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20 Things You Didn't Know about Okta


Identity and access management is one of the most significant challenges for modern businesses. Keeping track of which employees access your web applications is essential for ensuring that all your assets are secured. Okta is a leading provider of authentication and identity management services for companies concerned about the safety of their data. The company is dedicated to providing secure access to all kinds of online and cloud-based services. With their identity solutions, your company will be able to keep security threats at bay. You also get easier access management for your employees when you work with Okta. Following are 20 things that you did not know about the identity and access management company.

1. It is an Identity Management Provider

Identity management is critical when you are dealing with many people. Your workforce and your customers will need a way of verifying their identities without compromising any of the security measures that you have in place for your company. Okta ensures that you can access your web applications and other services based on a zero-trust security model. The use of a zero trust model ensures that your digital assets are secure. Identities are also unique for each user, and Okta prevents impersonation and other forms of security weaknesses.

2. Okta Prevents Data Breaches for many Companies

The access and identity management that the company provides ensures that your information systems are not exposed to any security threat. Data breaches are usually caused by weaknesses in the authentication and verification systems. When any system reveals sensitive information, hackers can easily use this to their advantage. Okta, working together with Oauth, ensures that your information systems and web applications do not reveal any data to third parties. The authentication uses secure means and does not compromise your data security.

3. Okta is a Cloud Service Provider

Many companies are moving to the cloud for its scale of operation and enhanced security. Integration with Okta cloud services provides your company with seamless access to all kinds of information. Integrating your applications with Okta cloud services will ensure that you have easily accessible and centralized access and identity management for your entire workforce and all your customers. Suppose you have a web application that your customers have to verify with. In that case, Okta cloud-based authentication services ensure that you do not reveal any information to third parties and keep all the verification at a certain level.

4. Okta Powers Online Identity

No matter the services you provide to your customers or citizens, Okta ensures that you can provide these services securely. The company has been built around building better security standards. With the help of the Okta API, integrating the identity management services into your applications is made straightforward. There are many features and functionalities that you can make use of while creating or upgrading your modern web applications. These features are meant to make identity management easier for all your applications and logging in seamless for your customers.

5. Working Remotely Can be Secured by Okta

Remote work has been known to increase productivity for companies and businesses. Keeping the operations secure requires an identity management service that is capable of working remotely. Integrating Okta into your remote work workflows will make sure that your employees are more productive. At the same time, you will be enhancing the security of remote workers and the information that they access from your web applications. Okta identity management will ensure that your employees have easy identity management and secure all their remote operations.

6. Okta Provides Multi-factor Authentication

Even with the use of passwords, confirming the identity of anyone that is trying to access your applications is essential. Multi-factor authentication is an added security layer to your information systems and web applications. It sends a secret code to the person that is currently logging into an application. With the code, it becomes tough to use stolen passwords. Multi-factor authentication upholds the security of your web applications. Modern information systems need multi-factor authentication to prevent the illegal use of passwords and cookie replay attacks. Okta guarantees safety for your web applications and connected systems by enforcing multi-factor authentication in the critical access points of your applications.

7. Okta Helps Companies Combat Fraud

Companies that need to control the levels of fraud that take place on their online systems and web application need Okta. Identity management from Okta ensures that all the web application users have an efficient means of accessing their information. Government services with Okta identity management are more secure and easier to use than those without. The identity management from Okta ensures that fraudulent activity is controlled and even monitored. Impersonation has been made very hard, which has improved the quality of service provided by organizations and the government.

8. Okta and Oauth are Partners

Okta has partnered with Oauth to improve identity management and verification for their customers. Workforces and customers familiar with the use of Oauth for verification will also be glad to know that Okta and Oauth are now working together. The partnership is meant to ensure that the company provides better services and more robust security for companies. The acquisition of Oauth of Okta means that Oauth is now part of Okta, and the same services offered by Oauth will be integrated into Okta.

9. Okta Provides Mobile Identity Management

Identity management from Okta is not limited to cloud and web applications. Even mobile application developers can easily integrate Okta into their applications. The mobile authentication and identity management systems ensure that mobile applications can keep track of who is using them. This is very important for a mobile workforce and web applications that have mobile applications to access them. Developers that need to ensure that their mobile applications are safe and secure will significantly benefit from Okta. The breadth of services they provide ensures that mobile applications are secure and simplify identity management.

