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20 Things You Didn't Know About Zeta


Zeta is a tech startup that has recently received a round of funding that has boosted it to new levels of success. It has the potential to become a leader in the FinTech industry with its cloud-based banking solutions. If you're not familiar with the company and its products, we've researched the particulars about Zeta to discover several interesting facts about the startup. Here are 20 things you didn't know about Zeta.

1. Zeta is a resource for banks and fintech firms

According to Techcrunch, Zeta is a startup that provides technology resources for financial institutions and tech businesses. It specializes in the development of technology stacks to aid in the engagement with fintech companies and banks along with some other consumer platforms in online environments. It builds the bank-oriented stack with the first of its kind technology. This is one of the features of Zeta that sets it apart from its competitors.

2. Zeta has developed a one-of-a-kind platform

The tech startup has done something that has never been accomplished before. It came up with a new technology that no other fintech thought to create. It created the first bank stack that was built from the ground up. This is the first time that a product of this type has been developed and used in the financial industry, and it has given Zeta a definite edge in the market.

3. Zeta is a modernizer

The products and services that Zeta has developed help banks and other fintech startups to enter the modern age. It's no secret that a large percentage of banks and financial institutions are lagging behind the times in their methods and technology. Many still work on antiquated technologies and manual processes. More modern financial institutions have gone digital and they use digitized processes that streamline financial services, leaving customers more satisfied with the newer methods and disillusioned with the banks that have not made the transition to digital tech in serving customers. Zeta offers technology for bringing these old antiquated dinosaurs into the modern age to serve customers with state-of-the-art technology, faster service, and greater convenience.

4. Zeta provides cloud-based tech services

Zeta's products are cloud-native API and SDKs that can improve customer experience with banks and other financial institutions. The timing is ideal for Zeta, as many businesses across all industries are looking at a transition to cloud-first, then cloud-only technologies. this is the wave of the future and it's in progress right now.

5. Zeta is a helping company

Zeta's products and services are designed to assist fintech firms and banks to launch products. Their SDKs and API are used to launch a host of services including debit cards, loans, credit cards, and other services. It offers a useful and modern platform, that when used as intended can help financial institutions to grow in new and modern ways that will draw in more customers. They cover the entire gamut of known financial services, offering an all-in-one solution.

6. Zeta is an India-based startup that moved headquarters to America

Zeta was founded in 2015 by Bhavin Turakhia and Ramki Gaddipati. The two entrepreneurs are natives of the country of India, where the company was first launched. The current headquarters for Zeta is located in San Francisco, California. The company has only been in operation for just over five years and it has grown substantially during that time.

7. Zeta is a versatile FinTech that falls under several categories

According to Crunchbase, Zeta falls under several major industry categories with the worldwide web. It is listed under Cloud Data services because the solutions it offers are cloud-native. It is also listed under corporate training and employee benefits as these are also services it provides. It is also categorized as FinTech, Financial Services, Gift, Human Resources, and Payments as these are all areas of services that it provides for its customers. Zeta is a one-stop shop for many companies seeking to upgrade their technology and service offerings. It is on a positive trajectory to become one of the largest providers of its kind in multiple categories of business.

8. Zeta offers Fusion and Tachyon Suite

Zeta owns Tachyon Suite, which is a modern suite of products that include credit and diet processing, core banking, loans, and repair hosting. All of these services are integrated with a mobile app that enables banks to provide new and improved experiences for their customers. The services are called embeddable banking solutions. There is also a fraud prevention feature included. Fusion is the embeddable banking platform that helps banks offer SDKs and APIs to fintech along with distributors and neobanks. It allows them to embed financial products with their apps.

9. Zeta is lead by an executive team of seven members

Zeta lists seven members of its executive team. Although it's a small number for the upper tier of leadership, they're doing an exceptional job of leading the company forward in success. Abhishek Sen is the chief operating officer. Himanshu Raj is the senior manager of PR and marketing communications. Ramki Gaddipati is a co-founder and chief technology officer. Ritesh Arora is the senior quality assurance engineer. Ritesh Arora is the senior quality assurance engineer. Bhavin Turakhia is a co-founder of Zeta and the chief executive officer. Chaitanya Pramod is the tech lead and Murali Nair is the president of the banking-Indian subcontinent.

10. Zeta does not have a board of directors

Zeta is one of the rare companies that has not yet established a board of directors. The strategic planning and leadership of the company fall solely to the executive team. So far, there has been no indication that the group plans to establish a board of advisors. When we look at their current valuation and the degree of success the company has achieved, it is apparent that they are doing fine despite the lack of outside advisement.

