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The 10 Most Expensive Bentleys Ever Sold

1932 Bentley Blower

I first saw a Bentley in the music video "21 Questions" by 50-Cent. After that, almost all artists featured this beast in their videos. It got me wondering; what's so special about this coupe that others like a Porsche don't have? Here is a brief overview of the company and the ten most expensive Bentleys ever sold.

An overview of Bentley

Bentley is a British company specializing in high-end automobiles, sister to Volkswagen AG- a German company. The company's years of experience have taught them one thing: to build and handcraft a luxury sedan for people who love sophistication since the 1920s. According to Success Story, Rolls Royce Motors was the main producer of high-end vehicles before Bentley. Volkswagen later bought it in 1998.

2019 Mulsanne WO Edition

10. The 2019 Mulsanne WO Edition ($268,117)

If an exclusive WO Edition Bentley is your ultimate sedan choice, you will find the 2019 Mulsanne worth the price. It has a close link with the company's founding father, WO Bentley. It apes the precise craftsmanship of the 1930s sedan. Upon close inspection of the interior, we found that only one of 100 is customized. The starting price for this car is $268,117 because it's rare to find. Its signature arctic white, low mileage, and Beluga interior justify the price. Surprisingly, of all the 100 models, only 20 were meant for US Bentley connoisseurs. Only one was white while the rest were black.

2019 Mulsanne WO Edition

9. The 2021 Bentley Continental GTC Convertible ($292,445)

Meet the Continental GTC, a Bentley built from scratch and can go up to 25 miles with a 4.0-L V8 engine. It boasts a light blue exterior with a linen interior, making it one of the most stylish Bentleys under $300,000. This car's unique trait is the 542 horsepower it delivers to cover up to 60mph in less than five seconds. The convertible is an excellent choice for Bentley lovers who want a car immediately.

2021 Bentley Flying Spur W12

8. The 2021 Bentley Flying Spur W12 ($314,000)

The 2021 Bentley Flying Spur is currently in Germany and goes for $314,000. With a 6.0L W12 engine, it can navigate speeds up to 202mph, covering 60mph in less than five seconds. It is no wonder the "flying" aspect is included as one of its most significant selling points. Also, it has a touring package, an extra feature to make your drivability worthwhile.

2008 Bentley Brooklands

7. The 2008 Bentley Brooklands ($540,000)

According to Car US News, Bentley only produced 550 of 2008 Bentley Brooklands, whose starting price was $302,000. The Brooklands first came to the limelight in 1992 as a replacement for the Eight models and Mulsanne. Back then, it was the most expensive Bentley even though the company's goal was to use it as a replacement for the Bentley Turbo R. The two-door car is 17ft in length and has a wheelbase measuring 10-foot, making it one of the most spacious sedans.

2009 Bentley Azure T

6. The 2009 Bentley Azure T ($650,000)

Before the 2009 Bentley T Azure, the Bentley Azure was the most popular. The "T" was added in the Bentley to portray its superpower, thanks to its 6.6L turbocharged V8 engine. The first of this model went for $650,000. This vehicle has a 175mph top speed with such an engine, covering 60mph in 5.3 seconds. Out of the 80 of the "Ts," only 23 had their driver's seat on the right.

Bentley EXP 9F Concept

5. The Bentley EXP 9F Concept ($1 million)

Bentley's area of specialization might be on coupes, but it doesn't surprise that it would want to introduce at least one SUV in the market. The Bentley EXP 9F was made public at the Geneva Motor Show, and it went for $1 million. The Concept has a 6.0-L W12 engine, covering a 187 top speed. It also boasts three drivability features; off-road, sport, and comfort, making it one of the most efficient SUVs money can buy.

Bentley Continental GTZ Zagato Special Edition

4. Bentley Continental GTZ Zagato Special Edition ($1.7 million)

Bentley merged with Zagato (an Italian company for coachbuilding) to create the Bentley Continental GTZ Zagato. It boasts a 6.0-L, producing 600-hp, and can produce 206 top speeds. It can also cover 60mph in 4.0 seconds. This car sold for $1.7 million because it was designed as a lightweight sports car, one of the most significant selling points Zagato has always taken advantage of. With a sleek and curvy appearance with a hand-painted Z motif, who would want to drive this car?

Bentley Mulliner Bacalar

3. Bentley Mulliner Bacalar ($1.9 million)

Of all Bentley models on this list, the Mulliner Bacalar is the rarest. With only 12 of this car being made, you will hardly find a luxurious Bentley for $1.9 million with ultra-modern features. This car boasts a 6.0-L twin-turbocharged W12 engine, capable of producing 650 horsepower. Whoever buys this model has the chance to choose exterior treatments, paint specifics, and design themes.

1999 Bentley Hunaudiéres Concept

2. The 1999 Bentley Hunaudiéres Concept ($4 million)

1999 marked when Bentley launched the Bentley Hunaudiéres Concept at the Geneva Salon, and it went for $4 million. It is made from carbon fiber and aluminum, making it daunting to see the silver headlights beyond the sleek lines. With an engine of 8.0-L W16, it can produce 220 mph top speeds. Bentley manufactured this car to pay tribute to the popular Hunaudiéres straight.

1932 Bentley Blower

1. The 1932 Bentley "Blower" ($7.06 million)

The award for the most expensive Bentley ever auctioned goes to the 1932 Bentley "Blower," which went for $7.06 million in 2022. The auction took place at the Goodwill Festival of Speed. The antique car has a 4.5-L supercharged blower, producing 240 horsepower. Also, it pays tribute to Sir Tim Birkin, a British ex-fighter pilot who drove it, setting a world record for covering 138 mph in the Bentley Blower at the Brooklands track. As of now, the "Blower" still occupies position one for being the most expensive Bentley.

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