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The 20 Best Indian Motorcycle Models in the Last 5 Years

2017 Indian Chieftain Dark Horse

Motorcycles are as equally complex as they are simple; a mechanical presentation of function meeting form with some bit of attitude left. Whether it is its chrome color graceful glimmering under the sunlight, or their ability to move faster than just about every other machine, motorcycles are more than transportation tools. They draw attention: just ride own down your home lane and watch as children smile and point in joy as the older bike enthusiasts nod their heads in extreme agreement. There are very many metrics used to judge the best from the rest: speed, beauty, ease of use, and design, but the twenty listed here under-represent the best example of engineering meeting elegance. Below are the 20 best Indian Motorcycle Models of the 2000s.

2019 Indian Chieftain Limited

20. 2019 Indian Chieftain Limited

The redesigned Chieftain Limited looks as beautiful as it performs. With modern riding features, throw you back power, and aggressive styling the machine is the surest way of announcing your arrival. The bike’s extensive list of features includes:

  • A 19-inch front wheel
  • Full LED lighting
  • The innovative Ride Command System
  • A 100-watt audio system
  • A new gunfighter seat
  • Rear cylinder deactivation and selectable ride modes for enhanced comfort and customizable performance

2019 Indian Chief Dark Horse

19. 2019 Indian Chief Dark Horse

It is hard to ignore the Indian Chief Dark Horse, especially due to its fully blacked-out design and sinister look. Powered by the highly acknowledged Thunder Stroke engine, the Indian Chief Dark Horse is not one to just talk the talk. Even though it has a stripped-down design, it is heavily loaded with all the features you might want: Cruise Control, ABS, and keyless ignition.

2017 Indian Scout Bobber

18. 2017 Indian Scout Bobber

The Indian Scout Bobber was officially launched on November 2017. This model is the most successful of the Scout series. Given its subdued but attractive paint job, a handlebar bend, rear suspension travel, the machine fits well as an urban brawler. The black chassis is a good mix of tubular steel and cast aluminum. Due to the bikes overall weight and size, its engine performance is marvelous – with its maximum torque coming in at 3300 rpm.

2019 Indian FTR 1200

17. 2019 Indian FTR 1200

The FTR 1200 seeks to capitalize on Indian’s successful return to the flat track. With that track enthusiasm nicely fitted into a V-twin engine powered roadster, the FTR is fit for combating anything from daily commutes to a long trip. The 1200 is a larger bike than the FTR 750 – from which it draws inspiration – with 495 pounds in weight and 60 inches wheelbase. However, the machine can still hit a sweet spot for bike enthusiasts thanks to its excellent riding position, wide handlebars, and well-tuned suspension.

2018 Indian Roadmaster Classic

16. 2018 Indian Roadmaster Classic

The Roadmaster is guaranteed to turn heads given its American touring style with a distinctive design. With this bike, wherever you go, you will always be on a scenic path. The machine features genuine leather bags and trunk, and all the comforts and technology that you would expect from a modern bike – including the innovative Ride Command System, a 100-watt audio system, and a touchscreen display.

2017 Indian Chieftain Dark Horse

15. 2017 Indian Chieftain Dark Horse

The Indian Chieftain Dark Horse was released in 2017 with one objective in mind: a black and hard boiled bagger for people who wished to cover some miles on an American V-twin engine with a machine that matches its looks. The bike’s extensive list of features includes:

  • A 19-inch front wheel
  • The innovative Ride Command System
  • A touchscreen display
  • A 100-watt audio system
  • Rear cylinder deactivation and selectable ride modes for enhanced comfort and customizable performance

2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse

14. 2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse

Indian motorcycle hopes to showcase its darker side with the Dark Horse Indian Chief. Created as a boulevard bruiser – or a cruiser – the machines bring into reality Indian’s trademark with its menacing and dark black finish. The ultra-powerful 1811 CC Thunder Stroke engine supplies about 100 pounds of power to push the machine into the cruiser category. As a rider, you can be sure that you will get so much of the show as you ride along.

