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The 10 Best Seafood Restaurants in Delray Beach

Delray Beach

There are plenty of options when eating out in Delray Beach due to the diversity of the restaurants in this area. Regardless of whether you want traditional American dishes, or you fancy trying different international flavors, you will find something that appeals to you. Similarly, there are casual diners, high-end restaurants, and every type of establishment in between. A popular option in Delray Beach is seafood restaurants, and this is because of the plentiful supply of fresh seafood and fish. If you are a seafood lover, here are the 10 best seafood restaurants in Delray Beach, FL, for you to try.

Delray Beach

10. Il Contadino Restaurant

Fans of both seafood dishes and Italian cuisine will love Il Contadino Restaurant on NE 2nd Avenue. Open from 11.30 am until 11 pm seven days a week, this Italian restaurant has a simple menu that features both seafood and pasta. There are also a few meat options on the menu for those who are not seafood enthusiasts. It is an old-world style Italian restaurant with a cozy ambiance and friendly service. One of the best features of this restaurant is the extensive wine menu.

Delray Beach

9. City Oyster & Sushi Bar

One of the best places to eat sushi or oysters in Delray Beach is at the City Oyster & Sushi Bar on East Atlantic Avenue. Along with the sushi and oyster, there is a raw bar and an interesting menu of inventive fish dishes. This restaurant has a lively vibe, so it attracts a young crowd. If you grab a table by the window or choose to dine outside, then you can enjoy excellent views of the Atlantic Ocean. The customer service is excellent, and the food is served quickly.

Delray Beach

8. J&J Seafood Bar and Grill

A great option for with lunch or dinner is J&J Seafood Bar and Grill on East Atlantic Avenue. This narrow bistro has a charming atmosphere, and there is the option to sit at the outside tables on the sidewalk on a nice day. The menu consists predominantly of seafood dishes, although there are also a couple of meat and vegetarian options. This restaurant has earned an excellent reputation because of its customer service. There is also an extensive wine list, which is a feature that many diners find appealing.

Delray Beach

7. Sundy House Restaurant

In terms of enjoying pleasant surroundings, one of the best places to eat is Sundy House Restaurant. This restaurant is set in a historic inn on Swinton Avenue, with some outdoor seating in the tropical gardens. The seafood-centric menu features a combination of New American dishes alongside Mediterranean cuisine. On some days, there is a buffet-style service in the gardens. This is considered one of the most romantic restaurants in Delray Beach.

Delray Beach

6. El Camino

At El Camino, you can enjoy Mexican food that is full of flavor and presented in an appealing way. The modern Mexican fare includes dishes such as ceviche, avocado and shrimp salad, and seafood tacos. This restaurant has a fantastic vibe, and it is set in the unusual surrounding of a former car garage that has been renovated in an industrial-chic style. You will find this restaurant on NE 2nd Avenue.

Delray Beach

5. Jimmy’s Bistro

Located on Swinton Avenue, Jimmy’s Bistro is a small trattoria that serves innovative Italian and New American cuisine. The menu changes frequently to make use of fresh, seasonal produce from the local area and the surrounding waters. The pasta at this restaurant is homemade, and the fish is always perfectly prepared. Customers have praised the customer service at this bistro, and they say that the prices are reasonable.

Delray Beach

4. Le Sorelle Restaurant- Delray Beach

Le Sorelle Restaurant is an Italian eatery with locations in both Delray Beach and nearby Boca Raton. They serve traditional Italian food, most of which features seafood. In addition to the seafood dishes, this restaurant is known for its homemade pasta and the wood-fired pizzas. Some examples of the dishes on offer are the baked branzino and the lobster fettuccine. This elegant eatery is located on SE 5th Avenue.

Delray Beach

3. Latitude’s Restaurant

Latitude’s Inn is the in-house eatery at the Holiday Inn, but it is also open to the public. It has a surf ‘n’ turf style menu, so there is something for everyone on the menu. The fish and seafood on the menu are cooked in various ways, and sushi is also an option. Diners who have eaten in this restaurant have praised the friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Delray Beach

2. Cape Cod Lobster Roll Company

Although Cape Cod Lobster Roll Company is one of the most casual eateries on this list, its outstanding food and excellent reviews mean that it is one of the top seafood restaurants in Delray Beach. It is also one of the most unusual restaurants in the area as diners eat on a converted bus. As the name suggests, the main option on the menu is lobster rolls. However, there are also other options on the menu at this budget-friendly eatery. If you want a no-frills dining experience, then you should give this place a try.

Delray Beach

1. Il Girasole

According to expert reviews and customer ratings, Il Girasole is the best seafood restaurant in Delray Beach. This is a fine dining establishment on South Federal Highway that is a fantastic place to eat for a celebration or a romantic meal. The menu mainly consists of traditional Italian seafood dishes, many of which originate from the Tuscany region of Italy. In addition to the seafood options, pasta features highly on the menu, and there are some meat options. Inside the restaurant, there is a warm and homely environment with exposed wood beams. Il Girasole is open from 5 pm to 10 pm from Tuesday through to Sunday, but it is closed on Mondays. Former diners praise the customer service, and they recommend saving some room for one of the delicious desserts.

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