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A Closer Look at the 2023 Bentley Continental GT S

2023 Bentley Continental GT S

The 2023 Bentley Continental GT S is a luxury cruiser and convertible. Since this car is relatively heavy at 4,773 lbs, it will only run on a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 engine. In terms of the car's exterior, its grille and trim are blacked out, while the Bentley logo and lettering remain chrome. Other tinted parts of the car include its taillights, headlights, and quad exhaust pipes. In the interior, the car uses a two-tone color split which is unique to the S models. Leather is employed on the door pads, seat bolsters, and steering wheel for your comfort. Following the brief description of this car, let's now delve into its specifications.


The drivetrain for this car is an all-wheel-drive type. In this drivetrain, power is sent to all the wheels. In general, the drivetrain uses a computerized system that helps to determine which of the four wheels needs power and traction. As a result, all-wheel drive is the most suitable drivetrain for driving on slippery paths due to rain or snow. Despite the drivetrain being ideal for slippery paths, it is also the reason some drivers get involved in road accidents. According to Icy Road Safety, overconfidence with the all-wheel-drive system leads to accidents since they will drive at normal or fast speeds. To get the most out of this drivetrain, you should drive slowly.

Speed Transmission

Traditionally, a car will have six gears. To reduce fuel consumption in such a car, you will drive with the sixth one, which is the only one you can use. Now contrast such a car with this one, which has eight gears. In an eight-speed transmission, you have three overdrive gears (sixth, seventh and eighth) that you can use to save fuel. That means you would hardly need to use gears lower than the sixth. With more gears to use to save fuel, it is one of the best systems in terms of fuel economy. According to Expert Trans, the transmission improves fuel economy by 11%. Another benefit of eight-speed transmission is fast accelerations. With more gears, the car has a smaller ratio spread between gears and a more extensive overall ratio spread. Due to the ratio spread, the engine will work at its most optimal power level. As a result, the engine will effortlessly enable you to accelerate.

Wheel Type

This car runs on aluminum wheels. Most cars use steel wheels, but car manufacturers have quickly realized aluminum's advantages, especially because of its lightweight. According to Azom, its weight is 2.7 g/cm3, which is a third that of steel. Aluminum wheels, therefore, improve fuel economy since the driver will use minimal effort to move the car. Besides saving fuel, you will also be able to accelerate with ease since the material of the wheels will not make the car heavy. Believe it or not, aluminum wheels are an alloy of aluminum and nickel. Since the wheels are alloys, they can withstand some damage. So, you will not need to worry about scrapes or scratches on the wheels. Therefore, these wheels will retain the new look for a long time. To even enhance their new look, you can paint them. Aluminum tends to be shiny than most metals, so it is the best metal in terms of aesthetic appeal.

Engine Type

Earlier, we referenced this car's twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 engine, so we can now analyze it. In terms of power, the engine is one of the best. According to Car Expert, its engine delivers 770 Nm of torque. On average, cars deliver up to 400 Nm of torque, which makes the torque from this engine very high. Higher torques are a good thing since they enable you to save energy, so the more torque produced, the more the engine is efficient in doing its work without straining by using more gas. With the high power produced by this engine, you can use this car to haul heavy loads. For instance, you may need to tow an object over the hill. Vehicles that lack sufficient power would roll back due to the weight of the load and the hill's slope. The V-8 engine offers sufficient power to enable the car to go over a hill with a load. So, you will not need to struggle by endlessly stepping on the gas pedal to drive over the hill with the load.


This car has a wheelbase of 112.2 inches, which is considered short. Any wheelbase above 118 inches is considered long. Short and long wheelbases are advantageous, depending on what you value most in a car. However, we will focus on the benefits of short wheelbases. Generally, when a car like this has a short wheelbase, it means that the car is small. Due to its small size, you can squeeze this car between small gaps. Therefore, you will not need to ask people to reposition their cars so that you can park. Additionally, its size also means that you will be able to park without taking up so much space. That means you will not be asked to park elsewhere or get charged with double parking. Another benefit of a short wheelbase is maneuverability. That means you will be able to take sharp corners or easily cross to the other lane while overtaking. To better understand this concept, we can compare trucks since they have big wheelbases. When a truck crosses to the other lane, the driver must wait for the entire truck to be in the lane, which is not the case with this car.


Apart from aesthetics, drivers consider the power levels of a car. If an engine cannot deliver enough power, the driver may be at risk of becoming a road accident victim. This is the case when a driver needs to swerve to avoid hitting an object, yet the car does not provide enough power for them to swerve. Luckily, this car has a powerful engine that delivers maximum power that you can use for towing, overtaking, and so on. As impressive as its power is, remember to drive within the recommended speeds since you can be tempted to go overboard with this car.

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