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The 20 Best Things to do in Pinetop, AZ

Fool Hollow Lake

Pinetop-Lakeside is popularly known to be a summer resort. The town is located in Navajo county, Arizona, in the United States. It is well known for the incorporation of two communities to form one town. The two communities that merged are Pinetop and Lakeside. Pinetop-Lakeside is the second home area for Arizona desert residents. This beautiful town is popularly known for its extensive tourism and recreational activities. The town is the home of the world’s largest stand of ponderosa pines. If you are in desperate need of a place with an outstanding quality of life, Pinetop-Lakeside is the place to be. Geographically, the town is located near extensive forests. The town is blessed with a favourable Mediterranean dry-summer subtropical climate. There are so many reasons why people return year after year to Pinetop-Lakeside. Some of these reasons include; the town offers a breathtaking star-filled sky, clean fresh air, miles of trails through the Ponderosa Pine Forest and a home to 65 lakes and over 200 river streams. Without a doubt, Pinetop-Lakeside is an ideal vacation destination. It offers a wide range of comfortable hotels, restaurants , lodges and shopping centres to choose from. This article will look at the twenty best things to do in Pinetop-Lakeside.

Woodland Lake Park

20. Woodland Lake Park

The Woodland Lake Park is a beautiful, natural lake in Pinetop-Lakeside. It is nicely surrounded by tall Ponderosa pines and also meadow. Woodland Lake Park is the radiant centerpiece of the town. The park is crowned with different outstanding features which include softball fields, walking paths, volleyball courts and numerous play areas. Different fish and bird species are found in the park. Several fun activities that one experiences while in the park are hiking, biking and equestrian. To add on top of all these boating activities and kayaking are available.

Country Club Trail

19. Country Club Trail

Country Club Trail is a moderately trafficked loop measuring 5.5 kilometres. It is located near the Lakeside in Arizona. The Country Club Trail is moderately rated. Parking spaces are available at the head of the trail. The primary activities carried out in the trail include; hiking, mountain biking, horse riding and walking. The trail is also very suitable for pets. During your walks in the trail there are chances of seeing the elk and mule deer.

Thompson Trail

18. Thompson Trail

Thompson Trail is located in Pinetop-Lakeside.It is one of the attractive landscapes in Pinetop-Lakeside White Mountains. The basic fact that it is well-groomed and level, makes it beautiful in its own way. Fishing and hiking are some of the major activities that take place on the Thompson Trail. This trail follows the West Fork of the Black River downstream.

Panorama Trail

17. Panorama Trail

Panorama Trail is a moderately rated trail. It measures approximately 9.5 miles. The trail features a great forest setting. Panorama Trail is strategically located to offer beautiful sunset views. Pets such as dogs also have it easy walking on this trail. On a clear day, the views on the trail are very impressive. The Panorama Trail has set aside an area that is a wildlife habitat which is a home to various animals.

Timber Mesa Trail

16. Timber Mesa Trail

The Timber Mesa Trail is located near Show Low, Arizona. It is a 7.5 mile trail. A variety of habitats  are covered in the trail. The habitats range from Ponderosa pine to scrubland. If you are a big fan of flowers, Timber Mosa Trail offers a wide range of wild flowers. While on the trail, one is able to experience some great views of the Show Low, Pinetop-Lakeside and Jacques Marsh. Different types of small mammals that include mule deer and elk. Forest birds are also found in the region. The trail is primarily used for various fun activities. The activities are; running, hiking, mountain biking and walking.

White Mountain Nature Centre

15. White Mountain Nature Centre

The White Mountain Nature Center involves various partners working together to offer outdoor presentations, hikes and workshops. The Nature Centre works closely and cooperates with the Town of Pinetop-Lakeside and the Arizona Game and Fish Department to make the place worth visiting. There are various programs set to offer family-oriented fun and ensure a proper understanding of nature.

Jacques Marsh Wildlife Area

14. Jacques Marsh Wildlife Area

Jacques Marsh Wildlife Area in Pinetop-Lakeside is an area with small islands that offers nesting places for waterfowls. It is a manmade marsh area occupying an area of under 100 acres. It is a lush oasis that features natural forests and ponds. The area is a perfect location for hunting because of the waterfowls. The area is well surrounded by beautiful vegetation that provides perfect blinds, making hunting a fun activity. Jacques Marsh Wildlife Area is a year-round venue due to the migration of birds that takes place.

Porter Mountain Stables

13. Porter Mountain Stables

The Porter Mountain Stables in the white Mountain community in Pinetop-Lakeside is a family operated and owned business. The community surrounding the stable ensures that people visiting the stable have their best experiences. It is known as the number one equestrian adventure. The Porter Mountain Stable rides go through streams and creeks around Scotts Reservoir into open ponderosa parks and huge meadows.

Ice Cave Trail

12. Ice Cave Trail

The Ice Cave Trail is a unique trail with an ice cave at the midpoint that is fenced off to protect and preserve it. Ice Cave Trail is known to be a favourite spot for hikers. It has an easy trail and very cool pine-juniper forests. From the lava tube in the trail, comes out some cool air with a constant temperature, which is the trail’s big attraction. During the walk in the trail, one goes through Ponderosa Forest and crosses an attractive stream on the way. In the Ice Cave lies an Ice Cave trail junction that is rightfully unique in its way. The cave is a sinkhole with no ice.

