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10 Things You Didn't Know About the 2019 Volvo XC40

The Volvo XC40 has just come out with a new edition for 2019. This vehicle is the smallest SUV as well as the newest for the brand. These are just a few of the interesting facts about the highly anticipated model. To help whet your appetite for more, here are 10 things that you didn't know about the 2019 Volva XC40, but will probably glad to hear.

1. The 2019 XC40 is made for dual landscapes

When we say this, we're referring to the fact that the new XC40 is coming out with a design that makes it just as well adjusted in either an urban environment as it will be for use in the great outdoors. It's not that often that a vehicle is produced in a smaller size that can handle rugged terrain, then turn around and provide a luxurious and comfortable ride when driving it in the city.

2. Volvo has high expectations for their new 2019 XC40

There is a huge focus in the automotive industry upon premium SUVs in a compact size. It's what consumers are demanding and the automakers are obliged to deliver. Volvo is doing this in grand style with their latest model. They estimate that the sales for the new car will top 170,000 this year alone.

3. The new 2019 Volvo SUV has some stiff competition

For those of you who have wondered which vehicles the new Volvo SUV will be up against, they're tough competitors. To name the most prominent, it's going up against the Infiniti QX30, The Mercedes-Benz GLA, the Land Rover Evoque, the Audi Q3, the Acura RDX, the BMW X1 and there may be a few more that we've missed. All great vehicles but the 2019 Volvo XC40 will be no slouch either.

4. Volvo has designed this car towards a target audience

The new Volvo SUV is geared towards appealing to groups who are looking for a smaller vehicle but still want the benefits of a luxury SUV. Comfort is a big one as well as the ability to navigate in off-road situations. Volvo envisions an older crowd who are ready to move to a smaller vehicle and those who are interested in buying a second car, and third, perhaps those who may be looking for a first car that offers performance along with economy without stiffing them on luxury amenities.

5. The price will be right

Volvo isn't a cheap vehicle, but they're keeping the cost of the new 2019 models moderately reasonable. It will be offered in a T5 AWD model for $35,000, a T5 AWD R or $37.700 and a T4 FWD R for $35,700. These are within the reach of a wide segment of the population.

6. It's smaller in size but the cargo room is good

Even though the 2019 XC40 SUV is going to be shorter and more compact, they were brilliant in the design specs. The design team somehow managed to make sure that there would be plenty of room in the cargo bay. It will offer 20.7 cubic feet behind the back seat and that can be expanded to 47.2 feet with the rear seats folded down. We think this is a pretty sweet deal.

7. The XC40 is equipped to the teeth

This is an interesting fact that you'll be happy to know. The new XC40 is going to be packing. It may be the least expensive SUV offered by the brand, but they didn't skimp when it comes to the cabin. They furnished it with top-notch materials to keep the luxury level high. They even infused it with some interesting design details. They made sure that the seating is ultra-comfortable and if you're a fan of leather seats as standard equipment, then you'll be pleased. The driver's seat features lumbar adjustment in the form of four-way power, a leather-wrapped steering wheel in a telescopic/tilt style, automatic climate control, aluminum trim, and a push-button start. They even threw in heated front seats and steering wheel along with an almost panoramic sunroof as an option.

8. The XC40 is made for fun

The new model will provide great control and ride comfort with an improved suspension and a great balance of body control. It's made to deliver a smooth ride with adjustable steering and a comfort mode as its default. It's also designed to be quiet so you won't be bothered with engine or road noise on your drive.

9. You'll love the technology

The little SUV is big when it comes to technology. It will come with a 9-inch vertical touchscreen and the infotainment system is a Sensus four tile. It will also come with onboard 4G LTE WiFi, Bluetooth, Sirius XM satellite radio, an HD radio, a 250-watt eight-speaker stereo and it will be compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone.

10. Volvo has established a pattern for buyers

Volvo has taken the liberty of sizing up their clientele and they can now predict that the average buyer for this vehicle will be a new subscriber to the brand, which is good news. Volvo owners usually buy up to a newer model every five to seven years and these are a few of the factors that they used to determine that they should sell 170,000 vehicles this year.

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