The Five Best Automatic Motorcycles to Buy in 2019

If you love the feeling that a motorcycle gives you on the open road, but you could do without all of the shifting, you are in luck. While many people want to go for manually operated bikes, the rest of us would like our ride to be a bit more carefree and less hassle. Having an automatic motorcycle has many advantages. There is no clutch to repair, you can keep your feet stationary for most of the ride, and you do not have to worry about stalling out on the road because you have the bike in the wrong gear. If you are in the market for a new bike, take a look at the following five best automatic motorcycles that you buy in 2019.

The Africa Twin DCT by Honda

This is a great bike if you like adventure, yet without the stress. It is powered by a 998cc eight-valve and parallel twin engine. Honda also makes a dual clutch transmission model of this same bike, so keep that in mind as you do your shopping. You will get several options when buying this bike, such as the one that comes with a sports trim and a bigger fuel tank. With that model, you will also get an upgraded suspension that you will appreciate when hitting those bumps at a high speed. If you want to switch over to the manual for any reason, you can easily do so with the Africa Twin.

The CTX700N by Honda

This bike has a unique style that will really set you apart when riding. It comes with a six-speed automatic dual-clutch transmission. This is an easy going bike that packs quite a punch with its 670cc parallel-twin engine. It is a mid-weight bike, but it handles extraordinarily well on the open road so it is easy to ride. The dual clutch transmission system allows you to go automatic quite easily. You can also use the manual transmission if you want to by using the included thumb paddles that are located on the left handgrip. Honda refers to this bike as a modern cruiser, so one can envision taking quite a number of long road trips with this one.

The Gold Wing by Honda

This is a traditional Honda bike that recently got an almost complete makeover. It is fashionable and includes a bunch of new technology that should attract an entirely new generation of rider. It is a heavyweight bike, but once you get used to it, the bike is very smooth on the open road. It now comes with an optional dual clutch transmission. There is also an option for a seven-speed version, so just imagine how fast that one will get you up to if you dare. There are a variety of color options and base models to choose from with this one.

The NX750X DCT by Honda

You almost have to see this bike to appreciate it. It is like a crossover between a small car and a bike. The seat alone is built with comfort in mind, with its curved bottom and arched back. It is a bike that Honda claims can do it all. It comes with an engine that it is liquid cooled. It is two cylinders and 745cc, giving it enough torque control to support virtually any type of riding. You can opt for the automatic dual clutch transmission and be able to shift to manual when you want. There is a windscreen built into the design to protect you while riding in the seated position. There is such a low center of gravity to this one that you can see it as a bike to commute to work in just as easily as you can taking a ride in the mountains.

KTM Freeride E-XC

This is the only bike not made by Honda on our list, and it is electric. This is designed to be an off-off-road motorcycle that is packed with new technology. The electric motor has a single speed transmission that allows the rider to focus on the track they are on as opposed to trying to get in the right gear. That can certainly be an advantage!. With no gas or other fluids to worry about, this is about as maintenance free a dirt bike you could get.

As you can tell, Honda seems to have a corner on the market when it comes to the top of the line automatic motorcycles at the moment. You really can’t go wrong by becoming an owner of any of these five bikes. They perform well on the open road, and they do so without a clutch. Consider visiting a dealer in your area to give them a try and see what you think.

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