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20 Apple Orchards You Have to Visit in the U.S.

Apple Orchard

The United States of America is a blessed country that has access to many wonderful resources that makes it more than just the land of the free. It is also the land of the fruitful, as well as home of the mix of brave and bountiful. In the case of apple orchards, there are a number of great locations throughout the United States that are worth the visit. As a tourist attraction in their own right, apple orchards also offer an opportunity to gather up some homegrown fruit only the finest orchards of America can provide. If you're interested in more than just apples, usually the top-rated apple orchards in the country have so much more to offer than fruit in a basket to take home with you.

20. Apple Dave's Orchards (Warwick, New York)

An apple orchard property, plus a distillery, is just a few of the features of Apple Dave's Orchards. This, combined with the pumpkins they also grow, plus a good list of activities and events for the whole family, it comes as no surprise it is one of the favorite apple orchards to visit in the state of New York. Located in Warwick, Apple Dave's is easy enough to access for people coming out of New York City, or from the state of New Jersey.

19. Minnetonka Orchard (Minnetonka, Minnesota)

On forty acres of land in Minnetrista, Lowell and Phyllis Schaper built their family home in 1972. Four years later, they planted about 600 hundred apple trees as a means to start up their own business and see where it goes. In 2021, the very successful apple orchard changed hands when the couple chose to retire. As proud new owners of Minnetonka Orchard, Frank and Esther Weigel have worked diligently to not just restore the apple orchard to its former glory, but bring the orchard to a whole new level as one of the best places to visit, not just as a u-pick facility, but as a desired destination to host events to a growing list of interested locals and visitors who can't wait to see what the new owners will do with what is still a family-owned and operated business. The only difference now is it's a new family that has since taken over.

18. Afton Apple Orchard (Hasting, Minnesota)

In the heart of the St. Croix Valley, is Hasting, Minnesota's, is Afton Apple Orchard. Between the idyllic setting of a u-pick apple orchard environment and the variety of special events, there is no shortage of fun and activity to be found here. There are also pumpkins, squash, raspberries, and strawberries to be found here. If there's a desire to do more than just pick fruit, there's also a fifteen-acre corn maze, petting farm, and playground to keep the whole family entertained. Also on site is an impressive bakery that can fool a full stomach into thinking it's hungry again.

17. Aamodt's Apple Farm (Stillwater, Minnesota)

Between the seven varieties of apples from a u-pick farm environment, plus a number of activities the whole family can enjoy, Aamodt's Apple Farm will not disappoint. The bakery is loaded with home-baked goodies that simply can't share the same quality and taste from a supermarket. Starting in 1948, the farm is still owned and operated by the Aamodt Family. The farm serves as a host to cater to any size group, whether it be a couple enjoying an afternoon together, or a large group that is in agreement Aamodt's Apple Farm is the best place to go for any occasion.

16. Apple Jack Orchards (Delano, Minnesota)

Delano, Minnesota features Apple Jack Orchards, a favorite location for locals and travelers to swing by and bring home a selection of apples from a number of available varieties. In addition to the u-pick experience, there is also a country store, shop, and a variety of activities to have some fun on the farm for the whole family.

15. Erwin Orchards, Inc. (South Lyon, Michigan)

South Lyon, Michigan serves as the home of Erwin Orchards, Inc., which has all the opportunities for an afternoon of family fun on the farm. Between picking apples, there is also access to pumpkins and corn, and a number of goodies that make locals keep coming back for more, as well as far away visitors who've come to love Erwin Orwards too much to pass up. There are also raspberries to be found here, in addition to what the property staff refers to as "Agri-tainment."

14. B.J. Reece Apple House and Orchards (Ellijay, Georgia)

Welcome to the fun farm of B.J. Reece Apple House and Orchards, which is located on the highway of eastern Ellijay, Georgia. Believe it or not, the peach state is also known for its apples, too. Nestled within the landscaping of the North Georgia Mountains, B.J. Reece Apple House and Orchards not only earns top recognition as one of the best apple orchards throughout the US but as one of the best getaway destinations in the state of Georgia. There is so much to see and do on the farm that revolves around so much more than picking apples.

