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20 Things You Didn't Know About Zoomo


Electric, or e-bikes are one of the best weapons we have in our arsenal when it comes to battling climate change. E-bikes emit far less emissions than a car, they have a recyclable battery, and provide the user with some heart-healthy exercise. By utilizing e-bikes in our daily life during our errand runs or commutes, we're making positive inroads when it comes to cutting down our emissions. Hence, the reason many people in urban areas are saying good-bye to their gas guzzler and replacing it with an e-bike. However, the benefits of e-bikes also extend to businesses which require couriers, such as food and grocery businesses. Zoomo is a company that's spearheading the movement to get e-bikes to replace cars in this sector. Through their diligence and concentrated efforts, they now have fleets of e-bikes in such positions in three countries: America, Ausralia and Great Britain.

1. You Don't Have to Be a Business to Rent an E-Bike

Believe it or not, there are many people who believe that they cannot rent one of Zoomo's e-bikes because they are not a delivery person, or don't have a business which operates a fleet of delivery riders. But such is not the case. Here at Zoomo, anyone who desires to rent an e-bike can. Renting e-bikes is a great way to accomplish some errands for a day or so for those who don't have a car. Also, for those thinking about purchasing an e-bike for their own use, renting one of our e-bikes gives them a dry run to see if they would like it, before putting money down on one.

2. Zoomo is at the Heart of the Mobility Movement

Founder and CEO, Mina Nada believes that the time of the electric bike is here. Their plan is to make electric or e-bikes a reality, one that almost every Australian can have access too. After all, when estimated it was found that fossil fuel powered vehicles produce around 100 million tons of carbon annually. At a time when Australians realize that this is a dangerous situation, especially for their future and children's future, they are searching for alternative methods of personal transport, and Zoomo is here to suit them up. According to Mina, “The take-up of e-bikes in Australia has been extraordinary, both for commercial and personal use. The Zoomo Sport is designed for anyone to embrace the wonders of micro-mobility. To those looking for an alternative and energy conscious mode of transport to work, or anyone who is just enthusiastic about adding some pedaling to their daily commute, the Zoomo Sport is the best-in-class e-bike alternative for you."

3. If The E-Bike You Ordered is in Need of Repair, It's Covered

Many things can happen when you are out in the world biking. Most are beautiful and relaxing experiences. However, if the event happens when you find yourself with a broken e-bike, then know that your subscription covers the damage. You are given two ways to get it repaired. First, go to your Rider Hub, and make a booking for the repair. However, if it is a critical need, then please get in touch with Zoomo via their chat or email.

4. Zoomo is Working to Build a Sustainable Future for Food Delivery

While standard food delivery is a convenience, the pandemic made it a necessity for some people. This meant there were more vehicles on the road. Now, if you know anything about Zoomo, you know they are working to find solutions to cut down on emissions, not add to them. Therefore, by introducing their fleet of electric bikes into the world of food delivery, emissions would be reduced.

5. Zoomo Will Use its Most Recent Model, the Sport, to Combat Bike Theft

In a world where bikes are becoming a keystone in the world of personal transportation, one can't escape the fact that bikes are becoming a target of thieves for both resale and parts. Zoomo realizes this, and has come up with various ways to reduce bicycle theft via their newest model: The Sport. These methods include: An Anti-theft motor lock, installation of cutting-edge GPS technology, and a Comprehensive Bike Recovery Service.

6. Yes, You Can Ride Your Zoomo in the Rain

An interesting question, one that begs to be answered. That answer is 'yes'. Yes you can ride your Zoomo in the rain. Electric or e-bikes can be ridden in the rain as they are purposefully built to be water resistant. However, remember that water resistant is not the same as water proof. In other words, riding you bike through a few puddles on a rainy day is fine, but it cannot be submerged. Zoomo uses only the best batteries in their e-bikes that come with a water resistant casing, so you should be ok.

