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How Aimee Carrero Achieved a Net Worth of $2 Million

Whether you’ve loved Aimee Carrero since her early television appearances or you’re just getting to know her work, she’s got a pretty impressive resume for someone in her mid-thirties.

Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Miami, the future star began her acting career almost right after graduating high school. Let’s look at the actor’s long and varied career to see how she got to her current net worth.

What Was Aimee Carrero’s Background Before Acting?

Aimee began life raised by both parents, graduated high school, and earned a degree from Florida International University in International relations. One of the smartest things an aspiring actor can do is to get a good education.

So if Aimee ever wants to shift to another career, she’s got a degree to back her up and keep her living a lifestyle that she’s become accustomed to.

Aimee Carrero Television Work

Most actors begin by taking on small, often unlisted credited parts to build resumes. Aimee seemed to have skipped over that step. She worked on a couple of shorts in 2007, according to She then began to take on roles in many recognizable television shows that include:

  • The Mentalist as Cassie, 2009
  • Hannah Montana as Mia, 2009
  • Lincoln Heights as Sylvia Torres, 2009
  • Men of a Certain Age as Adriana in 2009
  • The Middle, 2010
  • Greek as Sunny in 2010
  • Level Up as Angie (TV Movie) in 2011
  • Level Up as Angie (TV Series) from 2012 to 2013
  • The Americans as Lucia in 2014
  • Young & Foodies as Sophia Rodriguez in 2014
  • MacGyver as Cindy in 2016
  • American Horror Story as Picnic Girl in 2017
  • Elena of Avalor: Adventures in Vallestrella, voice actor for Princess Elena in 2017
  • Elena of Avalor: Scepter Training with Zuzo, voice actor for Princess Elena in 2018
  • Elena of Avalor: The Secret Life of Sirenas, voice actor for Princess Elena in 2018
  • Elena of Avalor: Discovering the Magic Within, voice actor for Princess Elena in 2019
  • She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, voice actor for Adora, She-Ra, and Young Adora 2018-2020
  • Maid as Danielle in 2021
  • The Consultant as Pattin in 2023

This is only a partial selection of Carrero’s television career. While this list shows that she has had roles consistently since she first started acting, the truth of the matter is that she often works on more than one project per year. And the more work you do, the more money accumulates in your bank account.

Making Movies While Making Money

Aimee’s well-documented television career has opened up some pretty exciting doorways into movie roles. Some of these movies include:

  • Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel as Emily in 2009
  • Devil’s Due as Emily in 2014
  • The Last Witch Hunter as Miranda in 2015
  • The Portuguese Kid as Patti Dragonettie in 2018
  • Wander Darkly as Shea in 2020
  • Holidate as Carly in 2020
  • Mack and Rita as Sunita in 2022
  • The Menu as Felicity in 2022
  • Spirited as Nora in 2022 also reports that the actress will begin filming the movie Code 3 in 2023. If nothing else, Aimee’s steady work proves that she has the talent and earning power to remain competitive in the entertainment industry.

The website lists that Aimee has brought in $242,612,719 at the Worldwide Box Office. Considering that most of that staggering number has been primarily for supportive roles, that’s a pretty powerful number.

Aimee Carrero Does More than TV and Movies

In 2017, reported that Aimee would be joining the off-broadway cast of The Portuguese also notes Carrero’s part in the off-broadway cast of What Rhymes With America in 2012.

Acting is a tough job, but acting on stage is a whole other thing. Yet Aimee has credits in television, movies, and on Broadway, proving she’s got what it takes to do just about anything regarding acting. Of course, all of her roles also make it interesting to think about precisely what Aimee Carrero’s net worth might be.

Listen to Aimee Carrero on Several Podcasts

Podcasts can lead to big bucks these days, so it’s no wonder that even the most talented actors in Hollywood appear on them regularly. Aimee is no exception to this and has appeared on many podcasts like:

  • Your Last Meal with Rachel Belle – (Truffle Pasta and Chocolate Chip Cookie)
  • Why Won’t You Date Me? With Nicole Byer – Set Up (w/Aimee Carrero)
  • The Voracious Stent – Aimee Carrero, Success and Failure
  • Spanish Aqui Presents – Disney Miami Princess (w/ Aimee Carrero)
  • The Daily Beans – No Qualified Immunity (featuring Aimee Carrero and Greg Olear)
  • Who? Weekly – Tara Reid, Aimee Carrero & the Busby Quints
  • Giving it Up for Less – Middle School Traumas with Aimee Carrero
  • Pretty Depressed with Kim Crossman – Pretty Depressed with Aimee Carrero
  • Latina to Latina – Actress Aimee Carrero Embraces Her Weird, and We Love Her For It

This small selection of her podcast appearances shows that Carrero is up to talking about everything and anything. From mental health to culinary treasures, she shows depth and engaging diversity in the podcasts she chooses.

You can search your favorite podcast platform to listen to any of Carrero’s podcast appearances. Anyone new to podcasts can see a list of platforms on

Did You Know Aimee Carrero Has Been in Music Videos?

It’s true; Aimme has had two credited appearances in music videos. The first was as herself in Cher’s “SOS” video in 2018, which was on an ABBA tribute album.

Her next appearance was in the Aly & AJ video for “After Hours.” Aimee starred as the “disgruntled bartender” in the 2023 music video from the album, With Love From.

Awards and Nominations Throughout Her Career

Beginning in 2013 through to recently, Aimee has been honored with several nominations for Best Television Actress to Best Supporting Actress. Carrero won a few, and they are:

  • Behind the Voice Actors Awards for Best Female Lead Vocal Performance in a Television Series in 2018
  • Cinema at the Edge Independent Film Festival for Best Actress in 2018
  • Newport Beach Film Festival for Breakout Performance Award in 2022

Often, an actor’s nominations and awards help them get more roles and, therefore, more money. So with three wins and several nominations, these recognitions are sure to affect the actor’s net worth.

Is Aimee Carrero Married?

Yes, Aimee is married to fellow actor, writer, and producer Tim Rock. They were married in 2016 and, as of early 2023, appear to remain a happy couple. While the marriage may have affected Aimee’s net worth bottom line, she still holds her own as an actor in her earnings.

Social Media Money

Stars today often recognize the power of connecting with fans through social media, and Aimee is among them. Her Instagram profile has 295,000 followers, and her Twitter account has 136,000 followers to date. So if her number of followers on social media isn’t earning her some extra cash, her exposure and introduction to new fans on these platforms are sure to do so!

Aimee Carrero Net Worth

Television, movies, voice-over work, Broadway, and other factors are all part of what makes up Aimee’s overall net worth. Carrero has a net worth of around $2 million. Regardless of whether or not she can claim her husband’s income as part of her bottom line, it probably doesn’t matter.

Aimee Carrero works hard, isn’t afraid to veer off the traditional Hollywood track by doing podcasts and Broadway shows, and is just plain talented. Two million is a more than respectable net worth for this diverse actor.

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