2016 Indian Chief Vintage

13. 2016 Indian Chief Vintage

The word ‘vintage’ is often tossed around many times, but once a company with a reputable history decides to use it, then you can be sure that they mean it. Even though the firm has changed hands a couple of times, the Chief series, in more than one way has always formed a part of the company’s lineup since 1922. Indian Motorcycle attempts to keep its traditions alive with the magnificent Chief Vintage that is powered by the powerful Thunder Stroke engine. The engineers based its design on the 95 years of tradition. While all machines under the chief series show their roots in different degrees, none is as overt as this one. At a quick glance, the machine looks like it was directly torn from a page in the past. The installed figurehead and fender will take you back to 1940 – this was the period when Indian first used the iconic skirted fenders. Have a look at the top lines, follow the lines down to the fuel tank and you will get the impression that under that metal sheet lies the future.

2011 Indian Chief Classic

12. 2011 Indian Chief Classic

The Chief Classic is the base model in the Indian motorcycle list of bikes. The bike prides in the iconic war bonnet that still serves as the hallmark of the Indian brand even as it went through the financial turmoil and fits between different owners after the World War II right until the century turned. Since 2011, when Polaris acquired the company, Indian Chief Classic has become the top-selling brand. Powered by the powerful Thunder Stroke engine, the Indian Chief Classic has been significantly modified over time to feature valenced and stylish fenders that greatly identify it as a classic Indian with amenities and features such as cruise control, ABS, electronic fuel injection, and keyless starting.

2019 Indian Chieftain

11. 2019 Indian Chieftain

Just before the 2019 model year, Indian motorcycle decided to polish up its baggers – and the chieftain is one of the most iconic models that benefited from this revamp. The bike is a perfect example of a multi-pronged effort that begins with a fresh new look that is tailored to convey an impression of good performance. Customized touches lend the motorcycle something like a homegrown air with numerous classic references to show off the machine’s deep roots; the Company, however, extends due consideration to modern progression by adding some few electronic features. The audial performance is improved as well as the infotainment system and a few more changes to better the volume along with the sound quality.

2016 Indian Motorcycle Roadmaster

10. 2016 Indian Motorcycle Roadmaster

This bike is the luxury tourer in the company’s lineup. The Roadmaster is equipped with the powerful Thunder Stroke engine for excellent performance and tons of torque. With features such as cruise control, 200W stereo, keyless ignition, ABS, power windshield, electronic tire pressure monitoring, remote locking storage, LED lights, tan leather, and gorgeous heated grips and seats, the Roadmaster is the perfect definition of a luxury grand tourer. Keyless ignition, in particular, is an added advantage, especially when you do not want to take off your riding gloves and fumble with your keys. Unlock functions are all placed on the key fob, and even so, you can still start your bike with a security code if you do not fancy using the fob.

2018 Indian Scout

9. 2018 Indian Scout

Indian Motorcycle Company has attracted attention to its bikes this year given its unparalleled success on the track, and the Indian Scout hopes to take full advantage on that success by reaping some business. The Scout brings excellent performance to the table alongside unique looks, yet it still fits well within the rest of the made-in-U.S modes. An 1133 CC engine delivers the power that drives it. This year, Indian Motorcycle will release a new Scout version that features a USB charging port and improved electronics regardless of the color you choose. The Scout does not hit a particular model in history, but it adopts the spirit of that era.

2016 Indian Springfield

8. 2016 Indian Springfield

Indian Motorcycle has improved its Springfield ahead of the MY2019 with some aesthetic tweaks that considerably sets it apart from its versions in the past. The company, however, did not stop there: it has added some electronic technology in a few ride-enhancing features that turn its antique design into a modern machine. The factory’s history is fully displayed with this one to ensure that it is a tribute piece of sorts. Basically, if you like designs inspired by the Second World War, then Springfield is surely your cup of tea. The machine’s design hits a few historical high points. For instance, the front end is borrowed back to the forks that replaced the old girder front used in the earliest machines.

