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What is a Side Hustle Stack and Is It Legit?

side hustle stack is what is used by some entrepreneurs to generate income separate from their primary source of revenue, and it’s associated with an online website that helps manage your hustle. These new revenue streams generally represent different forms of passive income, such as freelance writing, investing in the stock market, and almost anything else you can think of.

Having this kind of arrangement allows a businessperson to achieve financial freedom much more quickly than they might without it. For many people, the point of having a side hustle stack is to allow them to transition to that passive income stream away from their regular daytime job. In order to do that, at least comparable revenue must be achievable through the side hustle stack.

When looking to start up a side hustle stack, one of the main things to be aware of is choosing something you really like, so it becomes a repeatable process. The activity you become involved in should also generate sufficient income that you can eventually transition to it full-time, if that is your goal. Either way, you should pick a side hustle that’s sustainable and at least somewhat lucrative.

Setting up a side hustle stack

There can be a huge difference between having a side hustle and having a side hustle stack. More than 45 million Americans actually already have a side hustle, i.e. something they do on the side to earn additional income. To really ratchet up those earnings though, you need to establish a whole stack of side hustles, perhaps two, three, or more that will cause your monthly income to soar.

Some side hustles are very easy to combine, for instance taking surveys. There are several survey companies out there, including Survey Junkie and Branded Surveys, that you could get affiliated with and start earning serious money from. It would be a simple matter for you to do all your surveys at one time and complete your side hustle stack with regard to surveys. Other side hustles offer the same opportunity for combination and consolidation, and that’s where your earnings really start to mount up.

You can also make use of online sites like TikTok and YouTube to generate passive income, and these can be combined into a stack as well. Any similar activities have the potential to be combined for the sake of efficiency and time-saving on your part. That will make these side hustles much more do-able for you, and it will be more likely that you can earn significant cash from them.

Advantages of having a side hustle stack

There are quite a few advantages to having a side hustle stack, and any one of those listed below might be the most attractive feature to you:

  • It will allow you to generate passive income that could be sustainable indefinitely
  • You can choose how many hours you want to devote to your side hustle, and how much actual work you want to do
  • The talent and skills you already have can be used to make more money
  • Money can be earned even while you sleep in some cases
  • As long as you have an Internet connection, you can pretty much work from any location around the globe
  • There are unlimited opportunities available for side hustle stack jobs
  • In most cases, no upfront investment is required, and in other cases, only a small investment might get you in on the ground floor of something

Disadvantages of a side hustle stack

As with anything really worthwhile, there are a couple of risks or downsides you should be aware of that are associated with having a side hustle stack:

  • It can get to be very time-consuming, and you might have trouble finding enough time to contribute to side work, in addition to your regular job
  • You could end up spending more time on side hustles than in your primary job, and that will probably hurt your primary work
  • It can be risky, because not all side hustles are legitimate. If you run into just one that’s a scam, it can literally ruin your whole side hustle approach.

Best legitimate side hustles

Some of the best legitimate side hustles are listed below for your information. Don’t just pick one and start trying to earn money with it though, because it’s important you get involved with something that genuinely appeals to you.

If you choose something that you’re only half-heartedly interested in, you won’t be able to consistently commit time to it, and then you won’t realize the earnings you had hoped for. By selecting something you really enjoy, it’s much likelier that you’ll stay committed to it for a period of time and generate some real income.

Branded Surveys

You can take surveys from legitimate Fortune 500 companies that are anxious to get consumer feedback on new products, and on changes to existing products.

With each survey you complete for one of these companies, you’ll be earning cash, and that can add up quickly. It doesn’t cost you anything to sign up, and the onboarding process is so quick that you can sign up today and start making money the same day.

Cheaper car insurance

Yes, every commercial you’ve ever heard about car insurance promises cheaper rates, and a huge savings over what you’re paying now. But there really is a way to get cheaper car insurance, and it can save you up to $500 a year or even more.

There’s a tool available from FinanceBuzz that will tell you whether you are currently overpaying for your insurance, and how you can obtain cheaper insurance with the same coverage. There is no charge for the service, so any savings you realize on your insurance is all sheer profit.

