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Is It Worth It To Get The Uber Eats Pass?

Uber Eats

In May 2019, the hawk-eyed reverse engineering specialist Jane Manchun Won had generated screenshots from Uber’s Android app code, according to Tech Crunch. The code revealed a prototype that said people could get free delivery from any restaurant at any time. It even showed the amount one could save by using the new technical feature and an Uber spokesman, while agreeing that something was in the works, never divulged many details. The Uber Eats Pass became the technological advancement that Won had discovered, and as people are trying to make every penny count, you have to wonder if it is worth it to get the Uber Eats Pass. Well, let’s tell you all that we know about it so far.

What Exactly is the Uber Eats Pass?

Uber explains on their website that an Eats Pass is a membership platform in which a member pays a monthly fee in return for benefits. One of the benefits highlighted is the $0 delivery fees for any order that meets a minimum amount. Still, if you are a frequent cab user, you must have heard of the Uber Pass, which makes you question which of the two subscriptions is suitable for you. The Uber Eats Pass offers you benefits on Eats orders only, while the Uber Pass provides benefits on the Uber Eats orders and rides as well. Of course, due to the extra benefit of a ride, the Uber Pass charges $24.99 monthly, while the Uber Eats Pass costs $9.99 per month. Some of the benefits of subscribing to the Uber Eats Pass comprise unlimited food delivery for any order above $15, a 5% discount on restaurant orders over $15, unlimited free delivery on groceries over $30, and exclusive discounts, among many other perks.

Read Between the Lines

You may be excited to hear of the unlimited free delivery, but these are words used to lure unsuspecting customers. As Nerd Wallet enlightens us, “no delivery fee” can have you thinking that you will never pay out of your pocket for any order. However, it does not equate to free delivery because taxes and service fees still apply even when the fee is waived. Also, the 5% off on restaurant orders does not apply to all the restaurants; it is only applicable to the merchants with a green ticket. When making your order, always search for the green ticket icon underneath the merchant’s name to check for eligibility for the Uber Eats Pass. Besides that catch, there is also the minimum order required to get unlimited free delivery.

If you do not meet the threshold, you will have to pay the delivery fee, which can be quite expensive if you frequently order and never meet the minimum required. On the other hand, if you often order from Uber Eats and the amount surpasses the threshold, the subscription is a lifesaver. Reddit users have warned unsuspecting prospective customers against getting it saying that the wording of the advertisement is misleading because it makes it sound like it offers free delivery all the time, and then 5% off after spending $15. Some regret signing up, saying they are no longer getting free delivery from eligible restaurants. Still, while Uber is adamant that prices are shown on the checkout screen, another user complained that waiting until they are all the way to the cart to see the delivery costs doesn’t make sense.

Utilize the Free Trial to Make Up Your Mind

Even if you do not plan on ordering from restaurants to take advantage of the free delivery for orders over $15, you can still make use of the benefit extending to groceries over $30, but it is also in select markets. Besides, you get a free month to try out the Uber Eats Pass program upon signing up. The free trial extends to a month, and according to Ridester, there is another catch- ̶ you must agree first to pay for the second month to get the offer. Before the month expires, you can cancel at least 24 hours before to avoid being billed for the next month. The cancelation process is easy because you can go to the app and turn off the “auto-renew” icon. For the indecisive customers who order and then change their minds, the Uber Eats cancelation policy will still apply. As such, you can go on the app and cancel an order before the restaurant accepts it without involving Uber support, and you will be refunded.

You Can Still Save Without Signing up for the Uber Eats Pass

If you are still doubtful that an Uber Eats Pass will save you money because you don’t usually eat out often enough, you don’t have to subscribe. According to the Best Referral Driver, you do not need the pass to get free delivery. You will still need the Uber Easts app so you can check out the promotions offered on an “as available” basis. The only headache with this is that it will benefit you at specific times and places, but the good thing is you do not need to spend so much to unlock the benefits.

In other instances, you will get the Uber Eats Pass as a complimentary service. American Express cardholders started getting the extra benefit of complimentary Eats Pass members beginning October 26, 2020. The eligible members comprise the Green Card, Gold Card, and Platinum cardholders, but always there is another catch. For you to enjoy the perks of an Uber Eats Pass, you must enroll for any of these cards by December 31, 2021. Additionally, the complimentary membership is not free for life; no extra cost applies for only 12 months, after which it starts auto-billing at a monthly rate. Before you rush for any of the cards, maybe you should consider the Gold Card most because starting February 2021, cardholders earn up to $120 each year in Uber cash that you can spend on Uber Eats orders or Uber rides.

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