10. Before Acquiring Oauth: Okta had been Making Losses

In recent months, Okta has been on a downward trend when it announced that it intended to acquire Oauth. The price of its shares on the stock market reduced by 4.5% when it made the announcement. Investors were still unsure what effect the 6.5 billion dollar acquisition of Oauth would have on the company's prospects. As such, they were not confident about their trading, which affected the company's position on the stock market. However, the acquisition of Oauth is expected to improve things for the company. It is expected to make an upward trend after the partnership.

11. Okta is Publicly Traded on NASDAQ

Okta is a Class A common stock that is publicly listed and traded on NASDAQ. It is on the NASDAQ 100 list and has been on the upward trend in recent days. Investors looking to buy shares in an identity and access management company will find the company a good opportunity. It currently trades between $220 and $275, which means that it is a healthy choice as an investment opportunity. Investing in identity management and software companies will pay off, especially in the face of recent cybersecurity threats caused by identity management vulnerabilities.

12. Okta Means Cloudiness

The name Okta originates from a meteorological term. An 'okta' is a unit of measure that describes the cloudiness and measures the level of clouds in the sky at any time. Zero oktas mean that you have no clouds in the sky, while eight oktas imply that you have an atmosphere that is cloudy and completely overcast. The name also goes well together because the company provides cloud-based identity and access management services. The cloudiness of the services that Okta provides works very well with the name of the company.

13. Okta Founders

Okta was started in 2009 by Frederic Merriest and Todd McKinnon. The two used to work together at Salesforce in the past, and they partnered up to form the identity management company. They also raised venture capital worth $75 million in 2015 from Greylock Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, and Sequoia Capital. The total initial valuation of the company was $1.2 billion, and this has grown over time. The company has its headquarters in San Francisco and works mainly from the cloud, reaching thousands of companies and businesses.

14. Okta is a SaaS Provider

SaaS and PaaS are standard terms used in describing cloud service providers. SaaS refers to software as a service, while PaaS means platform as a service. As a software provider, Okta is a SaaS, and all its cloud-based services are designed as such. Companies and businesses looking for identity and access management services will find the cloud-based services from Okta quite helpful. They are easy to integrate into all kinds of applications and work with all sorts of applications. Software as a service is a popular form of providing cloud services and is used by most modern companies.

15. Is Okta Secure?

Okta is meant to provide secure access to software services for people and companies. It is designed to be a reliable means of interacting safely with applications and managing the identity of software users. Many enterprises use it, and significant internet services providers such as Google have used Okta to secure access to their services. Okta is also being used by governments and trusted to ensure all your web applications and information systems.

16. Can Okta be Used On-Premise?

As a company, you can integrate Okta into your on-premise applications to ensure that information access is safe and secure. The Okta access gateway can quickly secure On-premise apps, and all external threats are handled. Okta ThreatInsight works with the access gateway to filter all connections made to on-premise applications and ensure they are secure. Any suspicious access attempts are locked out, and hackers will have a more challenging time attacking on-premise applications secured by Okta.

17. Okta Supports Single Sign-On

Single sign-on lets users work with a single password to ease access to multiple websites and applications. The service also comes with a flexible policy engine that lets you set conditions for providing access to your resources. The security reporting feature includes geo-location tracking and real-time reporting for enhanced security of all your applications and information systems.

18. ThreatInsight

Being able to combat threats before they happen is essential for modern security. Okta's ThreatInsight collects data to detect and flag malicious IP addresses. Logging these addresses ensures that any suspicious authentication attempts are blocked before they can access your information systems. It helps prevent phishing, password spying, brute force attacks, and credential stuffing.

19. Okta Supports Passwordless Authentication

Passwords have been known to be a significant security weakness for security systems. Bad users of passwords can present attackers with vulnerabilities that they can use. Moving away from passwords is possible with passwordless authentication from Okta. The use of magic links in emails, smart cards, and factor sequencing are some of the passwordless options that can be used to provide more secure access to your company applications and systems. Eliminating passwords also removes the threat presented by bad password habits that many employees have maintained for years.

20. How much Does Okta Cost?

Okta's security and identity management services will cost your company anywhere between $2/month per user to $15/month per user. All these are under the condition that you establish a minimum $1500/year contract. Some services, such as Single Sign-on, provide a free trial and let you try them out before committing to a contract. Agreeing to the contract enables you to get support from the company, and anytime you experience difficulties with the integration, you can get directions.


As an identity and access management company, Okta provides the best combination of cloud and mobile services that will keep your business safe. Developers also find the company to be quite valuable with their API. Integrating Okta into current applications and information systems is also easy, and it ensures that your modern applications are easy to access. Identity management and authentication reporting also ensure that you can track recent logins from different locations and block suspicious attempts to authenticate.

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