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The Five Best Boss Hoss Motorcycles Money Can Buy

Boss Hoss is a very different kind of motorcycle. for some, it's intimidating because of its excessive V8-powered engine. The manufacturer of these bikes is Boss Hoss Cycles Inc. For better or worse, depends on the kind of rider you are and whether or not you have an adventurous spirit. You either hate them or you love them.

They're commonly described as a bit on the crude and cumbersome side with their share of finish and functional flaws, and while there are ups and downs, they're powerful and unique within the motorcycle industry. Their large, heavy, and powerful bikes. Once you get past any initial misgivings, the road performance makes them seem to be not as important, according to reviewers at Motorcycle Cruiser.

A fair introduction to Boss Hoss is requisite to prepare you for what to expect. They may not be your cup of tea, but if you're one of those rare riders who go for the gusto, and you can overlook a few functional flaws in favor of raw unadulterated power, you might find this to be the perfect ride to complement your craving for the primal and instinctual need for speed. Here are the five best Boss Hoss Motorcycles that money can buy to whet your appetite.

5. 2009 Boss Hoss BHC-9 LS3 Trike - Price: $36,320

This is a Boss Hoss Model that not only retained its value, it's gone up in price. That's how easy it is to customize a Boss Hoss motorcycle to suit your individual preferences. It's a custom cruiser that features a 6200 cc V8 four-stroke engine. It generates 445 horsepower with estimated torque of 445.1 lb-ft and a compression ratio of 10.7:1 with multi-port injection. The dry weight of this behemoth is 1,445 pounds with a length of 103 inches. The fuel tank holds 8.5 gallons of petrol for making long rides with fewer stops in between. Longer versions of this 3-wheel motorcycle are available.

4. 2020 Boss Hoss Gangsta Trike - Price: $69,000

The 2020 edition of the Boss Hoss Gangsta Trike is a popular and best-selling model that features a 383 Cl. Stroker engine that produces 420 horsepower. A notable feature is the FAST fuel injection with the 4-speed automatic transmission. It's a three-wheeler that gives you a little extra stability to help manage its massive weight.

Other outstanding optional features include a BH Fairing with stereo, electronic cruise control, Air ride suspension, LE signal lighting, and the option of enhancing the attractiveness of the bike with a 23-inch chrome front wheel and 20 inch rear wheels, Chome tall mountain valve covers, and home rear caliper covers. This is one of the most expensive models on the market today, and the price goes up with more intensive customization.

3. 2007 Boss Hoss ZZ4 Super Sport - Price: $39,500

The 2007 Boss Hoss ZZ4 SuperSport features a General Motors V8 engine with an output of 355 horsepower. Although it's not the most powerful Boss Hoss motorcycle, it's exhilarating to ride. It's an attractive bike with shiny paint in your choice of colors and attractive chrome fittings and trims. Riders love the controls on the bike which are easy to access from the riding position.

The semi-automatic transmission eliminates the need to use a clutch. It's a stylish bike that has all of the gauges with an eyeshot for monitoring performance and necessary fuel levels. It's easy to operate with a push-button ignition once the key is on. In drive mode, it easily achieves a speed of 100 mph, but you can engage the overdrive to maintain a better fuel consumption rating. There's a small learning curve to become accustomed to the weight of the bike but once you get feel for its wide handlebars and turning idiosyncracies, it starts to come naturally. This bike was also available in a 502 horsepower option for those who have a more intense craving for power and speed.

2. 2018 Boss Hoss BHC-3 383 Stroker - Price: $43, 200

We double-checked with KBB on the value of the 2018 BHC 383 Stroker. We found an example with a red candy finish in exceptional condition. Finding a used version of this popular Boss Hoss motorcycle can save you about $20,000 with a little under 2,000 miles on the odometer. This is a bike that is not only valued for its comfort as a cruiser on the open road, it also comes packed with a 6300cc engine that delivers all the power one could ever possibly need in a motorcycle. The wide tires make it a bit cumbersome for corners and tight maneuvering, but it's a necessity to stabilize a motorcycle that has the power of an automobile.

1. 2020 Boss Hoss Super Sport - Price: $63,750

The Boss Hoss Super Sport is one of the most popular and best-selling models currently. Its equipped with a powerful 8 engine that has been finely built up for high performance. This bike is available in a choice of engines that can make your heart race. On the lower end, the Boss Hoss Super Sport is fitted with a Chevy 383 small block that cranks 430 horsepower with 450 lb-ft of torque.

The middle-of-the-road edition comes with a GM LS3 that maintains the same torque values with a jump to 455 horsepower. At the top of the line, the super Sport comes outfitted with a small block 454 engine that grants you 563 horsepower and a generous 545 lb-ft of torque. The approximate weight of this large motorcycle is around 1,000 pounds, which isn't the heaviest Boss Hoss, but it's ample. It's a lot of bike for the money, but it doesn't come cheap.

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