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The 10 Best Raketa Watches of All-Time

Raketa Copernicus 0231

Raketa is a brand that has stood out the test of time with its high-quality and exquisite watches. These watches are popular among Russian men. Like any other watchmaker, Raketa produces several models with unique features to satisfy the tastes and preferences of different types of customers. Determining the best choice out of the broad range of options can be a challenge. This article introduces the 10 best Raketa watches of all time, highlighting some of the outstanding features you may appreciate. The Raketa Watch company is a famous watch producer founded in 2006. It has a rich history dating back to 1897 as a manufacturer of pocket watches for officers. They quickly gained fame throughout Russia but, more importantly, the Red Army, which adopted their watches as standard issue timepieces.

Raketa Caliber 2615

10. Raketa Caliber 2615

The Raketa caliber 2615 offers 40 hours of power reserve and ticks at 18,000vph. It has a steel case fitted with a mineral crystal. According to Fratello Magazine, the back of the case is engraved with special letters. This watch has a non-hacking movement with a vibrant decoration, featuring special printing on the main bridge and rotor. It also comprises 24 jewels and can be regulated in four different positions.

Raketa Russian Code 0275

9. Raketa Russian Code 0275

It is one of the Raketa watches limited edition, offering a new time-reading evolution. The technology used in this watch enables time to move in harmony with the natural anticlockwise movement of the solar system. Its unique automatic movement enables all the hands to move in a reverse direction around the dial. You can also see the moon at the tip of the second hand moving counterclockwise around the Earth the same way it goes in reality. If you are looking for a new generation watch that ticks to the beat of the Universe Raketa, the Russian Code 0275 watch is an ideal choice.

Raketa Avant-Garde 0240

8. Raketa Avante-Garde 0279

The Avante-Garde 0279 is one of the Raketa watches on demand. The company describes this watch as an 'art in motion.' It follows the strong avant-garde art tradition and resembles his painting. Raketa experiments with colorful abstract shapes in this watch. The picture on the watch changes constantly and is animated by a circular motion of the shapes floating around the dial at varying speeds.

Raketa Pilot-Tu-160 C307

7. Raketa Pilot-Tu-160 C307

According to Raketa, this is a watch for Russian pilots and was designed in conjunction with Tupolev Tu-160 aircraft engineers, and one of the best Roketa watches identified with its reliability and sober design. The shock protection on the watch's balance wheel shields the mechanism from vibrations and shocks. It has a 24-hr dial that allows fighter pilots to distinguish day from night, during flights at a high altitude of more than 50,000 feet and past the arctic circle. Raketa Pilot's dial has luminous paint, ensuring it remains visible during night flights. Also, it has an ultra-strong sapphire glass and has a pressure resistance of 20 ATM.

Raketa Polar 0241

6. Raketa Polar 0241

Its features are similar to the previous Seaman watch. For instance, the hands, case, and movement are the same, but the dial differs significantly. The Polar 0241 watch is inspired by the 1970s Raketa watch specially designed for Soviet polar explorations. There is no distinction between day and night at the poles, and, thus, a 24-hr watch is beneficial. Raketa has made a great addition to this watch with a unique rotor decoration, which is reminiscent of the Northern lights. Polar 0241 is made of stainless steel, has a sapphire crystal coating, and has 200M water resistance.

Raketa Seaman 0218

5. Raketa Seaman 0218

Raketa's location, near St. Petersburg naval base work, has enabled the company to partner with the army in several projects, including producing watches for the Russian Navy. The Seaman 0218 watch is a practical navy tool with a busy and colorful dial that symbolizes different nautical themes. It is an elegant watch featuring a 24-hr marker with zero at the top and decorated with seafaring graphics. Seaman has a silver dial, stainless steel strap, and water resistance of up to 200 meters.

Raketa Big Zero 0220

4. Raketa Big Zero 0220

The vintage Raketa Big Zero is a fun and affordable mechanical watch launched in the 1970s. It has a substantial influence on the current range. All Raketa watches with numbers use a zero in place of 12. The company picked this trend from Mikhail Gorbachev, who featured in newspaper headlines for wearing a watch that started from 0. Big Zero is a part of Raketa that focuses on classic series. Big Zero 0220 is a high-quality automatic watch that portrays the in-house movement via an exhibition case back. It features a conventional design with small numerals on an elegantly-textured dial.

Raketa Baikonur 0247

3. Raketa Baikonur 0247

According to WatchBandit, the Baikonur is a reliable watch for cosmonauts and designed in collaboration with Sergei Krikalev, who holds a record for his lengthy stays in the international space. He has also received the Russian Federation Hero and Hero of the Soviet Union titles and knows the perfect watch for a cosmonaut. The automatic winding feature on the Baikonur 0247 does not work in the absence of gravity in a space station. Therefore, the cosmonaut has to wind it up manually. This watch comprises a unique system that disables the automatic winding mechanism to prevent its premature use while in space. It has a 24-hour dial, enabling you to tell day from night, and can also function as a solar compass with the hour hand pointing towards the sun. The Baikonur 0247 is a reliable watch fitted into a steel case and has a titanium bezel. Its large and bold hands are easy to read, making it practical.

Raketa Avante-Garde 0279

2. Raketa Avant-Garde 0240

The Avant-Garde 240 is one of the Raketa watches, incorporating both new and new technologies. Its dial features a vintage style drawing direct inspiration from era-appropriate avant-garde visual artists like Malevich and Kandinsky. Like the Copernicus watch, it has a ring-style minute hand. However, the hand in this particular watch is simply a part of the mid-century avant-garde design. It also includes different shapes for all three hands and uses bold colors and distinctive numerals. The Raketa Avant-Garde 240 has 40h of power reserve, an AR-coated sapphire crystal, and water resistance of up to 50 meters.

Raketa Copernicus 0231

1. Raketa Copernicus 0231

It is inspired by the widely recognized Copernicus soviet watch and pays homage to astronomic science. Its design is influenced by Nicolaus Copernicus' theory of the universe, proposing the sun as the center of the universe. Raketa created this watch design to celebrate this scientific revolution. Raketa Copernicus 0231 features a ring in place of the minute hand, symbolizing the Earth. The circle on the hour hand represents Jupiter. It takes Jupiter twelve years to rotate around the sun, and the Earth takes a year. This concept is replicated on the watch's 12 hour period. It is an automatic-self-wind unisex watch with a sapphire crystal and an in-house Raketa movement build. Also, it has a water resistance capacity of up to 50M, 40hours of average running time, and four testing positions. With a rich history dating back to more than 200 years, Raketa is the brand of choice in Russia and is still very popular across the globe. All Raketa watches have remained true to their roots and are arguably some of the best Russian brands known for quality, reliability, performance, and unique designs. These may not be the cheapest watches available, but the company is known for its distinction of manufacturing every part of the watch.

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