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How Anuel AA Achieved a Net Worth of $6 Million

Anuel AA

When you listen to Anuel AA speak, you will notice he has an air of arrogance, or maybe it is self-confidence. He boasts of being the only musician making money without his songs playing on the radio. Anuel is so self-assured that he added he is the next person to sit on the throne when Daddy Yankee retires. Then again, someone also said that Anuel’s name is synonymous with virality, for good or bad things, which has helped catapult Anuel to stardom. His music has topped the charts bringing Anuel AA’s net worth to $6 million. However, it has not always been easy, and Anuel had to work hard for his wealth. Check out the story of his climb to prosperity and why he could be worth so much more.

Becoming a Musician Was Out of Necessity

Inked Magazine published how Anuel was born into a family that helped lay a foundation for becoming a musician. His father was the vice president of the Sony Music A&R department in Puerto Rico, which enabled Anuel to forge strong relationships with musicians at an early age. The rapper believes the connections he made were written in the stars and is grateful that they happened when he was still a child.

Indeed he is right because when Anuel was 15, his father lost his job leaving the family to deal with strained finances. Anuel decided to start making his own money from music. Unfortunately, none of the Spanish music producers thought he was going anywhere, so they turned him down, but Anuel was relentless. Eventually, his luck came through when Spiff TV producer introduced him to the Maybach Music label. He was adamant about recording Latin trap, telling Vibe that he figured if the genre was doing that well in New York, it would be well received in Puerto Rico. After all, he had spent a month in New York and knew first-hand what he was talking about, so he knew it was time to start releasing his music upon moving to Puerto Rico. Consequently, his star began to shine in the music industry.

Making Millions from Music

When Anuel told Forbes he was getting money off the streets, he probably meant the $1,000 he would get doing shows. It still was a lot of money for the upcoming musician then, but things took a wild turn when in April 2016, he was arrested for illegal firearm possession and sentenced to 30 months in prison.

Anuel thought that was the end of his rising music career, and he would go back to the streets once he was out of prison. Luckily, fellow Latin musicians like Daddy Yankee did not give up on him and ensured that he remained relevant. He credited them for recording his songs while he was in prison and always giving him a shout out during performances. Therefore, when he came out from prison on July 17, 2018, Anuel’s debut album “Real Hasta la Muerte” comprising twelve songs also was released. The album reached #1 on Billboard Top Latin Music Album.

That was only the beginning of his massive success, and when he collaborated with Karol G in “Secreto,” the song got a 10x platino status. No winder Anuel confessed in 2019 that he was getting so much money than when he had started his career. As if that was not enough, Kobalt signed Anuel into a worldwide publishing deal worth $4 million in January 2019. According to Men’s Health, with his newfound fame, Anuel’s concerts now go for $500,000.

He Almost Had $5 Million Slashed from His Net Worth

On October 12, 2018, Anuel was ready to do his first concert in Puerto Rico, and tickets had already been sold. Unfortunately, he made the grave mistake of using homophobic slurs in his music and insulted a female model living with HIV. As a result, the event organizers and sponsors pulled out to avoid being associated with the musician. They said that the country was more than ever in need of unity, yet Anuel was bringing division among its people. It got so bad that people threatened on social media to kill Anuel. A $5 million lawsuit was also initiated against the rapper, but judge Raul Arias dismissed it, saying that the lyrics were covered under the First Amendment. The judge added there was no proof of actual malice towards Anuel’s rival Cosculluela, or model Noris Diaz.

He Would Be Worth So Much More

While the dismissal of the $5 million lawsuit saved Anuel from a decrease in his wealth, he confessed to having made bad financial decisions that were detrimental to his net worth. For instance, upon making his millions, he spent $3.3 million on about 7 Rolex watches. He added that it would have been a smart investment if only the quality of the material was as good as the diamonds encrusted on the watches.

As a person who cannot resist shiny stuff, Anuel’s next obsession was cars, and he bought two Rolls Royces, which we can assume he bought at $500,000 each. Had he invested that money in stocks, he probably would be worth much more. Unfortunately, he did not have the foresight until his fellow reggaeton artists advised him that cars depreciate, and he should not be in a rush to accumulate them.

Then there is Anuel’s belief that he needs to look good for the cameras thus can’t keep his hands off new clothing. Although his wife complains about the musician buying unnecessary clothes, Anuel insists it is his job to keep up the good image. He should know that a person can go broke, trying to look good. Bekah Martinez revealed that she had a hard time trying to keep up with looking good while on the “the Bachelor” and warned that contestants could go broke supplying their wardrobes.

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