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The 20 Best Sushi Restaurants in Philadelphia 2022


Philadelphia is Boston’s largest city. Those who live there or visit there can enjoy typical Boston cuisines, such as Boston beans, lobster mac ‘n’ cheese, Boston cream pie, clam chowder, cannoli, lobster rolls, clam bake, roast beef sandwiches, and the Yankee pot roast. However, traditional Boston dishes are not the only offering when eating out in this city, as there are examples of cuisine from all four corners of the globe. A popular choice is sushi, and there are some outstanding places from which to choose. So, where will you find the best places to get sushi in Philadelphia? Here are the 20 best sushi restaurants in Philadelphia for you to try.

20. Pod

Sushi chef Kevin Yanage built his reputation when he was the original chef at Philadelphia’s Double Knot. He has since moved to Pod, and having the talented chef at the helm has only added to the popularity of the 19-year-old restaurant on Cross Street. Alongside the sushi, the menu boasts dim sum, Pan Asian dishes, and fun cocktails, say Open Table.

19. Best Sushi Restaurant in University City, Philadelphia: DK Sushi

UPenn has an amazing food hall on Walnut Street, offering a wide choice of cuisines. One of the top options in the hall is DK Sushi, which is also one of the best sushi restaurants in Philadelphia’s University City area. Although it is not a glamorous dining environment and it operates like a fast-food joint, the standard of the food is excellent. It is described as a fine-casual restaurant, and the food is boxed for diners when they order with the option to eat in the food hall or take out the food.

18. Fuji Mountain

Fuji Mountain is on Chestnut Street, and from the outside, the restaurant may not seem all that appealing. However, the inside is a different matter, and you will see why people want to eat at this sushi joint. It is a bi-level space with red lights and polished wood floors. The menu predominantly consists of classic Japanese cuisine, although there are also some fusion options available. It is one of the best sushi restaurants to visit late at night as it is open later than many other sushi eateries. Fuji Mountain is also a fun place to visit as it has a lively atmosphere, and there are karaoke rooms where those who enjoy music can get up and sing.

17. Best Sushi Restaurant in Rittenhouse, Philadelphia: Vic Sushi Bar

Bigger is not always better, which is proven by a tiny Philadelphia sushi restaurant called Vic Sushi Bar. The small eatery is one Sansom Street in the Rittenhouse sector of the Center City district, and it has only a few seats at the bar. However, the quality of the food is outstanding, and diners love watching their food prepared in front of them. If there are no seats available, opt for takeout. Diners say that the prices are reasonable at Vic Sushi Bar.

16. Umai Umai

The food on offer at Umai Umai is at two opposite ends of the scale. On the one hand, there is authentic Japanese cuisine, including classic sushi rolls. On the other hand, there are wacky things that you will not see on the menus of other Japanese restaurants. There are designer rolls named after television series and other rolls with influences from French, Spanish, and Korean cuisines. Inside the restaurant, the dining room has a contemporary design. You will find Umai Umai on North 22nd Street.

15. Sushi Restaurant in Rittenhouse: Tsuki Sushi

Tsuki Sushi is one of the best sushi restaurants in the Rittenhouse area of Philadelphia, and it is particularly well known for its takeout offerings. The restaurant offers four different lunch combos, all of which are available for delivery. Tsuki Sushi is also one of the best options in Philadelphia if you want to grab a quick sushi lunch, as the service is fast and efficient. Another reason to choose this restaurant is the prices, as it is one of the city’s most affordable options and offers good value for money.

14. Kisso Sushi Bar

Kisso Sushi Bar is one of Philadelphia’s longest-standing sushi joints, as it has been open for more than two decades. It is on North 4th Street in the Old City neighborhood, and its regulars come back time and again to enjoy the delicious food. The eatery has a quieter atmosphere than many other sushi restaurants in Philadelphia, so it is ideal for date nights or when you want to have a conversation over a meal. Chef Alex Park is at the helm of the restaurant, and he delivers high-quality authentic Japanese cuisine.

13. Zama

Zama on South 19th Street is one of the most established sushi restaurants in Philadelphia and is consistently ranked as one of the top options for lovers of Japanese cuisine. It has a solid menu of classic rolls and other well-known Japanese dishes, but it also has some more unusual items. Chef Hiroyuki ‘Zama’ Tanaka uses fresh, local ingredients as inspiration to make creative sushi, and he also takes inspiration from local celebrities. Diners can choose something from the extensive drinks menu to accompany their meals, with options including beer, wine, and sake.

12. Best Center City Sushi Restaurant in Philadelphia: Fat Salmon

Fat Salmon is a busy sushi restaurant with a lively vibe on Walnut Street in the Center City neighborhood of Philadelphia. There are dozens of specialty rolls on the menu that have unusual names, such as Lost rainbow, Seabreeze, and Lipstick Trace. Some of the rolls are quite spicy, and there is a good selection of vegetarian options. All the ingredients used to create the sushi are fresh. It is not just the standard of the food that attracts the regulars, but also the restaurant’s ambiance, as it has a lounge-like feel and is usually packed.

