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Why Totally Target Should be Part of Your Coupon Search


Whether you're already an avid couponer or just thinking about getting in on the fantastic savings, including free and drastically reduced prices on items you use, Totally Target is a site that needs to be a part of your daily coupon search. If you haven't yet heard of it then you're totally in the right place and at the right time. There are a lot of benefits associated with the sit and there are virtually no drawbacks whatsoever. Here is all of the information that you need to know about it, and all of the reasons why Totally Target needs to be a part of your coupon search.

What is Totally Target?

Simply put, Totally Target is a website. The website is not maintained by the giant retail store Target, and it is in no way affiliated with the store, but it's a site that has been set up by a third party outside of the brand. If you're a frequent shopper, you can gain substantial savings by checking the site daily or at a minimum, weekly, because there are new things added as old ones expire and are deleted. Totally Target provides you with access to the weekly advertisements for Target, along with special deals you can get, rebates as well as long term sales, cheap finds, target specific coupons and more. It's a place where all Target shoppers can find the best deals for the store. There is even an FAQ section to help answer the most commonly asked questions.

Benefits of viewing the weekly ad on Totally Target

If you're like me, then you probably search for sale items and think that you've found a good deal, only to find it cheaper at the very next store you visit. One of the greatest benefits of searchng through the weekly ad section of Totally Target is that it will give you the current ad with a sneak peek. There are four major links to check out here. In addition to the Sneak Peek of the ad, it also gives you the Target advertisements along with coupon matchups. This couldn't give you any greater convenience because they're listed together to make saving even easier. There is also a link that points out the very best Target deals for the week. You can sort the blog by a weekly ad categoy to see all updates for the week so you don't miss out on any of the potential savings.

What are Totally Target Coupons?

Totally Target coupons are literally coupons that you can print off to save more money when you shop at the store. They are available on the Totally Target website, but some of the fans of this site also help you out by posting them on their social media accounts to show you how significant the savings can be. For example Clairol Hair product coupons gave shoppers a total savings of 65 percent which adds up when you have a lot to buy. Bear in mind that Target has nothing to do with the gathering or availability of the coupons, but they do accept them to give you the discount.

10 Reasons why Totally Target should be a part of your coupon search?

Based upon our research of the Totally Target site, we came up with ten good reasons why you should make Totally Target a regular part of your coupon search. That is unless you don't like saving money on your shopping bill.

