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Why Do People Call Walmart "Walley World?"


Fifty years ago, Sam Walton had a brilliant idea to open a single mom pop shop which has now ballooned and become the biggest retailer shop known worldwide called Walmart. Sam's commitment to providing exemplary services to his customers made the store grow and develop over the years. Sam has maintained to offer his customers quality products that are cost-efficient to help them save money. Today, Walmart is a household name that keeps on re-imagining, leading in retail shopping, and improving the lives of shoppers worldwide. Walmart is known by different names worldwide. For instance, in the UK, it goes by the name ASDA. They refer to it as Wo Er Ma in China, and the Japanese call it Seiyu. All these names will not confuse you when you hear someone using them. Many people are confused with why it is referred to as "Walley World. This write-up will explain why this nickname started and its origin. The original Walley World has no relation with the store called Walmart. This name is a fictional world that was created in a movie. This comedy movie, known as National Lampoon's Vacation, was released in had a fictional amusement park called Walley World in some scenes. According to Digital Consumer, this movie trended everywhere and developed cult followers. From this movie, the name "Walley World "became widespread and cool, and people started to refer to Walmart as Wally World without the 'e', which is believed to has been removed for copyright sake. This is how the nickname has become famous and stuck everywhere across the globe." Walley" also sounded like "Walmart." It is not known what Walmart stands for. However, it is believed that the name comes from an abbreviation of this gigantic store founder (Sam Walton). The name was a combination of the abbreviation of the word market—Waltons and Market to form Walmart. Unfortunately, the magical fictional Walley World was closed in 2002 after almost 17 years of movie creation. The tides of recreation, when they knocked on the door, the doors of Walley's World for that piece of land to be used for other things, which is believed to be urban development. The land and name have all been sold.

Other names used to refer to Walmart

Other names across the World are used to refer to Walmart, and most of these names are not complimentary. They include Walley World, Hellmart, Balls-Mart, and Walmart. All of them are fictional stores. Since Walmart has become an online store where people shop cheaply across the World and wait for their goods to be shipped, Walmart goes with so many other names. In Mexico and Central America, it is referred to as Walmart de Mexico y Centroamerica. If you go to China, you will find the resident referring to it as "Wo Er Ma. "Indians call it Flipkart Wholesale. In Japan, it is known as Seiyu Group and ASDA in the UK.

What Walmart Stands for

Walmart is a family business that Sam Walton started. His family control 50% of the company holding a stake through Walton Enterprises. Additionally, it is among the most extensive and most valuable firms globally and the leading supermarket in service in the United States.

The name Walmart used before it became Walmart

The name came from Wal-Mart Discount City when Sam Walton decided to go solo and open his first store in Arkansas back in 1962. That's how Walmart came about. When they turned the store into a corporation in 1969, Wal-Mart Stores Inc was christened. When Walton passed on in 1992, the corporation started to experience challenges and become economical with the money it was making. The management decided to save money to open new stores of Wal-Mart Supercenters. In the same year, they made another change to the name. The Hyphen was dropped and replaced with a star. Further, they designed the current logo that the store was using in 2008. The other characters were removed, leaving only Walmart. In 1995, the company experienced tremendous growth with double sales and profits across its chains. As a result, it has become the largest private entity that absorbs people in employment across the World between 1999 and 2001. The sales records have overtaken the likes of Exxon Mobil to become the largest corporation in the World. This corporation reported a net worth of $378.3 billion by the end of February 2022.

Is Walley World a real place?

Walley World is a fiction, a creation world for a movie scene used for entertainment purposes. It looked real that people had embarked on a journey to visit the place and found it didn't exist. For instance, the Griswold family decided to visit the area when they were on a family trip from Chicago to California, and they were disappointed.

What Does the New Walmart Logo Mean

The Walmart logo has gone through several changes, the latest being in adopted a friendlier down-to-earth font with the addition of a yellow asterisk towards the end. The asterisk has six yellow sparks that are believed to symbolize the six facets behind business growth across the globe.

Legal Name Change

In the spirit of change, evolving, and rebranding, the management of this store decided to refocus this brand and its goals. Therefore, they dropped the Hyphen in the name and the word 'stores' from the chain name in 2008. These changes were brought about when Walmart decided to move away from operating physical stores around the globe to tapping into the emerging online shopping market. It has become a big contender in the online space and has become even more popular.


Walley World was just an imaginary theme park that existed in the comedy movie that was popular in 1983, which was known as National Lampoon's Vacation. This movie played a big part in the nickname we refer to Walmart with. It is not easy to pinpoint where the name Walley World came from because all the slang expressions were funny creations to make fun of. This means the film where the name was adopted had a significant impact on people's lives and culture, which has continued until today.

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