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10 Things You Didn't Know about UGI Corporation CEO John L. Walsh

John L. Walsh

UGI Corporation is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and focuses on energy distribution and marketing. It has a history that runs over 130 years and has survived harsh economic times during the Great Depression and now operates in various countries. As such, it can only be left in the capable hands of a well-rounded person, and hence John L. Walsh, Harvard alumni, became its CEO in 2013. For those who have never heard of him, with these ten facts, you are sure to get a little background and understand what made him the ideal candidate for the top job.

1. He was previously the CEO of BOC Group PLC's Industrial and Special Products

John Lawrence Walsh joined BOC Group in 1986 and served in various capacities before becoming the chief executive officer. BOC has four business activities, and when John joined the company, he was the vice president of special gases. He also served as the president of Process Gas solutions, one of the business activities before becoming the CEO of Industrial and Special Products business line.

2. He is worth over $20 million

CEOs earn a lucrative package, but it is their timely investment decisions that ensure their net worth keeps rising. John gets at least $1.8 million as his total compensation package, but his net worth is derived primarily from the shares he holds and income he receives from his various board memberships. According to Wallmine, John has more than 50,000 units in stock of AmeriGas Partners LP, and they are worth over $16.9 million. Additionally, from being the Executive Chairman of the AmeriGas Partners LP's Board of General partners, John L. Walsh receives $8 million.

3. He had to relocate to fulfill his jobs as CEO of UGI Corporation

Promotions are great, but like they say you have to leave your comfort zone for growth to happen and in the business world, it entails moving across continents. Since John was an immediate former employee of BOC Group PLC before joining UGI Corporation, he had to relocate from London. BOC Group PLKC is headquartered in Guildford, but previously the head office was in Windlesham, a few kilometers southwest of London. John, therefore, had to live within proximity of their head office and with his appointment in UGI Corporation, he had to move from London to Valley Forge.

4. He went to Harvard

Harvard is not for the average student since you need 4.04 GPA in the 4.0 scale to be admitted as a freshman and undergo more rigorous eligibility criteria to get into the MBA program. John Walsh is not an average student as evidenced by his ability not just to do his undergraduate studies at the university but his masters as well. John graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics in 1977, and in 1981, he received his MBA from Harvard Business School.

5. He is on the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia Board

We have always been told that men are poor multitaskers and even the task of making coffee while watching sports is too much for their brains to handle. However, many executives have proven this belief wrong, and among them is John Walsh. John is involved in so many organizations, and yet he keeps excelling at his job. For instance, he has served on the board of the World Affairs Council (WAC) of Philadelphia since 2007, and in 2012, he became the chairman, a post he holds to date, according to WLPGA.

6. He has been the COO at UGI since 2005

If you work hard, somebody is bound to notice your efforts and reward you, and John Walsh is one of the most hardworking people you will ever meet. In December 2004, UGI Corporation named John as the President and Chief Operating Officer, a post he had to accept no later than April 1, 2005. Upon the appointment, John also joined the board of AmeriGas Propane Inc., UGI Utilities Inc., and UGI. With the position of President and COO, he was only answerable to the CEO, who at the time was Lon R. Greenberg, and his responsibilities included AmeriGas Propane Inc., UGI Utilities and all domestic operating units, according to Business Wire.

7. He appreciates learning from other executives

For someone who has loads of experience and is intelligent, John does not think he knows it all. Matter of fact is he enjoys partnering with companies he holds in high regard with the hopes of interacting with other CEOs and get a few ideas from them; something which he refers to as being of huge benefit, as he revealed to Satelle Institute.

8. He is the Vice President of the World LPG Association

With his experience, John serves as the Vice President of the organization that represents the interests of LGP (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) globally. World LPG Association is according to Wikipedia the authoritative global voice for the LPG industry and promotes the use of LPG for a cleaner, more prosperous and healthier world.

9. He was on the board of NuCo2 Inc.

John Walsh served on the board of NuCo2 from 2001 to 2005, which translates to his competence as a leader given the reputation of the company as the nation's major supplier of bulk CO2 and CO2 systems for carbonating fountain beverages. NuCo2 sells its products to national local and chain restaurants and apart from the carbon –dioxide equipment for soft drinks, it also markets nitrogen-gas equipment for draught beer.

10. He was chairman of the board of Afrox

John Walsh has established himself as a man whose knowledge in the natural gas places him as an executive that most companies would be looking for to make use of his experience. Among the many companies in which John has rendered his services on the board include a South African company called Afrox whose head offices are in Johannesburg. John was the chairman of the board of directors in a company that prides itself as being the largest supplier of welding products and gases in the whole of South Africa.

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