7. Zoomo Grew Its Business by Entering Into Profitable Partnerships

As an Australian startup, Zoomo was eager to become a player in the field of e-bike delivery fleets. In order to hit their goal, they made efforts to contact businesses such as DoorDash and Uber Eats. What made Zoomo attractive to their new partners? The main reason is the way they do business via monthly subscriptions. By offering these monthly subscriptions to corporations in Australia, U.S., and London, they saw their business grow quickly. At the time of this writing, Zoomo has over 10,000 e-bikes worldwide.

8. Zoomo Raises $12 Million

In May of 2021 Zoomo announced that it raised $12 million interim capital with the express purpose to increase their e-bike subscriptions. The $12 million will be used to expand their business into Europe. They currently operate in the U.S., Australia and the U.K. They are also using part of the $12 million to lure commuters into the subscription lifestyle. Currently Zoomo concentrates in the courier business, but hopes to get Zoomo seen as the perfect alternative when it comes to personal transport. As Mina Nada states, “We initially built our products to service the demands of gig workers in the food delivery industry. Their expectations for quality commercial vehicles, on demand service, flexible financing and tech enabled security features spurred us to innovate. We’re now seeing enterprises and fleet managers benefiting from the platform we have built. Enterprise fleet managers looking for clean and efficient vehicles are choosing us.”

9. You Can Purchase a Used E-Bike from Zoomo

If you've ever wanted to own your own e-bike, but were looking for the perfect retailer, one you could trust, then look no further than Zoomo. Zoomo puts its used e-bikes up for sale when their delivery time is up and they are retired. Plus, they have periodic sales from time to time. For example, at the time of this writing, Zoomo is having a '25 percent off of everything' sale. All used bikes go through a rigorous refit which includes a 40 point checklist,

10. Zoomo Raises $60 Million

Zoomo raised a cool $60 Million of funding they require in order to take on the European market. Knowing how dependent certain areas of Europe are on mopeds and bikes, this should turn into a very lucrative deal. The subscription includes the bike, software and even maintenance, which is a savings for businesses who have a need for a fleet of courier bikes. The added funding will also be used to assist in expanding Zoomo's presence in more countries in order to achieve its goal of having a worldwide presence, while working to decrease emissions.

11. Zoomo Sells Brand New Bikes

If you perchance ride a Zoomo bike, or see a courier ride one and think that an e-bike from Zoomo would be the right thing for you or someone you love, then know that Zoomo does sell brand new versions of each of their models. As seen in such publications as Financial Review and Forbes, models such as the new Sport, Zero, Classic, Cargo, Ranger, MTB and Explorer are all available to the public either to rent or outright purchase. They even have a handy comparison chart to assist you in getting the best fit for your dollar.

12. Zoomo is a Driving Force in E-Bike Micro-Mobility in Australia

Like many countries when it comes to all forms of personal transport such as e-scooters and e-bikes, Australia is still running on old regulations. These regulations make it difficult for new e-bike and e-scooter startups to gain the traction they need in order to become a profitable business. As such, Zoomo is working towards changing all that. By doing so, it not only helps Zoomo, but also the environment as it means a decrease in emissions. Zoomo is a supporter of the new regulations found in the Productivity Commission Whitepaper which benefit e-bikes.

13. Zoomo Reigned in $80 Million Funding

Zoomo secured a whopping $80 million funding from three major firms: Grok Ventures, Skip Capital, and ArcTern Ventures. This latest injection of funding has turned Zoomo from a Start Up to a Scale Up. Zoomo CEO, Nada stated, “We initially built our products to service the demands of gig workers in the food delivery industry. Their expectations for quality commercial vehicles, on-demand service, flexible financing and tech enabled security features spurred us to innovate. We’re now seeing enterprises and fleet managers benefiting from the platform we have built. Enterprise fleet managers looking for clean and efficient vehicles are choosing us.”

