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10 Things You Didn't Know About Belvedere Vodka

Belvedere Vodka

True vodka connoisseurs have a deep conviction that not all vodkas are created equally. Some are bred with inherent traits that give them a silky smoothness, with a little bite that makes them barely detectable, unless you want them to be. Others may have a roughness that is difficult to disguise and for the discerning palate, this can be an unbearable offense. If you enjoy a premium quality vodka and you haven't yet tried the Belvedere brand, we have some great information that will make you want to run out and get a bottle for your next cocktail. Here are 10 things that you didn't know about the beverage.

1. The name has a unique meaning

A glance at the title Belvedere may sound like it's merely a name, but there is a rich history behind the name. The distillers of this fine beverage are located in Warsaw, Poland and are reputed for their creation of the finest vodka in the world. Belvedere means "beautiful to see." It is also the name of one of Poland's most historic landmarks, the Presidential Palace.

2. This vodka is an old recipe

Have you ever heard the phrase, "you don't mess with perfection?" This is the case for Belvedere vodka and the distillers have steadfastly followed the distilling traditions for handcrafting vodka from 100% Polish rye. They follow the process of distilling it four times in a system that has been handed down from generation to generation for 600 years. The distillery was established in 1910.

3. It is made for mixing

If you have earned the reputation for mixing great cocktails, then Belvedere won't tarnish your image. It is reputed for being one of the best vodka's for mixing. The taste is undetectable when used in the proportions recommended for most mix recipes.

4. Belvedere offers a sexy appeal

The high end beverage has thrown its hat into the affordable liquor category to increase sales and appeal to a wider cross section of the population. They recently launched a new $20 million dollar campaign to propel their $30 bottle into an image that embraces a new provocative and sexy appeal. The visuals have not yet been decided upon and are still under consideration, but we're going to see a new advertising results as early as December. It is worth noting that some of the shots used the bottle as a sexual prop and were so provocative that other shots were immediately ordered in their stead.

5. Belvedere is committed to humanity

The company is actively involved in world relief campaigns in of worthy causes. The Belvedere Red limited edition bottles use proceeds to support the Global fund for research and medial relief for HIV and AIDS in Africa. Their support has garnered the funding needed to provide access to life saving drugs for 30,000 women in the region.

6. Belvedere embraces a collective spirit

From the beginning, the Belvedere brand has embraced a collective attitude which began after the fall of communism. A group of Poland's rye farmers cultivate the product which is used in the creation of every bottle produced. The company also partners with RED as well as artists including Esther Mahlangu of South Africa.

7. Sales were down in the market prior to marketing changes

Belvedere vodka sales fell below their competition when they maintained their traditional approach to advertising. Although sales are beginning to rise, the marketing analysts determined that a new advertising strategy was in order to increase customer interest.

8. Belvedere is creating a competitive environment

The company decided that lower sales were enough reason to change their approach to advertising. Instead of simply embracing the traditional advertisement strategy, something more modern and trendy was in order. They are attempting to market with brand not only with a sexy new appeal, but allso as a vodka that can be either uptown or downtown which will open it up to a larger cross section of thee population of vodka drinkers.

9. The Vodka is an award winning brand

The passion and dedication to their craft is obvious at Belvedere. They are the top award winning vodka that is widely recognized throughout the globe with accolades from; The Vodka Masters, and the International Spirits Challenge, who awarded the distiller "Vodka Producer of the Year.

10. The brand is responsible

Belvedere takes their responsibility to help care for the environment quite seriously. The company maintains strict standards in quality craftsmanship, environmental responsibility and positive brand values. As a part of the global community they seek to help make a difference for thee generations which are to follow.

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