11. Tokio Headhouse

One of the longest-standing sushi restaurants in Philadelphia is Tokio Headhouse, as it has been open since 1981. The restaurant is run by Madame Saito, who is considered one of the ambassadors of Japanese cuisine in Philadelphia, and she claims to have invented the Philadelphia roll. Tokio Headhouse is one of the city’s liveliest sushi joints, as it has a craft beer bar and karaoke nights. Although the restaurant is best known for its sushi, there is also a diverse choice of French-Asian fusion dishes on the menu that you will not find elsewhere.

10. Morimoto

Morimoto is one of the newer additions to the Philadelphia sushi scene, as it has only been open for a few years. It is the flagship restaurant of the world-renowned chef Masaharu Morimoto. The customers it initially attracted have remained loyal to the venue, and it continues to attract new customers who have heard the restaurant’s reputation and want to sample some of Morimoto’s creations. Although hand rolls and sashimi are the highlights of the menu, miso soup and ramen also feature. You will find Morimoto on Washington Square West.

9. Kinme

In terms of the style and presentation of the food, one of the best places to eat sushi in Philadelphia is Kinme on Washington Square West on Locust Street. It is a stylish restaurant with a sleek interior design, says Restaurant Clicks. The impressive visuals of the restaurant are also represented on the plate, as the sushi is stunning and the rolls have creative names. Those who are not fans of sushi will find a decent selection of other Japanese dishes on the menu.

8. Sushi Planet

Sushi Planet is a chain restaurant with global locations. You will find Philadelphia’s Sushi Planet on South 3rd Street in the city’s Queen Village neighborhood, just a few blocks from the Delaware River. It stands out from the competition due to the diversity of the menu and the unusual offerings available. Just some examples of the unique items on the menu include a lobster and avocado salad wrapped in tuna and a sushi pizza.

7. The Best Sushi Restaurant in Collingswood, Philadelphia: Sagami Japanese Restaurant

Located on West Crescent Boulevard, one of the best sushi restaurants in Philadelphia’s Collingswood suburb is Sagami Japanese Restaurant. It serves some of the city’s most authentic Japanese cuisine, and there is a simplistic approach to the dishes without the extra frills offered in many modern sushi restaurants. It is somewhere that sushi purists will love, as the sushi is prepared with just rice, vegetables, and raw proteins. They will also love the cozy atmosphere in this Tokyo-style sushi bar.

6. Yanako Restaurant

Eater Philadelphia names Yanako Restaurant on Main Street as one of the best sushi restaurants in Philadelphia. This eatery is known for its customizable sushi dinners. There is a light and airy feel to this restaurant, as the wood-paneled dining room has an atrium. Diners can also choose to eat outside at the sidewalk tables on warmer days.

5. Double Knot

Double Knot is a bi-level venue on South 13th Street in the Center City district with a coffee shop on the ground floor and an izakaya in the basement space. The sushi at this restaurant is crafted in a different way from most other sushi restaurants, as it is assembled in a unique way, taking one element at a time. Some rolls have unusual ingredients, including some non-Asian food items such as foie gras. In addition to the sushi and sashimi, the menu also boasts robatayaki and Asian small plates.

4. Royal Sushi and Izakaya

Like many restaurants trying to survive during the pandemic, Royal Sushi and Izakaya concentrated on takeout nigiri trays and chirashi bowls during the restaurant closures. Although the restaurant continues to offer fantastic takeout and delivery services, it has once again opened its doors to customers, so diners can enjoy the food in a restaurant environment described as a Japanese pub. Royal Sushi and Izakaya has regained its popularity for its rolls, karaage, and cocktails. There is also an intimate backroom with eight bar seats where diners can graze through the 17-course omakase menu.

3. Best Sushi Restaurant for Fusion Food: Bluefin

There are three Bluefin locations in Philadelphia, with restaurants in the East Norriton, Exton, and Bala Cynwyd neighborhoods. All three restaurants are owned by chef Yong Kim, who has built a reputation for producing some of Philadelphia’s best sushi. The sushi and sashimi are perfectly prepared, and the options are diverse. In addition to the sushi, Bluefin restaurants have become known for their fusion dishes, which include miso sea bass, miso lobster mac and cheese, and the unique and creative tuna sundae.

2. Nunu

Nunu is a little different from other sushi restaurants in Philadelphia for several reasons. First, sushi isn’t the restaurant’s specialty, although they do have a fantastic selection of hand rolls, sashimi, and maki with enough options to delight the average sushi liver. The restaurant is better known for its dishes such as furikake cheese fries, spicy tuna on rice crackers, and milk bread cheese toast. Another reason the restaurant differs from the competition is that diners can also access the menu at the neighboring restaurant, Chesu Noodle Bar, so that they can eat sushi with an accompaniment of ramen.

1. The Best Sushi in Philadelphia: Hiroki

According to Philadelphia Magazine, topping the list of the best sushi restaurants in Philadelphia is Hiroki, which is one North Front Street in the historical neighborhood of Fishtown. The restaurant is owned and run by Hiroki Fuji, who previously worked at Morimoto. This restaurant is where you will find some of the city’s most outstanding sushi, which is served as part of the omakase-only menu. Hiroki says that its concept is to serve immersive and soulful Japanese cuisine that is rooted in technique and tradition.

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