14. Zoomo's Business Strategy Revolves Around the Last Mile Delivery Sector

Zoomo's success is due to their impeccable handing of the last mile delivery sector. The last mile delivery sector refers to the last leg of the journey which is usually the most difficult, and has traditionally been handled via fuel powered vehicles. The stunning efforts of Zoomo's leadership has not only caused it to succeed, but also hit a goal of introducing e-bikes into the last mile delivery sector.

15. California and Zoomo

In 2019 Zoomo established itself in California. The result was both Los Angeles and San Francisco became two of Zoomo's largest markets. Like a good neighbor, Zoomo gave back to California by becoming part of their Cleantech Incubatotr LACI organization. The LACI functions to work towards a greener future and views Zoomo's presence an asset in reaching this goal.

16. Zoomo Used To Be Bolt Bikes

In 2020 Bolt Bikes received $11 million in funding due to a successful Series A funding stint. Bolt Bikes was an e-bike business which targeted couriers. Those companies involved in investing in Bolt Bikes were Australian Clean Energy Finance Corporation, Hana Ventures, Contrarian Ventures, and Maniv Mobility. Established in 2017, Bolt switched up and is now known as Zoomo. Mina Nada explains the name change here, “When we set up Bolt back in 2017, the name was fine in Australia, but as we’ve gone international we’ve come up against at least three other companies called Bolt, two of them in the mobility space.”

17. Subscribers to Zoomo Get Full Maintenance and Customer Support

Whether you're considering getting a subscription plan for yourself as a commuter, or for a fleet of courier bikes, you do get full maintenance and customer support with your subscription. Other features of your subscription you get 24 hour a day, 7 days a week access to your e-bike. Other features include a phone USB port for charging, a battery charger, phone holder, U-Lock and safety induction.

18. CEO and Co-Founder Mina Nada Operates on a Philosophy of Taking Risks

It's no secret that Zoomo is a world leader in micro mobility, a proponent in utility e-bikes and aftermarket servicing. But how did it get that way, and so fast? Enter Mina Nada, CEO and Co-founder of Zoomo, previously Bolt Bikes. Mina's goal was not just to make a profit, but sustainability. Zoomo's mission is to wean the world off of gas powered, last mile delivery vehicles, and move toward electric vehicles such as mopeds and e-bikes. Mina states, "The best advice I’ve received was not to be afraid to take risks and back myself. The advice I would give to someone who’s starting their own business is to play the long game. You may not see results immediately, but if you back your idea and trust your gut that it’s a good business proposition, you may soon see the results you were aiming for."

19. CEO and Co-Founder Mina Nada Sees Global Expansion as a Goal

Global expansion is a prime goal of Zoomo, who already has offices in Australia, the United Kingdom and the States. He credits the rapid growth already experienced to the General Managers they've hired. According to Nada, "We know that our biggest opportunity lies overseas, with more than 50 percent of our revenue coming from our international operations...Through hiring strong, on-the-ground General Managers that can help us localize the product for each market, we have been able to supercharge our growth internationally."

20. CEO Mina Nada Credits the Software Tool, Hubspot for Helping Grow Zoomo

Hubspot is a unique company with a unique way of doing business. They believe that the cut-throat way of doing business is out of date and useless. Hubspot is built on the idea that one can grow a strong business without the drama or greed. They believe a business can have a conscience, and it's this company that Mina Nada credits as being one of the best marketing software tools, one that has helped Zoomo grow to what it is today.

Final Thoughts

There you go, as you can see, a lot goes into building up a successful business like Zoomo. Everything from hiring the best general managers to handle the business, to using the best software tools, and treating business partners with respect, all combine to make a company like Zoomo the best in their league. In fact, it's companies like Zoomo which will help to heal our planet from our ignorance when it came to keeping it healthy. After all, as they say there's no planet 'B'. We've no place else to go, and if we don't do something now, our children and their children won't have much of a planet to enjoy and evolve on.

Allen Lee

Written by Allen Lee

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