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Where to Find the Best Indian Food in Miami


Miami is the prime attraction of Florida as it boasts beach life and delicious cuisines native to different countries. The number of Indian restaurants has risen in the past years, due to the increase in demand for Indian dishes. The best part is that there's always an Indian restaurant close by, so all you need to do is locate where to find the best Indian food in Miami. Check out these eight options to see if there is one near you.

8. Kebab Indian Restaurant (514 North East, 167th St, North Miami Beach)

Miami is known for its beautiful sandy beaches and world-class restaurants. The best Indian restaurant in North Miami Beach is the Kebab Indian Restaurant. The locals love eating at this restaurant because it offers affordable buffet meals as low as $10. Appetizers include Bhuja, samosa, chicken wings, Piazu, and meat. Soups and salads include lentil soup, green salad, and mulligatawny soup. Don't forget to order Naan, garlic, Kashmiri, paratha, keema, and chapati. The chefs' specials are a pina colada and seafood biryani. The mango Lassi is also served at this restaurant to wash down your meals.

7. Saffron at the Grove (2982 A Grand Ave, Miami)

According to Trip 101, Saffron at the Grove is the hub of Mumbai-inspired dishes in Miami. You want to be in a place bursting with Indian flavors and is versatile enough to tantalize your taste buds with western dishes. Top on the menu is coconut shrimp and shrimp mojo tikka, so you can sample these tasty dishes to feel like you're in Mumbai. Enjoy the ambient atmosphere and professional service as you devour your favorite Indian dish.

6. Ayesha Indian Fine Dining (120 Buena Vista Blvd, Miami)

An excellent Indian restaurant should cater to meat lovers and vegan dieters, making dining at Ayesha Indian Fine Dining in Miami the perfect go-to place for Indian food enthusiasts. This restaurant is a neighborhood favorite bursting with classics such as warm Naan, samosas, and tandoor dishes, according to TimeOut. Apart from the tasty Indian dishes that are handpicked, blended, and cooked for that unique taste, there's beer and wine to wash down your throat. So, Ayesha's chefs will give their all if you want the beef Ularthiyathu laced with spicy and aromatic masala or a shrimp platter with two extra vegetable dishes. Don't forget to sample their salad, Naan, rice, and dessert.

5. Ashoka Indian Cuisine (295 Northwest 82nd Avenue, Miami)

According to ThreeBestRated, Ashoka Indian Cuisine has existed since 2017. The family-owned Indian restaurant offers mouth-watering dishes for vegans and seafood lovers. One of the most significant selling points of Ashoka is the Indian-sourced beers, wine, and cocktails. There's a buffet with a wide range of Indian dishes, perfect for anyone requiring quick but executive lunch. The restaurant is also spacious enough for holding group events like baby showers, weddings, birthdays, and graduation parties. The best meal we can recommend you to try is Shrimp Varuval marinated with red chili, ginger, mustard seeds, and fennel. Other specialties include chicken tikka masala, chicken chettinad, lamb Malabar, chukka mutton, butter chicken, pav bhaji, and fish moilee. There are also soups and salads starting from $5.99.

4. Bollywood Masala (400 South West 57th Avenue, South Miami)

Don't be mistaken; this isn't a Bollywood movie. It's a fast-food Indian restaurant, perfect for people who love grabbing a bite and returning to their daily obligations. You will only need to worry about the small menu of wraps and kebabs. The toppings are also to die for. You can choose the toppings and sauces that melt your tastebuds. Whether you just landed from the Miami Airport or need to grab lunch on your way to work fast, Bollywood Masala is the ideal restaurant to choose.

3. Ghee Indian Kitchen (8965 SW 72nd Pl.)

If you're in South Florida and crave Indian dishes, head out to Ghee Indian Kitchen right now. This restaurant has a wide range of Indian delicacies, mostly Gujarat-inspired. But before going there, book a reservation as it's always packed with Indian dishes fanatics in Miami. Another thing to note is the restaurant sources natural ingredients locally, so rest assured that you will be devouring the freshest Indian meals in Miami. Book a reservation in advance to avoid the inconvenience of waiting for your meal via their official website.

2. Zaika Restaurant

Zaika Restaurant was opened in 2015, and it is in North Miami. It primarily serves Indian sub-cuisines like Punjabi and Kerala. The first thing you'll notice about their meals is the rich Indian spices. The chef will exceed your expectations if you love your food, chili hot or mild. The restaurant is also upscale, so you'll be dining in an ambient setting. Everything about this restaurant will appeal to you whether you're native to India or any other nationality. Be sure to sample Chole Bhature as its main meal on the menu that Miami folks enjoy.

1. Bombay Darbar (2901 Florida Ave, Miami)

According to Miami New Times, the best Indian restaurant in Miami City is Bombay Darbar. The chefs are well-versed with Indian and western dishes, making it an all-in-one food joint. They source fresh ingredients from local farmers and use traditional cooking methods using clay-oven. Eating there makes you feel like you're eating from Bombay. The dining experience at Bombay will wow you since the chef prepares authentic Indian food from scratch. Each day has a special menu, so feel free to request it, and it will arrive at your table in no time. The restaurant serves chicken dishes, kheer, samosa, lamb dishes, soup, rice, and Naan. There are also vegetable dishes for non-meat dieters.


Whether you're an Indian native, Cuban, or Caucasian, these eight Indian restaurants in Miami have something special for you. Keep in mind that some are fast-food restaurants, serving readily prepared foods and biting. Others serve fresh foods, so you might want to book a reservation. Check out individual websites to see when they open and if there's a special meal they readily prepare.

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