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Where to Stay in Ontario, Canada

Canada is a vast country that is almost 10 million square kilometers in size. It encompasses an enticing mix of large urban centers such as Vancouver and Toronto with areas of unspoiled natural beauty and vast swathes of wilderness. For such a large country, it has a proportionally low population of just 39 million people, significantly lower than countries such as the UK which could fit into Canada 40 times!

One area of Canada that is incredibly popular with tourists is the province of Ontario. This is located in east central Canada and includes the cities of Windsor, Thunder Bay, and Oakville. One of the key attractions in the province is Niagara Falls, which is the largest waterfall in North America by volume and encompasses three separate falls. If you are planning to visit Ontario, this article will provide practical advice and information that will help you decide where to stay.

Experience the wonder of Niagara Falls and unparalleled entertainment

No visit to Ontario would be complete without visiting the truly spectacular Niagara Falls. This world heritage site contains 20% of the world's supply of fresh water and includes three distinct falls, namely, the Horseshoe Falls (which is the biggest), the American Falls, and the Bridal Veil Falls. Its incredible beauty makes it a must-see for any tourist visiting the province. For adults who enjoy gaming, it can be ideal to stay at the Niagara Falls View Hotel, which is located a short walking distance away from the falls. Here, there is a world-class casino which forms part of the complex's entertainment center. Guests can enjoy an enticing mix of card games such as poker and baccarat at dedicated tables or test their luck at the vast range of slot machines.

However, it is important to remember that Ontario is a gambling-friendly province, and you can enjoy authentic online casino games with little more than your smartphone and the hotel Wi-Fi connection. Popular online slot machine games include 88 Fortunes, Wildfire Wins, and Diamond Inferno. You may also consider playing the range of live dealer card games, where a human dealer controls the action and invites polite conversation between gamers. In short, gamers are spoilt for choice when visiting Ontario, having the option of playing at a world-class venue on the banks of Niagara Falls or enjoying on-demand gaming at a time and place that suits them.

Experience luxury without needing an airport transfer

If you are planning a short trip to Ontario, it may be attractive to stay close to the airport. This can help you keep travel and transfer costs down while still being close to major urban areas. If you are seeking luxury in your hotel stay, a perfect option is to check in at the 4-star Double Tree by Hilton Hotel. This is located just 2 miles from Ontario Airport and includes a free airport shuttle bus to make transfers quick and easy. The hotel is renowned for the high standard of its food and includes fine dining options for guests. In addition, there is a high-class heated outdoor pool and a fitness center that is open 24/7. To sum up, if you are planning a short trip to Ontario and want to experience a taste of luxury during your stay, the Double Tree Hotel is an excellent choice.

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