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Where to Find the Best Indian Food in San Antonio

San Antonio

Its south-central location in Texas means that San Antonio is generally associated with traditional Texan foods, including Tex-Mex, steaks, and barbecues. You will find many eateries offering some or all of these foods in San Antonio. However, traditional Texan food is not the only cuisine available in the city, as there are places to eat serving cuisines from across the globe. A popular option is Indian cuisine, and there are some amazing places to eat serving this food, ranging from budget banquet venues to fine dining restaurants. Here are some of the best places to get Indian food in San Antonio, TX.

10. Tikka Island Indian Street Food

If you fancy something a little different from the traditional Indian restaurant, then you might like to try Tikka Island Indian Street Food on Babcock Road. The dishes are inspired by the street food of Asia and include both Indian and Indo-Chinese options. The food is served from a food truck, and they also offer a food delivery service. It is an excellent option if you want to grab something to eat on the go while exploring San Antonio.

9. Biryani Pot

Biryani Pot is an Indian chain restaurant with a location on Huebner Road. It serves traditional Indian food and specializes in Hyderabadi cuisine. The menu includes traditional curries, tandoori options, and various biryanis. Former diners have praised this restaurant for its welcoming atmosphere, generous portions, friendly staff, and food quality. If you want to save money, visit the restaurant during lunch service when they do specials. Biryani Pot offers a takeout and delivery service.

8. Spice Grill and Bar

If you have a good appetite and prefer to eat somewhere that serves generous portions, then consider dining at Spice Grill and Bar, which is in the Best Western Premier Historic Travelers Hotel Alamo/ Riverwalk on Broadway in San Antonio. Many people who dine at this restaurant as a family or in a larger group enjoy ordering several dishes to share so they can sample the different flavors. In addition to the large portions of delicious Indian food, this restaurant is also known for its comfortable interior and helpful staff, says Restaurantji. Spice Grill and Bar also offers takeout and delivery services.

7. India Taj Palace

India Taj Palace on Huebner Road is included in a list of the best Indian Restaurants in San Antonio compiled by Foodie Wish. There is a great selection of meat and seafood dishes, and it is also a fantastic option for vegetarians, as there is a wide choice of plant-based dishes. Some of these include vegetable curries at all spice levels, vegetable biryani, paneer butter masala, and kadhai paneer. In addition to the high-quality food, another reason to choose India Taj Palace is the warm ambiance.

6. The Lion Indian Cuisine

You will find The Lion Indian Cuisine on North Loop 1604 West Acc Road in San Antonio. It is one of the best options if you are ordering takeout, as the food is prepared quickly, packed well, and arrives quickly. However, you may prefer to eat in the restaurant's dining room. Diners who have eaten at The Lion Indian Cuisine say the food is tasty and authentic. They also recommend visiting at lunchtime to enjoy the buffet so you can sample more of the dishes in one visit.

5. Tandoor Palace Indian Restaurant

Kev's Best lists Tandoor Palace Indian Restaurant as one of the best places to get Indian food in San Antonio. The restaurant on Wurzbach Road has been open for ten years, and it is run by Sukhwinder Singh and Bal Gill. Tandoor is the restaurant's specialty, although the menu has a wide selection of curries, bread, and snacks such as papadums, samosas, and pakoras. If you visit at lunch, there is a buffet with a vast array of dishes to try, which is ideal if you are unfamiliar with this type of cuisine.

4. Spice Fine Indian Cuisine

Spice Fine Indian Cuisine lies within the loop on Fredericksburg Road and 410 Access Road. It is a great option for Indian food novices, as each of the curries on the menu is labeled with a spice level from one to five. If you are new to the cuisine and not accustomed to eating spicy dishes, be warned that the level five dishes are extremely spicy. From Monday to Friday, the restaurant is open for separate lunch and dinner services. At the weekends, it opens from 9.30 am and does not close until 11.30 pm.

3. Indian Oven

Indian Oven on Patricia Drive, just between the intersection of West Avenue and Blanco Road, is recommended by Restaurant Clicks. It is a family-run restaurant with a loyal and ever-growing customer base, leading to the owners having to expand the restaurant. The menu mainly consists of North Indian dishes, and there is a buffet at lunch each day.

2. Madurai Mes- Authentic Indian Cuisine

Along Fredericksburg Road in San Antonio, between Magic Drive and Callaghan Road, you will find Madurai Mes- Authentic Indian Cuisine. The restaurant is on the second floor of a shopping center, and it has an unassuming storefront, but do not let first impressions deter you from trying the excellent food from this restaurant. It serves dishes from both North and South India, alongside a selection of Indo-Asian dishes. One of the most popular options is a Thali, as it allows you to taste several different dishes.

1. Tarka Indian Kitchen

According to San Antonio Things to Do, one of the best places to get Indian food in San Antonio is Tarka Indian Kitchen in Sonterra Village. Indian cuisine is often associated with curries with calorie-laden rich sauces, but that is not the case for all Indian dishes. Tarka Indian Kitchen showcases a healthier side of Indian cuisine that is just as delicious as the unhealthier options.

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