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10 Things You Didn't Know About Anni Noel-Johnson

Anni Noel-Johnson is an entrepreneur and businesswoman from the United Kingdom. She is the chief executive officer of a new startup called Sproutl. It's a business that has launched a marketplace platform for gardeners who live in the UK. The business provides an e-commerce site where people who are new to gardening can come to find helpful resources for information and gardening products, If you're not yet acquainted with her, here are ten things you probably didn't know about Anni Noel-Johnson.

1. Anni Noel-Johnson is an educated woman

According to LinkedIn, Anni attended the University of Edinburgh from 2001 through 2005. She earned her master's degree in 2005 and also graduated with honors. Anni was first in her class. She continued her education at INSEAD where she earned her MBA in 2011. While attending college she was involved in Student Council and served as President.

2. She is a co-founder of Sproutl

In addition to serving as the chief executive officer of Sproutl, Anni is also a co-founder. She was inspired to take action when she attempted to learn about how to become a gardener and found very little useful information on the topic. She saw this as a problem and set about finding a solid solution. The result was forming a marketplace that contains relevant information for gardeners as well as access to ordering gardening accessories, plants, and other related items online.

3. She is a serial entrepreneur

Anni founded Sproutl in 2020. It's still a young company, but it's thriving. We learned that she also founded a company called Amasvita in 2005. The company launched in London, England, providing personalized premium vitamins in an e-commerce setting. She kept the business going for one year before leaving in 2006.

4. Anni worked for Bain & Company

Anni Noel-Johnson worked as a consultant for Bain & Company. She joined the firm in September of 2006, as an associate consultant in the London and Hong Kong offices. She advanced from her initial pot to Senior Associate Consultant of the Hong Kong Office, before being promoted to full consultant status of the London and Hong Kong Officers. Anni remained in the position for 4 years and 4 months, leaving in December of 2010. She gained a great deal of business experience at the job, and she also became well versed in international business relations.

5. She learned about venture capital funding at Farfetch

Annie joined the London venture capital portfolio company Farfetch in July of 2011. The business specialized in luxury e-commerce fashion. She served as a special projects consultant. She was only with the company for two months when the project ended. This would not be her last encounter with Farfetch, however.

6. She was hired as a Vice President

In January of 2012, the following year after working on a special project for Farfetch, Anni was hired as a vice president of marketplace trading and global strategy for the firm. She served in multiple roles at the company, being moved to the vice president of customer marketing and analytics, the director of customer marketing and analytics, the head of CRM and customer insights, senior manager, and strategy and operations manager. She was employed at Farfetch for 8 years before she left the company in December of 2019 to pursue her entrepreneurial endeavors. Anni was working on her plans to launch Sproutl before the company was officially incorporated.

7. Anni was well-prepared for a new business

According to Techcrunch, Anni Noel-Johnson had put in more than a decade working for other companies. She had executive leadership business and gained experience in most phases of executive leadership. She was well-prepared to launch her own company and lead it to success. Her years at Farfetch gave her hands-on experience with the nuts and bolts of operations as well as the technical aspects of a business. She has a master's level education that also helped to provide her with the theoretical knowledge of how to run an operation.

8. Anni Noel-Johnson knows how to bring home the bacon

To make her new startup company successful, Noel-Johnson needed startup funding. Her previous consultation work was directly related to securing venture capital funding. When it was time for her to make her pitch to VC firms, she knew what she was doing and had no problems gaining the funding necessary from two investors. The seed round of funding resulted in the gain of a $9 million investment in Sproutl. This was ample funding to get the new startup firmly on its feet.

9. She and her partner were colleagues at Farfetch

Anni's partner Andy Done also worked at Farfetch in an executive position. They worked together at the company for a time. They had good professional chemistry together and went in on the new startup. Together, they lead the company with their small executive team of two. They recently hired Hollie Newton to serve in a key role as a third member of the team.

They're still small and have plenty of time to add new staff as it becomes necessary. For now, the three are doing an exceptional job of adding new products, services, and other content related to gardening to the Sproutl site. They're out developing new partnerships to make Sproutl a one-stop shop for gardeners in the United Kingdom.

10. Anni Noel-Johnson is an entrepreneur to keep your eye on

Ms. Noel Johnson is a dynamic business owner and executive in the e-commerce, home, and garden industries. We fully expect to hear more about Sproutl in the months and years to come. It's already made it past one of the biggest hurdles new startups face, with a stable financial status and a site that is gaining in popularity with people who are new to gardening and looking for answers to their questions.

Anni saw a problem where gardening information was hard to find, and she developed a platform that provides everything needed for UK gardeners, including inspiration. She is likely going to go far in her professional endeavors.

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