13. Cider Hill Family Orchard (Kansas City, Kansas)

Weddings are booked at the Cider Hill Family Orchard location for a reason. Events aside from weddings are also booked here. In addition to being one of the top-rated orchards in the state of Kansas, city folk from Kansas City will cast their votes in Cider Hill's favor to simply be the best apple orchard in the business. Whatever the occasion is, whether it be a place to pick up homegrown apples, or celebrate a large function, Cider Hill Family Orchard is literally a world-class property that is worth the visit.

12. Pine Tree Apple Orchard (White Bear Lake, Minnesota)

This isn't an ordinary apple orchard farm. They have strawberries here, as well as a bakery loaded with mouth-watering goodies. Located in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, this favorite destination to pick apples and strawberries is also a family favorite to enjoy a number of activities that include walks, tours, and scheduled special events. The history of Art Jacobson and the story behind Pine Tree Apple Orchard dates as far back as 1904, and it's a story the family and staff who run the farm loves to tell.

11. Sky Top Orchard (Flat Rock, North Carolina)

Located in Flat Rock, North Carolina, Sky Top Orchard sits on top of its own little mountain and offers an apple orchard experience that makes it one of the favorite picks, at least according to a number of consumer reviews, both locally and out of towners. In addition to the long list of various apples to pick and choose from, there are also pumpkins, baked goods, and gifts. Adding to the experience of visiting the property are the views one takes in while located at the top of a mountain. The farm also has a number of animals to add to the fun of the visit, making it a favorably memorable experience for all members of the family.

10. The Apple Works (Trafalgar, Indiana)

Out of Trafalgar, Indiana is The Apple Works, which is a family-run orchard property that offers way more than being an apple orchard site. Need some freshly baked goods, too? This is something they can do. Visiting the orchard is a family fun experience that is a must should anybody be in the area. In addition to a beautifully laid out orchard that offers tours, there is also entertainment that is arranged as events for visitors to come on out and enjoy.

9. Honey Hill Orchard (Waterman, Illinois)

Between the 1880s converted Apple Barn that houses crafts and gifts, plus the twenty-five different varieties of apples, and all the other extra foodie goodies, Honey Hill Orchard's reputation as one of the best apple orchards in the US is well deserved. In addition to the access to the wonderful food and gifts, there are also a number of activities the entire family can engage in that include a children's play area, petting zoo, navigating a straw maze, plus wagon rides to see the orchards and pumpkin patches. Honey Hill Orchard first got its start in 1965 when the farm's owner, Hawken Askelson, decided to grow a few apple trees as a hobby. Upon his full retirement in 1992, his children took over the family business and have continued to run the orchard with great success. It's clearly much larger now than it was in 1965. They're easy enough to find in Waterman, Illinois.

8. The Big Apple Orchard (Mount Vernon, Iowa)

Located two miles outside of Mount Vernon, Iowa on Highway 30, the Big Apple Orchard opens its doors from spring to fall, allowing people to visit this family-run operation. With over twenty-two different varieties of apples to choose from their layout of over two thousand apple trees, there is no lack of choice offered here. During the 2019 fall season, the Marti Family chose to remain closed due to the highway construction that made accessibility to their location too dangerous for visitors to try and reach. As soon as the construction was finished and the season was ripe to open up the doors again, Big Apple Orchard welcomed the visitors, even with the COVID-19 crisis posing new challenges that forced certain changes in accordance with governmental regulations that were put into place.

7. Fall Harvest Orchard (Delano, Minnesota)

Located just outside Delano, Minnesota, Fall Harvest Orchard was voted one of the best apple orchards of the state. Want apples? How about pumpkins? The Fall Harvest Orchard has both. They also have a food truck on-site, so for the hungry that want a hot meal, that's something that's covered too. In addition to food and drink, there are also a number of activities aside from picking up the variety of apples, corn, pumpkins, and more. This working farm has access for children of all ages to visit and feed the animals, as well as enjoy access to different rides such as ponies, the site's own train, cow train, and wagon rides. On weekends, test your accuracy with the apple cannons, or take a peddle cart out for a spin. For those who like to play with corn, there are small corn pits, a large corn pit, plus a corn maze.

