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10 Things You Didn't Know About Hakan Kaya

Hakan Kaya

Hakan Kaya is a fund manager best known for his role at Neuberger Berman. He is a brilliant analyst who has a keen sense of understanding in assessing the global risk of investment portfolios. He has an impressive career history and has made significant contributions to the understanding of risk management and portfolio optimization. If you're not yet familiar with him, here are 10 things you probably didn't know about Hakan Kaya.

1. Hakan Kaya has a passion for research

According to, Hakan Kaya is passionate about quantitative asset allocation. He focused on tail risk management, nonparametric statistics, and robust portfolio optimization. Part of his success in this industry is because he enjoys what he does and he is fond of the work. He has a natural aptitude that he has enhanced through years of experience and his education.

2. He is a well-rounded fund manager

Mr. Kaya has had a great deal of experience in various aspects of finance and investment strategies. He was tired to work for Neuberger Berman in 2008. The company was formerly Lehman Brothers Asset Management company, where he learned the ins and outs of the investment industry. He applied himself to become familiar with the technical aspects and he learned strategies for assessing risk and learning how to balance portfolios to enhance investment outcomes for clients.

3. He has a diversified background

Hakan Kaya has had some interesting career experiences. He worked as a consultant for a company called the Mout Lucas Management Corporation. During his time at the company, he worked in a field that looked at the impacts of investments in commodities from different angles. He developed risk models that were weather-related, to develop statistical arbitrage strategies for commodities investment.

4. Hakan Kaya was educated in Istanbul, Turkey

According to LinkedIn, Hakan Kaya enrolled at Koc Universitesi as an undergraduate student. He studied in two disciplines at the same time and completed a double major. He was accepted into the Mathematics and industrial engineering programs. He started his academic career in 1999 and he graduated with his bachelor of science degree in 2004.

5. Kaya has an Ivy League education

Hakan Kaya didn't take a break from his education after he graduated with his bachelor's degree. He applied for acceptance to the Master's program at Princeton University, and he was accepted to the prestigious Ivy League institution. It's always impressive to learn that a business leader has attended a school such as Princeton, with strict limitations on enrollment and high standards for acceptance. He studied in the field of financial engineering. He began his program of study in 2004 and graduated with his master of arts in 2006.

6. Hakan Kaya has his doctorate

After completing his master's degree from Princeton University, Mr. Kaya once again continued his academic studies without taking a break. He was accepted to Princeton University's Ph.D. program studying Operations Research and Financial Engineering. He began the course of study in 2006. He graduated with his doctorate in the discipline in 2008. He wrote his dissertation on machine learning and big data for use as a model for trade weather risk. His first job after completing his education was as a consultant in that field. While attending the University he was active in the Bendheim Center for Finance extracurricular activities. He has completed advanced courses in financial economics, linear and nonlinear optimization, and stochastic calculus.

7. He is a published writer

Dr. Hakan Kaya is an accomplished writer. He composed a publication titled "Managing ambiguity in asset allocation." The publication was published in the Journal of Asset Management in January of 2017. In the paper, he discusses the technicalities involved with managing ambiguity in asset allocation to arrive at a more reliable point estimate for predicting probabilities.

This shows that he has a brilliant mind that is capable of intricate analyses and calculations based on known facts, frequencies of occurrences, and so forth to make predictions about the outcomes of investments within a portfolio. The paper tackles some of the toughest problems associated with the field of risk management in financial investing and portfolio management. He is also credited with writing four other complex academic papers about finance and risk management where he goes into depth in technical terms and explanations of the required processes. ​​​​​​​

8. His fund is one of the world's top performers

According to Business Insider, Hakan Kaya's fund has been listed as one of the top four performers in the world for last year. This is quite a distinction, but after getting to know more about his previous experience and education, it comes as no surprise that he is listed as one of the best fund managers in the world today.

9. He prefers commodities over stocks

Kaya has his ideas about what makes the best investment portfolios. While some investment managers make a killing in stocks, it's not his preference. Hakan has proven that he has what it takes to make wise choices based on his knowledge and experience. He chooses commodities over stocks most of the time and his estimates are usually spot on. He is as good as they come when it involves making predictions about the potential and risks of certain investment strategies.

10. Hakan Kaya is still at Neuberger Berman Group

According to Zoom Info, Hakan Kaya has been at the Newberger Berman Group since 2008. The company was founded in 1939 and it has a stellar reputation in the financial industry. The asset management company is employee-controlled. It offers a wide range of global investment solutions for its clients. Kaya is one of the company's greatest assets with his wealth of knowledge and experience. He has received numerous accolades for his research and publications as well as the track record he has established for making exceptional judgment calls in his career as a fund manager.

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