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The 20 Best Things to do in Deerfield Beach, FL

International Fishing Pier

Nothing compares to spending a holiday or weekend getaway in a quiet, family-friendly place with an azure ocean and silky sand. Deerfield Beach is a serene gem in Florida, set within Broward County and 17 miles from Fort Lauderdale. This city is every vacationer's dream, featuring numerous attractions, beautiful beaches, and plenty of fun activities for locals and visitors alike. You can fish off a giant pier, walk through a scenic trail surrounded by hammocks, build sand castles, go kayaking, or shop in the nearby areas. Here are the 20 best things to do in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

Patio Bar and Grill

20. Enjoy a refreshing drink at Patio Bar and Grill

After a day of skiing, paddle boarding, hunting alligators, and touring the beautiful Deerfield Beach, it is time to enjoy a refreshing drink. Patio Bar and Grill is a restaurant with great patio seating with big glass windows overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Sip your favorite drink as you enjoy the cool breeze and an incredible view from this restaurant. Their menu items include mouthwatering desserts, delicious entrees, and small plates. You will enjoy the handcrafted cocktails, bottled beer, great coffee, and beer on tap at the bar.

Charm City

19. Grab a bite at Charm City Burger Company

Enjoying a good drink alone or with a friendly company is a perfect way to spend your weekend or evening. Charm City Burger Company is an excellent spot for a casual bite or sipping your favorite drink after a long day. The homey burger joint and casual bar may not look impressive from the outside, but they serve some of the best burgers in Deerfield Beach. Grab a gourmet-caliber burger with outstanding, prompt service and a reasonable price. Their menu features a large selection of burgers alongside other great offerings like tots, microbrew beer, wings, milkshakes, and taters.

Sunstar Aquatic

18. Go diving at Sunstar Aquatic Services

The Atlantic Ocean is filled with incredible sea life like coral reefs, sea turtles, and sharks. You can dive below the water surface at Sunstar Aquatic Services and see the otherworldly underwater dimension beneath. According to Visit Lauderdale, their operation is safe, fun, and experienced. Only small groups are allowed to curb overcrowding and ensure each visitor gets a unique experience. Dive classes are provided for new divers, while certified and experienced divers can charter a boat for a full or half-day.

The Whale's Rib

17. Dine at The Whale's Rib

Sitting right on the beach, The Whale's Rib is a perfect place to enjoy incredible seafood dining options in Deerfield Beach. It is the locals' favorite spot and one of the most recommended places to dine for visitors. Their food includes unusual names like "whale fries'' and "dolphin fingers.'

Casa Maya Grill

16. Enjoy delicious Mexican food at Casa Maya Grill

Emilio Dominguez, the owner of Casa Maya Grill, has been serving delicious and authentic Mexican dishes to Deerfield Beach residents and visitors since 2008. This restaurant has become a benchmark for premium-quality Mexican cuisine in the area. Casa Maya has no freezers in its kitchens, so the menu comprises many fresh ingredients in their original, time-honored recipes.

Visit the New Art Gallery

15. Visit the New Art Gallery

The New Art Gallery in Deerfield Beach has run for over three decades, selling a range of fine art, including paintings of antique and historical posters and paintings by local artists. Their display features a diverse art style, making it easy to find something appealing. Visitors can also bring in the art for custom framing. According to Manta, New Art Gallery offers framing services with a large selection of framing options and a highly-skilled staff that helps clients find the specific designs they desire.

Oceans 234

14. Dine at Oceans 234

Oceans 234 is a vibrant cafe in Deerfield Beach that was initially opened over 50 years ago. It was later transformed into a hip beachside restaurant, offering plenty of outdoor patio seating with beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean coastline. The restaurant is famous for its inventive twists on classic seafood favorites, including crab meat cocktail, Thai pesto grilled snapper, lobster mac and cheese, and jumbo seafood towers with raw oysters, shrimp, and clams. Diners can choose from surf and turf combos or raw bar selections like middle neck clams or cold water oysters.

Historic Butler House

13. Tour the Historic Butler House

The quaint Butler House is probably the most iconic home in Deerfield Beach. It is a pastel Mediterranean Revival-style structure that was constructed in 1923. It occupies four city lots on a residential street and features a bright terra-cotta-tiled roof and hollow-tiled walls. James and Alice Butler originally owned this house and left it to the historical Society upon their deaths. The Butler House currently serves as a museum. Visitors can learn about life in the pioneer days.

Gumbo Limbo Nature Center

12. Gumbo Limbo Nature Center

The Gumbo Limbo Nature Center is a 20-acre land on a barrier island surrounded by tropical hardwood hammock trees. It was established in 1984 and intended to protect various animal and plant species indigenous to South Florida. Visitors can watch adorable creatures at the Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Facility, stroll along the Ashley Trail, or wander through the elegant butterfly garden. The Boardwalk Trail passes through the hammock forest and eventually gets you to the nearby Red Reef West Park. According to their website, you can see Gumbo Limbo, a famous South Florida tree with a unique copper-colored within the trails.

JB's on the Beach

11. Dine at Sunset at JB's on the Beach

JB's on the Beach is one of the most popular beachfront restaurants in Deerfield Beach. It conveniently sits on the beach, providing outstanding ocean views. The restaurant is home to some mouthwatering dishes and offers a vibrant locally-driven culture, often featuring live entertainment. JB's has a large, shaded patio with ocean views, relaxing breezes, and an extensive menu featuring incredible food offerings. It is also perfect for holding corporate events, celebrations, and private parties.

