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The 20 Best Outdoor Clothing Brands

The North Face

Outdoor clothing is vital for anyone who loves spending time in the great outdoors, whether you’re hiking, camping, or just taking a walk in the park. But with so many different brands and types of outdoor clothing on the market, it can be hard to know where to start. We’ve put together a list of the 20 best outdoor clothing brands to help you make the right choice when shopping for your next great adventure.

From trusted names like Patagonia and Arc’teryx to less known brands like And Wander and Veilance, these top outdoor clothing brands offer a wide range of styles and features to suit any adventure. So whether you’re looking for the best waterproof jacket to keep you dry on a hike, or the warmest down jacket for a winter camping trip, we’ve got you covered with our list of the best outdoor clothing brands.

20. And Wander - Japan

Established in 2011, And Wander is a contemporary outdoor clothing brand that focuses on creating high-quality and functional apparel for explorers. From jackets, pants, and base layers to hats, gloves, and socks, And Wander has everything you need to stay warm and dry on your next outdoor adventure.

With a commitment to using only the highest quality materials, And Wander’s clothing is designed to withstand even the most extreme conditions. So if you’re looking for high-performance outdoor clothing with unique colors that make you look one with nature, check out And Wander and discover what makes this brand one of the best in the business.

19. Veilance - Canada

Veilance is a premium outdoor clothing brand founded in Vancouver, Canada, in 2009. Their designs are sleek and modern, featuring cutting-edge fabrics and innovative construction techniques that help keep you protected and comfortable in any outdoor setting. All their materials are carefully chosen to ensure maximum durability and performance, making Veilance one of the top outdoor clothing brands.

18. The Timberland Company - USA

This US-based company is one of the leading outdoor footwear, clothing, and accessories manufacturers. Their products are designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures. The company was founded by Nathan Swartz in 1918 and had its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts.

Timberland’s products are available in over 90 countries, and their flagship store is located on Fifth Avenue in New York City. The company has a solid commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Some of their initiatives include using recycled materials in their products and planting trees in areas that have been deforested.

17. ACRONYM - Germany

ACRONYM is another popular outdoor clothing brand in Germany known for its high-quality, functional, and stylish products. Their product lines include a wide range of jackets, coats, pants, and more, all of which are designed to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable no matter what the conditions.

Their website features detailed product descriptions, customer reviews, and sizing information, making it easy to find the right gear for your needs. That means they can ship out new products quickly, making them a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts who want to stay ahead of the latest trends and get high-quality gear at an affordable price. Whether you're looking for something lightweight and breathable or a durable, waterproof jacket that will keep you warm in the harshest conditions, ACRONYM has something to meet your needs.

16. Kuhl - United States

Kuhl is an American outdoor clothing brand that was established in 1983. Their products are known for their high-quality materials, innovative designs, and durable construction. Kuh's clothing is designed for various outdoor activities, from hiking and camping to skiing and snowboarding.

Their most popular products include performance jackets, travel pants, and layering systems. According to their website, they also offer gift cards where you can choose the amount of money you want to spend, and the recipient can use it at any of their retail locations or online.

15. Outdoor Research - United States

Outdoor Research is an award-winning American outdoor gear company. They specialize in making high-quality products for various outdoor activities, including climbing, workout clothes, backpacking, mountaineering, hiking, and camping.

Their products are well known for their innovative designs and durable materials, making them a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts. Since 1981, the company has been committed to creating the best outdoor gear possible and is constantly working to improve its products and better serve its customers.

14. Mountain Hardwear - United States

Mountain Hardwear is an American outdoor clothing and equipment brand founded in 1993. Their products are designed for various outdoor activities, including climbing, mountaineering, hiking, and camping. They offer a wide range of products, from tents and sleeping bags to jackets and pants.

Their website touts their high-quality materials and innovative designs, which have helped to make them one of the top outdoor clothing brands around. Some of Mountain Hardwear's most popular offerings include jackets made with durable, waterproof materials and feature advanced design features like taped seams and adjustable hoods.

13. REI Co-op - United States

REI Co-op is a popular outdoor gear and clothing brand based in the United States. With over 150 stores across the country, this company has become known for its high-quality products, excellent customer service, and affordable prices. Whether you're looking for hiking boots, camping tents, or outdoor jackets, REI Co-op is a great place to start your search. According to its website, the company also sells bikes and all protective gear that come with them, making it stand out from other outdoor clothing brands.

12. Jack Wolfskin - Germany

Outdoor and functional clothing for all weather conditions is what Jack Wolfskin does best. The German brand produces high-quality, durable, and comfortable garments perfect for both everyday wear and outdoor activities. With a focus on environmental sustainability, Jack Wolfskin is a great choice for those who want to minimize their impact on the planet. The company makes sure that all its materials are organic and very high quality.

