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10 Things You Didn't Know about Austin Hankwitz

Austin Hankwitz

Austin Hanwitz was born on May 31rst, 1997, in Tennesee. He has a Bachelor of Finance from the University of Tennesee. Additionally, he studied financial analysis and accounting, risk management, and equity research while at UT. Austin started working as the Treasurer of All Campus Events, the VP of Philanthropy for the Delta Kappa chapter of Beta Theta Pi, and a Resident Assistant outside of the classroom. In 2020, Hankwitz began making TikTok videos about short-form money management and looking to invest videos. He decided to leave his current job and pursue his videos full-time. He advises viewers about finding investment opportunities, analyze SEC filings, accurately reading a balance sheet, and interpreting growth metrics. Currently, he spends his time creating content and mentoring creators in similar fields. He also advises Fintech start-ups backed by Y-Combinator, Forerunner Ventures, Norwest Ventures, and Upfront Ventures. These are ten facts about Austin Hankwitz that detail his success.

1. Personal heroes

His primary source of inspiration is Gary Vaynerchuk, who is the chairman of VaynerX. Like Hankwitz, he revolutionized an industry. Vaynerchuk transitioned his father's liquor store into one of the first wine e-commerce platforms during the mid-nineties. Throughout Hankwitz's evolution, he has succeeded in finding new ideas to make products and ideas more accessible. He cautions investors about keeping the stocks they purchased and not selling because of a market fluctuation.

2. Taking a risk

One of the things Hankwitz focuses on is long-term investments. Since he is a market observer, he looks at the data on a stock and not the immediate dividends. One of his most speculative additions to his portfolio was Nikola Motors, the hydrogen car. When he purchased the shares, it was trading at $20 a share, according to Webull. Shortly after the purchase, it began trading at $65 a share. However, it is still in Hankwitz's portfolio because he prefers to work on long-term investments.

3. Investing philosophy

Austin Hanwitz is proud of his portfolio and wants to pass on the how-tos. In a post for, he details ways to find the best investments, so they continue to work for you. He approaches investing using a time horizon methodology. This technique involves looking at the stock in the long term; he suggests twelve to eighteen months.

4. Social media disruption

Buying stocks can be intimidating. Hankwitz realized that TikTok's bite-sized video platform would help budding investors without overwhelming them. He began to post short videos about personal finance and long-term investing. Although he was working a full-time job when he started using TikTok, the idea became so successful he pursued it full time and now has 500000 followers.

5. Pay attention

American consumers shape successful stock investments. Hankwitz suggests being mindful about products you purchase every day. Additionally, look at the products people around you are purchasing. If you go to the store and notice an item is always out of stock, looking into it and buying stock may pay out in the long run since being sold out may indicate that the manufacturer is experiencing a demand or a supply shortage.

6. Pioneer

Austin Hankwitz is a creator who was the first to bring the world of investing to the social video platform TikTok. Teaching people about investing is his passion project. However, he could not find a simplistic platform that didn't require a lot of equipment to make an informative video. Like his short lessons, he sticks with the basics, still shooting his videos on his phone. Another piece of his success is his breakaway from famous internet investors. Hankwitz teaches his followers about dividends, long-term investments, and personal finance.

7. Listen up Gen Z

Many Millenials want to know about the stock market. Platforms like Robinhood cater to young people who want to invest but need basics before proceeding. According to, only 3% of all retail equity is owned by Millenials. Austin Hankwitz is a creator for Finary, which turns buying stocks into lessons that new investors can learn at their place. Much like his growth on TikTok, influencers called "finfluencers" are starting to promote this learning module.

8. Think for yourself

He empowers new investors to think for themselves. TikTok is a great platform because it gives information without entirely directing people on the exact things they can do when building their portfolio and finding stocks that cater to long-term investments. He outlines the basics and ways to become a savvy investor. Yet, his tips are broad and encourage his followers to use his examples to further their journey to success when investing.

9. Pandemic proof

The stock market declined during the pandemic, and potential investors didn't know how to invest in a volatile market. Hankwitz bought Dollar General stock because he recognized the need for essentials would not decline. Observing the market is the core of his philosophy. Despite uncertain markets focusing on stocks that will provide passive income, the best way to build a portfolio of stocks will grow over time.

10. Experience for success

Hankwitz's success is not luck. Before finding a social media platform able to demonstrate his techniques successfully, he had years of experience which prepared him for the challenge of teaching a new generation ways to be successful investors. In 2017, his first job in the field was as an analyst for Towanda Capital. Additionally, he worked for Amedisys as a financial advisor. In 2020 he added another start-up to the long list of successes. According to his Linkedin profile, "Witz is a driver of venture capital activity for fintech start-ups and the creator economy."

Final thoughts

Knowledge about buying and selling stock needed a face-lift since the market is ever-evolving. Sometimes it takes an impromptu discovery to find a new model that provides information to people who want to learn but are unsure where to begin. Hankwitz had a successful career before his social media success. However, his ability to successfully pursue his passion is a message to future start-ups; pursue your dream, gain knowledge, and success will follow.

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