  1. Access to tons of coupons - Totally Target is a site that gives you access to tons of coupons. Any savvy couponer knows the value of finding the best coupon deals for items that they regularly use. While most of the coupons are valid for name brand items, in many instances, the generics or store brands are as high priced, or even higher as the old standard brands. You can also use their smart deal stacker to transform your shopping list more into a savings list by identifying the best coupon deals, because there may be several available coupons for a particular item with varying values. You can compare them to get the absolute best deals on each item to totally maximize your savings at Target.
  2. You can learn how to use the Target Cartwheel App to save more - The Totally Target website teaches you how to use the Target Cartwheel App to use your smartphone to save yet more on your Target purchases. According to the, this app is a Target app that is one of their number one couponing app picks for 2019. The app plugs you directly into the Target app. it categorizes offers with a simple click of the plus sign and you can add any of the offers to the cache that is referred to as your wallet. You can use Cartwheel even if you don't have a smartphone just by printing the barcode and having the cashier scan it. You can only use the app for purchases made at the store or for orders that are made online with in-store pickup. The app lets you stak digital manufacturer's offers/coupons as well as store offers and you can place them all in your wallet so all it takes at the checkout counter is one simple scan of the Cartwheel bar code because this contains all of your coupons and discounts.
  3. Many of the coupons can be stacked together and used for discounts on a single item - It's technically possible to get selected items for nearly free or even get a credit when you coupon correctly. With the Cartwheel app, you load everything up and if there are three or four manufacturer's coupons that do not have stipulations that only one offer can be redeemed at a time they will all count towards a discount. On another important note here, you can use the store offers up to four times per transaction.
  4. The site walks newbies and seasoned couponers through the process - Totally Target is even being advertised as one of the best websites to get the ultimate in savings on shopping at Target. Everything that you need to do to save the highest possible dollar amount on Target purchases is fully detailed. There is a special section that is called 'Special Deals" as well as tips that show you how to get a $5 Target gift card with your purchase for free. Even if you're brand new to couponing, you'll be amazed at how easy it is to amass huge savings, but we have to warn you that extreme couponing can become addictive.
  5. It takes the hard work out of couponing - People who have been couponing for years now can tell you that when they first started out, it was a tough job that was extremely labor intensive and time consuming. Poring over the various websites to find deals, printing them out and comparing the best discounts takes time and effort. Totally Target has a lot of amazing tips, tricks and resources that can cut the time that is ordinarily spent on couponing down so it really is worth the minimal amount of effort that it takes.
  6. Get timely updates about in-store deals - You can dial into your local/regional Target store to find out about any unscheduled deals that may be offered. The site also provides you with reminders for seasonal sales so you don't miss out on any short offers that expire soon. Totally Target even uses most forms of social media to advertise great deals that are available so you don't miss out. When you're busy with other things, it's nice to have reminders now and then and Totally Target has a great social media campaign so all you have to do is plug in and follow it to get notifications to keep you Totally Informed!
  7. Save with Totally Target promo codes - In addition to coupons and deals, Totally Target also has promo codes that provide you with some decent discounts. The promo codes are easy to load into your wallet so you can get all of the discounts that you've found for the week with one quick scan of the bar code. In addition to offering discounts in the form of percentages, occasionally, you can even find promotional codes for a totally free item with your purchases which makes it worth scanning.
  8. Totally Target helps you do the coupon match ups - We all know how time consuming the process of comparing coupons can be. One of the best things about Totally Target is that they have a system that helps you do the best coupon matchups for each item. This takes a lot of the work out of not only finding those coupons and identifying them, but also with making sure that all of the coupons that are in your wallet are applicable. It's amazing to have the convenience of just loading them into the wallet to reap the rewards. Many shoppers who have gotten into this practice are totally shocked at the amount of money that they saved in a single shopping experience with Totally Targets tips and tricks.
  9. Totally Target is highly recommended by couponing enthusiasts - As we were conducting our research on Totally Target, we were quite impressed with the number of sites dedicated to help people learn how to maximize their savings with couponing strategies and other types of discount seeking. What we found is that most of the major couponing how to sites highly recommended the Totally Target website and they encourage couponers to visit the site regularly because it is evergreen and constantly updated so there are no outworn links. They purge the old expired ads and coupons so you don't have to sort through them yourself. Totally Target frequently makes money saving posts of some kind and the average is approximately 56 new posts per week. They even have a blog that is directed towards the education of couponers. The site is so popular that they have gained 8,936 Twitter followers and 157,918 Facebook fans.
  10. The deals are constantly changing - Even if you don't shop at Target weekly, it's a good idea to check out the site on a weekly basis. The reason for this is that there are new deals posted weekly. As the staff become aware of new coupons which can be used at Target, they add them to the already massive database of coupons. Another secret that we'd like to share about the coupons is that the manufacturer's coupons can also be used at other stores as they are not just Target specific. While Totally Target is geared towards maximizing your savings at this specific retailer, they can also be used at other retailers who also accept manufacturer's coupons.

Final thoughts

Now that you know precisely what Totally Target is and how it can help you to start saving money with your next shopping trip to Target, why wouldn't you use it. Granted, being in possession of a smartphone would make their services even more convenient, but even if you don't have one, you can still take advantage of all of the great deals that come along through the site. Totally Target is a must visit for couponers, but it's also a great resource for the casual shopper who just wants to save at the checkout stand. Not everyone is that into couponing, but why wouldn't you use an app that can save you up to hundreds on your trip to the store? Our assessment of Totally Target is that it is one of the most useful how to sites for anyone who wants to save a lot of money shopping at Target.

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