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Remembering the 1939 Nimbus 2510

1939 Nimbus 2510

Vintage motorbikes create a buzz whenever someone passes around with them, they bring memories, and someone can flashback fascinating stories of what they remind them. These unforgettable stories, plus the detailed information and the beauty of these vintage motorbikes, sum up why they are treasured and sought after by bike collectors and vintage enthusiasts. Investment in such bikes can also give back your investment. Whether you want to ride with it in your area, take it for a vintage motorbike event or marvel at the bike's craftsmanship and elegant assembly work done on it, they are a joy. One such motorbike is the 1939 Nimbus 2510, which we will remember in this article.


The production of the first group of Nimbus motorcycles began in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1990. From that period, the revolution of the Nimbus motorcycle series started with two series models, which were both four-cylinder engines with a capacity of 750 ccs. According to FichasMotor, the brain behind these bikes were two amazing guys known as Peder Andersen Fisker and H.M.Nielsen. Fisker was a serious strategist who believed at one time He would develop a bike that was going to have its unique form. By the end of 1918, He started his trials to construct a prototype using his design. As the revolution of the Nimbus series continued, the idea of 1939 Nimbus 2510 reached its peak in 1934. This motorbike was developed by the company Nimbus, and its models come with different displacements. According to Bonhams, this motorcycle is classified under the category of all-terrain bikes, which have been in production for over 88 years. It was developed with an engine displacement of 750 ccs (45.77ci). Another specification is it has an inline four-cylinder and 4-stroke engine parts.

Overall body parts

The 1939 Nimbus 2510 was developed using unique body parts and great design. The materials used are solid and quality but not heavyweight. The Dutch designer used pressed steel frames on the outer body, which have been riveted and fitted well together from the first production pieces that came out for purchase to the last one. They also use a final shaft drive. The bike is fitted with an air-cooled engine of a 746cc inline power unit and 22 horsepower. The valve gear parts are exposed, and the valve springs, you will see them dance when you ride it.

Engine and Transmission

The 1939 Nimbus 2510 has a displacement of 750 ccs and a semi-automatic transmission engine. They are referred to primarily as auto-clutch transmission, so operating them requires some skills. This bike uses carburetor intake, meaning it has two swiveling valves that are imputed above and below the vent. The valve at the top is known as a choke. Its function is to regulate the amount of air that is flowing in. When the valve is closed, the amount of air flowing inside the pipes will be reduced, enabling the venture to suck in more fuel. This occurrence enables the engine to get a good mixture of fuel. When the engine starts, it will run quite slowly before it picks gear. Under the venture is where the second valve is placed, known as the throttle. When you are operating the bike, the more this valve opens up, it lets in more airflow inside the carburetor, this causes fuel to drag in from the pipes to other sides, and the bike will begin to accelerate. The designer of the 1939 Nimbus 2510 used an Overhead camshaft (OHC) for this vintage motorbike. Overhead camshaft's primary job is to let air flow inside and then exhaust from the engine parts. Each camshaft in the bike activates two valves. Usually, one camshaft will switch the intake valve, and the other is in charge of the exhaust valves. The engine type fitted on this unique motorbike is an inline four-cylinder,4-stroke engine. When the bike engine is ignited, before the piston gains momentum, when you begin moving, the spark plugs will start to ignite the air inside and fuel mixture. An expansion of hot burning gasses will push the piston to the opposite direction when combustion stroke occurs. This bike is old school. It only runs using a three-gear transmission system. This is quite different from the modern bikes with up to six gears. Meaning it cannot accelerate that fast compared to the near modern bikes, but that does not mean it is slow. The ride will be smooth when it hits the road, and you will enjoy it.

Chassis, suspension, and wheels

When we mention the 1939 Nimbus 2510 is worth the entire amount you will invest in it, we mean it. It was not a fluke statement. This vintage bike has a telescopic front suspension. The front part is equipped with a telescopic fork that helps the additional load on the front wheel be transmitted through those fitted forks and then compressed. The split as they shorten will lead the front end of the motorbike to move somehow lower in what can be termed as brake dive. You will look like you own the world when you hit the road with the bike. The motorbike looks enormous. It has a tandem seat arrangement. Therefore, the passenger will be close behind the rider. It can be fun, especially if you go on a country ride listening to a piece of lovely country music like "Take a Little Ride" by Jason Aldean.


The 1939 Nimbus 2510 is not limited to any terrain, you can take it on a rough road and tarmac area, and you will have a wonderful experience. According to Nimbus, when the model was about to be introduced to the general public for purchase, it was going for $33.668.00. It is stylish and comes in a unique color to complement its appearance. The remaining pieces have been kept in reasonable condition for exhibition purposes, meaning these vintage bikes their value will not depreciate, and they will stay for many more years for bike enthusiasts to enjoy and create more memories. When you buy one, remember to take good care of it for your next generation to enjoy it.

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