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Trouble in the Pits: Assessing Mercedes AMG Petronas F1's Rocky Start to the 2024 Season

Undoubtedly one of the most well-recognised names in the world of Formula 1, Mercedes has been making the headlines of late due to the team’s recent fall from grace. The Mercedes AMG Petronas team has experienced a surprising number of struggles in the 2024 season, from poor performances on the track to losing their star driver, the iconic Lewis Hamilton. 

This article will delve into some of the biggest issues facing this illustrious team in the 2024 season and some of the challenges they may face moving forward in the coming months.

The lackluster performance of the car

Despite beginning the season with a new car they had designed during the off-season period, Mercedes has been unable to reach the heights on the track all Formula 1 fans are so accustomed to seeing. A multitude of problems have contributed to the car's poor performance, from engine reliability issues to handling deficiencies.  These technical shortcomings have caused no end of frustration for the constructors, drivers and the team principal alike, and unless they can be resolved soon, it appears this 2024 season will continue to be one to forget for the Mercedes camp.

The departure of their star driver

One of the most iconic names in the history of Formula 1, the decision made by Lewis Hamilton to leave Mercedes after 11 years and winning the team six championship titles has undoubtedly rocked the foundations of the team. His decision to not only leave but to join one of Mercedes’ biggest rivals in Ferrari will have rocked the confidence of the entire team. While the Mercedes AMG F1 team grapples with the departure of their star driver and the need to improve on-track performance, Mercedes owners can find reassurance in comprehensive gap insurance coverage, ensuring protection against the depreciation gap between the vehicle's value and the outstanding finance amount. 

The need for on-track improvements

With the pressure mounting to get the Mercedes AMG Petronas team back to being at their competitive best, the team need to set to work attracting the best talent in the industry if they want to have a chance to succeed in the near future.  An overhaul of technical staff could be on the horizon, and rumors are circulating about the possibility of Sebastian Vettel joining the ranks alongside George Russell, who has expressed his interest in the prospect.

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