6. Stepp's Hillcrest Orchard (Hendersonville, North Carolina)

On seventy acres of land, the combined resources of the apple orchard and family farm make Stepp's Hillcrest Orchard a top-notch place to visit, both for locals and tourists alike. Located near Hendersonville, North Carolina, the family business has offered nearly fifty years' worth of quality products, along with the country charm of warm hospitality. Visitors who come here give rave reviews, and not just for the apples. Because it is a working farm, there are opportunities for the family to enjoy picnics, wagon rides, and tours. Take an opportunity to navigate five acres' worth of corn that's been laid out in maze format. There is also a pumpkin patch to be found here.

5. LuceLine Orchard (Watertown, Minnesota)

Voted as Minnesota's number one apple orchard, LuceLine Orchard from Watertown is more than just a place to go pick up apples. It's an event bound to install fond memories that can last a lifetime. In addition to picking out apples to take home, there are a number of activities every member of the family can enjoy. Named after the LuceLine Trail, this sprawl of 155 acres of the property boasts over 10,000 apple trees, which is a huge growth since the humble beginning of just over 300 trees when the orchard plantation first went into business in 2004. In addition to the apple trees, LuceLine also has over 4,500 grapevines and a ten-acre pumpkin patch. LuceLine Orchard offers far more than just apples, grapes, and pumpkins from their plantation. They also offer from their own property gourds, squash, and a variety of different prepared and raw goodies for consumers from all walks of life to enjoy. The property is more than just some orchard setting. It is a tourist attraction as it also features an 80-acre stretch of wetland and woodland for cyclists, hikers, horse riders, and sightseers to enjoy. If you're into birdwatching, LuceLine Orchard is the place to go. Should one get a bit hungry while at the property, there is always something prepared that can be devoured, including hot meals such as burgers.

4. Apple Holler (Sturtevant, Wisconsin)

Visit the Red Barn Cafe, or Apple Holler's country store while visiting its award-winning farm. Not only are there apples to be found here, but peaches too. If the family wants to have an awesome Christmas holiday experience together, Apple Holler would be the place to go. Located in Sturtevant, Wisconsin, Apple Holler is far more than just some apple orchard destination. It is a must-see-and-do destination. Apple Holler has been voted on more than one occasion as one of the top ten orchards in all of America. Sleigh rides at Apple Holler are nothing less than a remarkable experience, as is taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of all the best a fresh air environment has to give.

3. Edwards Orchards (Poplar Grove, Illinois)

Poplar Grove, Illinois has Edwards Orchards, which is now in its fourth generation as a family-run farm with over 50,000 apple trees of over thirty different varieties. Packed within its hundred-acre plantation, Edwards Orchards also features the Apple Barn and the Cider Cellar, which are open daily from 9 AM until 5 PM. They also offer a drive-thru service, which is a convenient option given the COVID-19 pandemic continues to play its role in how people go about their business. The family has been in business since 1965 as a family of five children who first sold just a handful of apples from a haystack layout in front of the family's home. Since then, the plantation has grown considerably to become one of the favorite apple orchard locations in America. While the locals already recognize Edwards Orchards as the place to go to for apple goodies and more, even tourists who hear about the place will make a point to visit to experience the fruit of the family's labor first hand.

2. Mercier Orchards (Blue Ridge, Georgia)

The peach state of Georgia is also known for its apples. Located at scenic Blue Ridge, the natural surrounding of the highly impressive Mercier Orchards boasts a wonderment of natural beauty, as well as one of the best orchards America has to offer. If the fifty-two varieties of apples aren't enough, there is so much more to the place than being an orchard. It literally is a tourist destination worth visiting. There is simply too much to see and do here to pass up.

1. Beak and Skiff Apple Orchards (Lafayette, New York)

Rated as the number one apple orchard throughout all of America, the Beak and Skiff Apple Orchards are located in Lafayette, New York. Family-owned and operated for five generations now, the property has been in business for over a century and is still going strong. With over 300,000 trees, plus over 400 hives of bees, this is the sweetest apple orchard to visit. For tourists who prefer farm-style environments as opposed to the large city, Beak and Skiff Apple Orchards is the place to go should one visit the state of New York. With so much to see, do, and take home, it is one of New York's crown jewels as a quaint destination.

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