Mogollon Rim Interpretive Trail

11. Mogollon Rim Interpretive Trail

This trail is one of the short trails in Pinetop-Lakeside. It is a one-mile trail and an easy one in that matter. It is located near Lakeside in Arizona. As you walk on the edge of the rim, one experiences some of the best views in the region. The rim is a dividing line between the Colorado and the Gila-Salt River systems. The trail gives one a chance to see different wild animals. Mogollon Rim Interpretive Trail is used for activities such as running, hiking and walking.

Fool Hollow Lake

10. Fool Hollow Lake

Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area is a great wildlife habitat. It is home to small mammals like the squirrels and also the big mammals like the elk, therefore offering a full wildlife viewing opportunity. In addition to the wildlife, the Lake has a huge variety of birds. For birdwatchers, the migration of the birds at the beginning of spring at the Lake is everything they could wish for. The Lake offers a camping site to camping lovers. The Fool Hollow Lake is also a great fishing spot with a view of herons and grebos competing for fish.

Show Low City Park

9. Show Low City Park

Show Low City Park is one of the parks in Pinetop-Lakeside with plenty of space that plays as the kids playing area. It features baseball and soccer fields, volleyball and basketball courts, general play areas, softball field with lights, tennis courts, racquetball courts, walking trails, and a dog park. If you have never played Frisbee golf before, Show Low City Park gives you an opportunity to give it a try. There is something for everyone in each age group and their pets.

High Country Art Gallery

8. High Country Art Gallery

The High Country Art Gallery and Gift shop is operated by The High Country Association. The Gallery acts as a showroom for professional artist work for the past 30 years. It also encourages the emergence of new talent in the town by welcoming new artists. The Gallery offers a place where Fine art and Fine craft are well represented. Original works by the town’s local artists are found in the Gallery at reasonable prices. Other items like photographs, fused glass, woodworking, ceramics, prints and cards are available in the Gallery.

Pinetop Lakes Golf and Country Club

7. Pinetop Lakes Golf and Country Club

People visiting the Pinetop-Lakeside can have a local golf and Country Club game. Pinetop, Arizona, is a popular golfing town. The Country Club is open to the public at specific times of the day. The Country Club is an 18-hole golf course, featuring water and pine trees. There is a lovely restaurant around the area with a nice list of meals and wines on their menu.

Krissie's Ski and Board

6. Krissies Ski & Board Shop

This specific shop in Pinetop is known to be one of the town’s landmarks. It purposefully serves skiers and snowboarders.It serves the town’s community as well as out-of-state skiers. They give their visitors some assurance of securing the correct ski rentals. It is the best place for winter recreation during the weekend.

Rainbow Lake

5. Rainbow Lake

The Rainbow Lake is elevated to about 6,760 feet. The Lake’s elevation helps in creating some form of refreshing weather around it. This is an assurance it's a great area for rest and unwinding.It is a habitat to various fish species: Rainbow Trout, Channel Catfish, Largemouth Bass and Green Sunfish. Boat riding and fishing are the main activities that take place in this place. The Lake also acts as a camping and hiking site.

Show Low Museum

4. Show Low Museum

The museum was established in 1995. It is well known for telling the story of the Mormons first settling in Pinetop-Lakeside, hence worth the visit. It has replaced the town’s past police station. While visiting the museum, visitors can exchange experiences after learning about life of the early days. The Show Low Museum is made up of 16 rooms of photos, family artifacts, tools and ancestral exhibits.

Pinetop Lakes Activity Centre and Stables

3. Pinetop Lakes Activity Centre and Stables

Pinetop Lakes Activity Center and Stables is number three on our list. It is a facility that accommodates different fun activities. It is a place you can visit with family and friends for a great time. The Center is surrounded by some of the most beautiful trails one can think of. Visiting the Centre is the real definition of adventure. Horse riding is one of the activities that take place in the Center, hence the availability of horse riding training by professionals, children being considered.

2. Spa Estique

The Spa Estique is the mountain’s getaway place after a day of walking and cycling in the mountain’s trails. It is the best place to visit for some reinvigoration. A visit to this spa helps one indulge their senses, re-strengthen their bodies and inspire one’s mind. The Spa has introduced a sanctuary of beauty, spa treatment, and skin, soul and body refreshment. To prove how good this place is, the spa gets great reviews from both the town’s locals and also visitors. Some features of the Spa are; individual locker, jacuzzi and spa room and a sauna. Spa Estique has a beautiful lounge offering some herbal tea and some healthy snacks. Visiting the Spa Estique is quite a nice experience that everyone should try.


1. La Vie Marketplace & Cafe

La Vie Marketplace and Cafe, is a go to place when one is in need of breaking their day-to-day normal lifestyle, which might feel monotonous. One can actually do both shopping and still catch a meal in La Vie Marketplace & Cafe, therefore favoring those individuals with limited time to eat and do their shopping simultaneously. If you are into healthy eating and all that, cafe focuses on making fresh and healthy meal options to choose from. The meals at the cafe are to die for. The Cafe prepares different yummy meals for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. In addition, the place offers an area for special events and promotions hence serving the corporate world. La Vie Marketplace and Cafe is the place to be at the end of the day for relaxation. Starting your day in the Cafe might also be a good idea to kick the day off.

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