11. Zeta used complex technologies to power its website

Zeta's website requires 18 different technologies to power its website, although this is a complex array of technology working to provide a smooth experience for end-users, it's far simpler than the tech used by many other tech businesses. The most essential technology products used for the site are Google Analytics, jQuery, iPhone Mobile Compatible, Apple Mobile Web Clips Icon, HTML5, and Viewport meta.

12. Zeta has a high web traffic count

Zeta's website is attracting a high volume of traffic. It has an impressive number of monthly visits. The analytics show that the average number of monthly visits is 73,775. This gives Zeta the ranking of number 349,488 on the worldwide web, among all of the global websites registered.

13. Zeta is the most popular in India

Although Zeta has established a headquarters in San Francisco, California, the majority of website visits originate from the country of India, where it was first conceptualized. Ninety-five percent of the web visits come from this country. Two percent come from Germany with one percent coming from Ireland, Brazil, and Canada, respectively. No web traffic has been recorded from the United States.

14. Zeta received millions in venture capital funding

Zeta has participated in two rounds of venture capital funding with the latest round completing on May 24, 2021. This was a Series C round. Zeta has two investors including Sodexo and SoftBank Vision Fund. Zeta has also invested in ZingHR, June 30, 2017.

15. Zeta is a unicorn company

According to Economic Times. India Times, As of May 24, 2021, Zeta is officially recognized as a company with unicorn status. The enterprise secured funding of $250 million led in a Series C round by SoftBank Vision fund II. This brought the current valuation of Zeta to $1.4 billion. It is required for companies o have a valuation of at least $1 billion to join this elite class of businesses, and Zeta has exceeded that number. Although it's a relatively new and smaller size, there is nothing small about the progress it's made since its inception in 2015.

16. Zeta is growing its workforce

According to its LinkedIn profile page, Zeta employs 690 workers. The company shows all of the signs that it is preparing to grow its operation and expand its current workforce. We saw that Zeta has posted 97 new job announcements and it is actively recruiting nearly a hundred new employees to expand the operation. Most of the job openings are for workers in the Bangalore Urban, Karnataka, India area, as well as other locations throughout the country of India. There is one opening in the United States. This is a sure sign that the company is going through another growth spurt.

17. Zeta offers a third tech solution

In addition to its Fusion and Tachyon Suite products, we also learned that Zeta has developed a third line of products. The company also offers a cloud-native API first mobile-ready platform called Enterprise Payments Tech. It's designed to enable banks and other financial institutions to develop, operate, and manage gifting, benefits solutions, RnR, and T& E solutions. This is just one more way that Zeta is helping the financial industry to get on board with the things that modern customers demand in banking and financial services. This is a modular platform that allows clients to build their customized solutions for their customers, to gain an edge over competitors in their inch of the market.

18. Zeta's Omni Stack is revolutionary

According to Zeta's website, Zeta provides banks and fintech with the Omni Stack solution that provides a host of benefits not previously available. The transformative capacity of the solutions gives Zeta's clients speed in agility for launching their new products within weeks, and to implement new features in just days of signing on. It's one of the fastest ways to toss out the old outworn methods of providing services and welcome in the new ways. Clients experience a better cost to income ratio by increasing customer self-service, which means a decrease in the required efforts of staff to service clients' needs. Automation fulfills many of the needs of clients in a much faster turnaround time. Clients can leverage cloud-based services and reduce the number of vendors required while increasing customer retention and improving their cross-sell efforts. The solution is open banking ready with one hundred percent API coverage. It's a new technology that doesn't require months of transitioning time to achieve the switchover.

19. Zeta is a privately held company

You won't find Zeta stock for sale on any of the public stock exchanges. It is a privately owned company that is not listed on any stock markets. So far, Zeta has done well on its own without the need to raise operational and expansion funds through a public sale of shares. While this is bad news for investors who would like to dabble in its stock, it's good news for the more than $1 billion valued company. Zeta has participated in two rounds of venture capital funding to meet all its funding needs so far. We've not seen any indication that they plan to take the enterprise to the public arena.

20. Zeta is destined for greatness

Zeta offers products that have the potential to change the financial industry for the better. They're becoming a leader in the industry, at least, throughout the country of India. Although there is a presence in the United States, this market has yet to become fully optimized. This means that there is still plenty of room for the India-based startup to grow and expand its operations. It has full potential to become a major disruptor, but in a very positive way for old traditional banks and financial institutions. Progress is moving the world towards digital financial services and those who do not make the transition are likely to fade into oblivion.

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