11. Craghoppers - United Kingdom

Craghoppers is a British outdoor clothing brand that was established in 1965. Their products are designed for travel and adventure, and they have a strong focus on environmental sustainability. Craghoppers is a great option for those looking for high-quality outdoor clothing that is durable and ethically sourced.

Some of the most popular products from Craghoppers include their fleece jackets, hiking pants, and insulated jackets. Their products are well-regarded for comfort, breathability, water resistance, and durability. In addition to clothing, Craghoppers also offers a range of accessories such as hats, backpacks, and camping equipment.

10. Moncler - France

Moncler is a popular French brand specializing in high-quality outerwear, including jackets, coats, and vests. The company has a long history, dating back to 1952, and has been a favorite of many famous people, including Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, and Michael Jackson.

Moncler is known for its use of innovative materials and designs and its attention to detail. The brand has a wide range of products, from casualwear to formalwear, and is a good choice for anyone looking for high-quality, stylish outerwear.

9. Helly Hansen - Norway

Helly Hansen is a Norwegian brand producing high-quality clothing and gear for over 150 years. Their experience and expertise show in their product, so they are one of the best outdoor clothing brands around. They make a wide range of products, from waterproof jackets and pants to insulated outerwear and base layers.

Whatever you need to stay warm, dry, and comfortable in the outdoors, Helly Hansen has you covered. According to their website, their clothing is designed for performance and durability, made from high-quality materials that can withstand any harsh elements.

8. Salomon - France

Salomon is a French outdoor clothing brand that was founded in 1947. They are best known for their high-quality hiking and skiing gear, but they also make great outdoor clothing for activities.

Their products are designed to be both functional and stylish, and they are consistently praised for the quality and innovation of their designs. Whether you're looking for a new jacket, pair of pants, or another essential piece of outdoor gear, Salomon has you covered.

7. KONUNDRUM - Switzerland

At number seven, we have the Swiss brand, Konundrum. Konundrum is a technical clothing company that specializes in high-quality, functional outdoor apparel. Their products are designed to protect you from the elements and help you perform at your best in outdoor activities. Konundrum's product range includes everything from jackets and pants to gloves and hats. According to their websites, the company also recycles older wear to create new ones which are great for the environment.

6. Icebreaker - New Zealand

If you're looking for quality, sustainable and stylish outdoor clothing, Icebreaker is a great option. The New Zealand-based company uses merino wool in all its products, which is environmentally friendly, extremely comfortable, and breathable. Icebreaker also offers a wide range of styles and sizes, making it a great choice for anyone who loves spending time outdoors. Whether you're hiking, camping, or just enjoying the outdoors, Icebreaker has the perfect clothing for you.

5. Columbia Sportswear - United States

Founded in 1938, Columbia Sportswear is one of the oldest and most popular outdoor clothing brands globally. Known for their high-quality, durable products that keep you warm and dry in any weather condition, Columbia Sportswear is a trusted name in the outdoor industry.

Their product line includes everything from jackets and pants to hats and gloves, and their clothing is designed for both men and women. According to their website, if you become a member of the great rewards, you will get free shipping on your orders and even a reward on your purchases.

4. The North Face - United States

Over the past 50 years, the company has become known for its high-quality outdoor clothing and gear designed to keep you warm, dry, and protected in a wide range of climates and conditions. Their most popular products include fleece jackets, synthetic insulation layers, rain jackets, hiking boots, and camping tents.

The company has deep knowledge of the needs and preferences of outdoor enthusiasts. The North Face has become one of the most trusted brands in the business. Whether you’re looking for a new pair of hiking boots or a warm winter coat, you can be confident that The North Face will provide you with top-quality products that will help you enjoy your outdoor adventures.

3. Marmot - United States

Another great outdoor clothing brand that should not be missed is Marmot. This company produces high-quality outdoor apparel, footwear, and gear for both men and women.

One of the things that set Marmot apart is its commitment to sustainability and responsible practices. This means that its products are top-notch and good for the environment. Marmot is also a great choice if you are looking for gear that will last. Its products are built to withstand even the most extreme conditions.

2. Arc’teryx - Canada

Arc’teryx is one of the top outdoor clothing brands globally, known for its high-quality products and innovative designs. This Canadian company was founded in 1989 and has since become a leader in the outdoor industry. Arc’teryx offers a wide range of products, from clothing and footwear to accessories and technical gear. The company’s mission is to create clothing that can withstand the most challenging conditions while remaining comfortable, stylish, and functional.

1. Patagonia - United States

At the top of our list is Patagonia, one of the world's most popular and well-respected outdoor clothing brands. The company was founded by Yvon Chouinard in 1953. Patagonia is known for its high-quality outdoor clothing and gear. Also for its commitment to environmental responsibility. Patagonia’s product line includes everything from jackets and pants to hats and gloves. Their clothing is designed for both men and women.

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