmented reality environment. This will be done through the company's website.

13. Tripledot Is Currently Only Open to Accredited Investors

The company estimates that it will produce at least five hundred thousand shares within the next year. Each share of common stock is expected to have a par value of $0.0001 with an indication that the company will seek to list on one or more national securities exchanges after achieving profitability. The most recent filing for this offering has listed ten selling shareholders so far, most of whom already hold public companies. The company is currently pursuing a dual-track strategy to achieve profitability. The first track will involve the development of new products that will be sold to the company's existing customer base. The second track involves working with major distributors to expand into new markets.

12. Tripledot Will Be Listed On Public Stock Exchanges

The UK-based tech company Tripledot has announced that it will be listed on three stock exchanges in three different countries. The CEO of the company, Mr. Ketan Malde said that the company has decided to list on three exchanges because it will increase the liquidity of the company and help in spreading risk and enable Tripledot to access a large pool of capital. The three stock exchanges where Tripledot will be listed are the National Stock Exchange of India, the London Stock Exchange, and the NASDAQ.

11. Tripledot Is a Member Of The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance And Hyperledger Foundation

The company behind Tripledot has a mission to build a decentralized architecture for the internet. Tripledot company is a member of both Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and Hyperledger Foundation. Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) is a non-profit alliance dedicated to modernizing the economy through the use of blockchains. EEA seeks to develop open industry standards and facilitate collaboration with its member base and is an initiative of the Linux Foundation. Hyperledger Foundation is an umbrella organization under which different blockchain and related technologies are being developed.

10. Tripledot's Raise $116,000 in Seed Funding

Tripledot, the maker of the popular mobile game "Tridots" has raised $116,000 on SeedInvest. The campaign started on January 10th and ended on the 17th. The gaming company set a goal of $450,000 when they set out to raise money through the SeedInvest platform. They surpassed that goal in a little over one week.

9. Tripledot's Headquarters Is In The United Kingdom

Tripledot company started in the United Kingdom and still running in the same country. This small company started with a handful of people working from home began to grow larger as the business outspread through the whole company. Today Tripledot office is located in one city of London, near to their customer for better customer service. To be more specific, it is located in London city of Holborn, 3 Duncan Street. As the company grows larger and larger, Tripledot needs to expand its business room. They needed more space for the company members and also to bring new staff from other countries.

8. Tripledot's Mission Is To Become The World's Favorite Game Company

The company is aiming to become a household name in gaming and they are off to a good start. They have already made their mark on the gaming world with their flagship game - Tripledot. Tripledot is fun, free, and easy to play. This game allows users to place three dots of the same color together while avoiding dots of other colors. By chaining three or more dots together, players can eliminate them from the game board and score points. The longer the chain, the higher the score.

7. Tripledot Is a Game-Changer In The Mobile Gaming Industry

When it comes to mobile gaming, several top games dominated the charts. In fact, throughout the years, those titles have been the only source of inspiration for new games. There's nothing wrong with that, but it just means that there are a lot of clones and very few new ideas. This is where Tripledot comes in. The studio was founded by Alexander Ekvall, who formerly worked on Google Maps, and the UI and icon artwork is done by Mattias Petter Johansson, who previously co-founded icon design studio icon dock.

6. Tripledot Is a Game-Focused Company, But It Also Offers Other Services

The company was originally started in 2017 by three friends looking to create a startup that would allow them to have enough flexibility and job satisfaction that they would want to stay working. These founders wanted to create something that would appeal to multiple ages and demographics, so they started with a game—Tripledot is now approaching its fifth anniversary.

5. Tripledot Has a 20% Share Of The Mobile Games Market

The company has been able to triple its share of the mobile games market, going from 2% to a whopping 6%. It's been a combination of innovation and groundwork for Tripledot, who was the first to bring Virtual Reality games to mobile devices. With VR expected to be a $30 billion market in 2020, Tripledot has cemented itself as a major player in the industry.

4. Tripledot Is An Innovative Company

The company is focusing on the future. Tripledot is an innovative company because it focuses on marketing and advertising by using technology to spread its message. The market for the client is the generation that thrives on social media and technology. To appeal to these clients, Tripledot uses its services as a way of marketing to a specific client that includes a younger generation. Tripledot uses technology and social media to attract clients by providing its services for free on different websites such as Twitter and Facebook.

3. Tripledots Games Are Free To Download And Free-To-Play

The company offers its customers online games rather than toys and has even received support from the industry as a whole. The site hosts more than 30 games for people to choose from, all of them available for free. The provider of online games is a company that has had a lot of success in the last few years. The games are available for free and able to be downloaded easily, which has attracted attention from other companies that have shown support. It offers games of different levels, from simple games for children to more complex ones.

2. Tripledot Challenges Your Cognitive Skills And Spatial Reasoning

The games developed by the company Tripledot challenge the cognitive skills and spatial reasoning of players across all age groups, encouraging them to play with both sides of their brains. The games are an excellent way to exercise the brain while having fun, and there are both general challenges that everyone can play or puzzles designed for people of different skill levels. The success of Tripledot's titles is built on their ability to connect with players, creating an experience that is difficult to forget. Their puzzle-based games are available on most mobile platforms, and the company is looking to expand into social networks.

1. Tripledot Games Can Be Played On Multiple Devices

You have no limitation of Tripledot Games on multiple devices, as long as your internet connection is stable. You can download all games from the official website to play their offline versions. What you need is just a stable internet connection and a device to play the games. The compatibility of the games is the highest standard, they are created for all platforms including android devices. If you have an iPhone, there is also a version of Tripledot games for it. In addition, you can play some of the games together with your friends or even strangers as there are multiplayer versions of the games which you can play with your friends.


In the end, there are many things you didn't know about tripledot. These applications of tripledot can be used in your everyday lives to help save time and money and keep entertained.

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