Store goods for other people

If you have some room to store goods, perhaps an attic, a basement, a shed, or a spare room, you could turn that extra space into a money-making prospect. Visit the website called Neighbor and see if anyone is looking for the kind of space you have available, and what they’re willing to pay for storage.

If you can arrange for several clients to store goods on your premises, you could earn some serious cash – all without having to invest any effort at all. You just collect a paycheck every month, and sit back to let that income come pouring in.

Write content for the web

This can’t actually be considered passive income, because you do have to carry out some work to become involved. You’ll also need some writing talent, and you’ll need to be very good at grammar and punctuation. However, if you have the skills and the inclination, writing web content can be a great side hustle.

There are tons of clients needing web content, and you may even decide to affiliate with several such websites, so you can have an entire side stack consisting of your writing efforts.

Inbox Dollars

This is a company that will pay you to watch videos and express your opinion about the content you’ve seen. It requires no real effort on your part, only the time necessary to watch whatever videos are sent to you by the company. Yet, you could earn over $200 extra dollars every month doing this, and that’s not something to ignore.

Uber or Lyft

This is another side hustle that doesn’t come effort-free, because you will have to drive people around or to deliver goods like restaurant food. And, of course, you can only commit whatever free time you have leftover from your primary job.

But if you have the time and the energy, you can definitely add to your income by taking on driving and delivery jobs for one or both of these two companies. It will also add some wear and tear to your vehicle, so you’ll have to consider that, but if you’re willing to sacrifice the time and your car, it can be a great way of generating supplemental income.

Pet Caretaker

Many people leave their homes for two weeks at various times of the year for vacations but can’t really take their pets with them. So they pay someone to do dog-sitting or cat-sitting, which involves staying at their house and feeding, walking, and caring for the pet.

If you can arrange for even a few of these during the vacation season, it could be well worth your while. In the meantime, you can also provide dog-walking or cat-walking services that provide daily exercise for both the pets and you. Just a few of these side hustles can be combined into a good stack that will provide you with the income you’re looking for.


If you’ve ever had an interest in becoming involved in sales, it has never been easier to start up your own e-commerce business. This has the potential to become much more than a side hustle, so be aware from the outset that if your site becomes successful, significantly more time may be required of you.

However, if you intend to start up a niche e-commerce business, that might call for considerably less time commitment, although it will also mean lower profits. Putting up an e-commerce site is fairly easy these days, because you can just start with a template that will be adaptable to whatever kind of sales you’re looking to make.

Personal Shopper

This is a side hustle that is similar to doing something like Instacart shopping for home-bound individuals. The big difference is that you’re not affiliated with any other company, so you have eliminated the middleman.

The downside to that is that you don’t have a company referring clients to you – you will be obliged to generate your own customers through your own hard work and efforts. If you can get to the point where you build up several clients in your neighborhood, you can actually turn this into a side hustle stack, and realize some good earnings from it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you earn money from a side hustle stack?

A: You can really start increasing your earnings when you find ways to combine side hustles so that multiple tasks can easily be performed together.

Q: Which side hustles pay the best?

A: There are a few that offer decent pay, so you might want to check out DoorDash, Uber Eats, Instacart Shopper, Rover, and TaskRabbit. Some side hustles also allow you to set your own price, so the profits can be even better. However, you’ll usually have to do the task a while before you can set higher rates for your services.

Q: Is a side hustle stack legitimate?

A: Some individual side hustles are not quite legitimate, and that’s why you have to check out each one before committing to it. While there is definitely a potential to make serious money on a side hustle, it’s also true that some people have been burned trying to get involved.

Q: What is sidehustlestack?

A: This is a website that allows people to take online courses, and then sell them to others as products. It’s not only a way for individuals to learn about starting up their own businesses, but it’s also a great way to earn money once the learning curve has been completed. If you’re thinking of starting up a business, there are some valuable resources available on this site.

Q: Can I make money right from my home?

A: Yes, you can. There are all kinds of side hustles that allow you to work right from your home. Some possibilities are blogging, investing in real estate, selling advertising, providing consulting services, becoming an affiliate for another company, or starting up a home-based enterprise.

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