Mizner Park

10. Go shopping at Mizner Park

The luxurious Mizner Park is a popular shopping spot located in Boca Raton. No trip to Deerfield Beach is complete without visiting this beautiful landmark set in a perfectly-landscaped environment. You can go shopping, watch a movie at the onsite theater, take photos, hang out with family and friends, or eat in one of the fantastic restaurants. Mizner Park combines conventional Florida charm with modern-day luxury. The outdoor mall features wide sidewalks, beautiful outdoor patios, a gorgeous stone water fountain, charming gardens, and manicured grass. According to Florida Memory, visitors can shop for anything, including accessories, jewelry, food, housewares, clothing, and electronics.

Relax at the Sullivan Park

9. Relax at the Sullivan Park

Sullivan Park, Fl, is a waterfront park directly across Deerfield Island Park and along the Gulf Stream's edge. It is a perfect place for families as it has multiple shaded playgrounds and a fun splash pad where individuals can cool off in the fountain water rising from the ground. The park also offers a dock for boats, a fishing spot, and several picnic areas.

Deerfield Beach Boardwalk

8. Walk along the Deerfield Beach Boardwalk

Deerfield Beach is home to the famous one-mile boardwalk popular with rollerbladers, bikers, and walkers. If you are looking for the best things to do in this city, then this is a perfect place to be. The walkway lets you explore the beach without getting sand in your shoes. Streetlamps and nearby buildings provide enough light, making it perfect for couples who value a romantic stroll under the stars. Wandering along the Deerfield Beach Boardwalk will help you appreciate the beautiful scenery regardless of the time of the day or evening. You can also sit on one of the benches lining this walkway, enjoy the cool breeze, or grab a bite in a waterfront restaurant.

Island Water Sports

7. Island Water Sports

Established in 1978, Island Water Sports is an iconic shop promoting South Florida's surf and skate culture. The Deerfield Beach store offers guided surfing, paddleboarding, and skimming lessons. According to Visit Florida, visitors can join free lessons every Saturday morning from seven to o'clock. You can also stop to shop for the latest swimwear, paddleboards, apparel, skateboards, beach accessories, and surfboards. Rent a paddleboard or other equipment and their beautiful waterways.

Ski Rixen USA

6. Engage in cable water skiing at Ski Rixen USA

Located within Quiet Waters Park, Ski Rixen USA provides an exceptional dimension of water fun. Cable water skiing is a rare waterport available in less than a hundred facilities worldwide. Ski Rixen is the first facility in the country to allow visitors to wakeboard, waterski, and kneeboard on the quiet lake waters, using a modern cable water ski system. A cable will pull you over a glassy, smooth lake surface without fighting giant waves and bumps while you ride. Learn the basics or improve your watersports skills by practicing new tricks.

Deerfield Beach Arboretum

5. Learn plant conservation at Deerfield Beach Arboretum

Famous as the area's "tree zoo," the Deerfield Beach Arboretum is a picturesque property that preserves its plants within nine acres. It sits in the Deer Creek neighborhood and serves as an incredible oasis and a beautiful sanctuary within the limits of its urban surroundings. The Arboretum features over two hundred different tree species from all different parts of the world, the majority being palms, which are native to Florida's hot, humid climate. Visitors can also learn about rainforest preservation. Take a scenic and peaceful stroll on the half-mile-long walking trail, or take a look at interesting plants at the HW "Zeke" Landis Nursery. The Deerfield Beach Arboretum also features a large playground with different fitness equipment.

Deerfield Island Park

4. Melt your worries away at Deerfield Island Park

Opened in 1978, Deerfield Island Park is a tranquil wonderland and a haven for wildlife and nature. The 423-acre island is an excellent place to get away from it all. Visitors can search for alligators in the mangrove swamps, spot a turtle on the boardwalk, or walk along the jungle-like trails. Wildlife in Deerfield island Park includes tortoises, armadillos, manatees, and different types of birds.

Quiet Waters Park

3. Visit Quiet Waters Park

Quiet Waters Park is the most fun place in Deerfield Beach. It is over 430 acres of land and water, popular with boaters and individuals looking to engage in different watersports. The park boasts 27 campsites with teepees and tents available for rent. Quiet Waters Park also hosts Splash Adventure Water Park, an aquatic playground with a splash pool and waterslides. You can rent a bike and cycle along trails, visit the butterfly garden, or play volleyball, disc golf, and basketball. Take your four-legged pal to Woofing Waters Dog Park & Marina for fun.

Deerfield Beach

2. Soak up some rays at Deerfield Beach

Deerfield Beach, aptly named after the city, is arguably the star attraction in the area. It is a pristine stretch with silky sand and an azure ocean. The Blue Flag award is famous for its clean conditions and outstanding water quality. Deerfield Beach is a perfect spot for families comprising a Boardwalk, extended fishing pier, and offering numerous fun and entertaining activities. You can soak up some rays, jump in the waves, or build castles on the lusciously soft golden sand.

International Fishing Pier

1. Go fishing at Deerfield Beach International Fishing Pier

The International Fishing Pier is a popular attraction in Deerfield Beach and the most beloved gem in the region. It stretches about one thousand feet into the Atlantic Ocean. Visitors can fish, sit, walk, or enjoy the sea's beautiful sight. An early morning visit will help you capture elegant moments with the remarkable sunrise. You can also visit the pier during nighttime and get an exceptional view of the stars. According to Deerfield-Beach, the International Fishing pier is often dotted with fishermen trying to make a catch. You can rent fishing equipment or buy different types of baits and souvenirs at the Deerfield Beach Shop.

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