2019 Indian FTR

7. 2019 Indian FTR

Under the Polaris umbrella, Indian Motorcycles hopes to capitalize on its domination of the American track circuit that had been held last year with this new FTR 1200 S. The S series seeks to build on the foundation placed by the vanilla FTR 1200 base model by adding a few racing features and enhancements that elevate the bike to a higher bracket of machines that include upgraded suspension parts, better equipment for safety, and improved engine control electronics. All these features are just an addition to its inherent curb appeal and all new engine. If you fancy yourself a peg dragger, or you are into flat racing, this might just be the perfect racer you have been looking for.

2017 Indian Motorcycle Roadmaster Elite

6. 2017 Indian Motorcycle Roadmaster Elite

Indian Motorcycle presents the Roadmaster Elite as a flagship tourer model with the best custom and gear finish. The elite model offers unparalleled comfort and secure storage alongside a wide range of electronics suite that holds both infotainment and safety features. The hand-laid gold leaves make the model a unique machine with even more exclusivity on it. As usual, Indian Motorcycle brings to the table antique design points inspired by the company’s deep roots and mixes this with deep modern underpinnings with a bias towards comfort. This machine looks like it has been plucked straight out of the 1940s.

2019 Indian Motorcycle FTR 1200

5. 2019 Indian Motorcycle FTR 1200

Indian Motorcycle was required to manufacture and distribute a commercial version of the FTR 750 in order to be eligible to participate in the Track Circuit. The firm, however, is unleashing a new bike on the family tree with the new FTR 1200. Through this version, you can rightfully own a valuable piece of history with the race-inspired machine from Indian Motorcycle. Even though you might get the chance to feel an official circuit-course, the motorcycle has been built to ensure that you feel as though it could do so. The bike rocks a large engine capacity, and it comes in a friendly package that makes it appealing to the general riding public. The FTR 1200 seeks to open a new chapter in bike manufacturing.
2019 Indian Chieftain Classic

4. 2019 Indian Chieftain Classic

Indian Motorcycle blessed its Chieftain model with a highly anticipated facelift ahead of the MY2019. The Chieftain classic retains its aesthetic looks to preserve the retro-styling that enabled its rise in the first place. While the bike’s looks might seem to be a bit outdated in a most delightful way, you can reliably count on its modern comfort and safety conditions. You cannot mistake the old school Indian look. The machine starts out at full-capacity right outside the gate with a front fender that will swallow up the front wheel and feature the beautiful war bonnet ornament. These features date back to the firm’s heyday when you were likely to spot an Indian as you would see a Harley.

2015 Indian Motorcycle Scout Sixty (2015)

3. 2015 Indian Motorcycle Scout Sixty (2015)

Riding on the triumph of the Scout, Indian Motorcycle has introduced the 2019 version with some updates included over the past few years. Most notably, the bike rides with neat lines and it is more appealing to the younger riders. Reintroduced in 2015 after over ten years of hiatus, the Scout Sixty has an illustrious heritage that dates back to 1920. Smaller than a cruiser but bigger than a Café Racer, the Scout Sixty fits well into a class that can between mid-size and a bar-hopper. Spec-wise, the Scout Sixty is a carry-over from the Scout which is not a bad thing.

2018 Indian Chieftain Elite

2. 2018 Indian Chieftain Elite

Under the expansive Polaris umbrella, it can be hard to admit that Indian Motorcycle has greatly improved: to a point where the factory can put together a top-shelf bagger. The Chieftain elite ramps up the firm’s bracket to a higher degree with a ton of popular components under a good-looking paint job alongside the powerful Thunder Stroke engine. Custom upholstery and billet bits wrap up the aesthetic appearance with the electronic wizardry that the factory can offer to make this model indeed special.

2019 Indian Scout FTR 1200 Custom

1. 2019 Indian Scout FTR 1200 Custom

Unless you are in utter denial or you have been living under a rock, chances are that you are well aware of the company’s leap from obscurity to the very pinnacle of Flat Track racing under the Polaris guidance. In a bid to honor this success, and so as to ride on the current wave of interest and popularity of this American brand, Indian Motorcycles has decided to build a street-legal machine for the masses. The Scout FTR Custom, just as the name would suggest, is founded on the Scout.

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