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The 10 Best Vintage Cameras Money Can Buy

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Living in the era of smartphones, selfie sticks, and an array of tech-rich apps, and yet vintage cameras are still gaining popularity? Nothing strikes the eye like captivating moments packed with a retro feel. Considering the current popularity behind nostalgia, finding the best vintage camera for your budget can be laborious.

10. Nikon L35AF - $259.99

The Nikon L35AF is still dazzling after 38 Years. Launched in 1983, this L35AF, the Nikon's first Autofocus compact, is an excellent option for a modern photographer yearning for an iPhone-like experience in a vintage lens. Being around four decades, you'd assume this camera system is rudimental. In fact, the L35AF autofocus capabilities are still superb.

Distortion and flaring are no issues when filming into bright light using this 35mmf/2.8 lens. This incredible analog point-and-shoot camera is known for bringing photography back to the days when capturing great images dependent on the photographer's focus and light manipulation abilities.

9. Rollei 35 35mm Viewfinder - $221.12

Introduced in 1966 and was the minutest 35mm camera model at the time. This compact camera has a fixed foldable lens. Regardless of its tiny size, it's known for great shots. Get this little gem and capture every moment with convenience.

8. Single Lens Reflex (SLR) Camera - $8.99

Loved and used by many, this camera is among the first inventions in the history of photography. SLR prides over 340 years of development. This foldable manual camera began to gain recognition in the 1950s. Unlike other vintage cameras, this bulky design may not be a perfect option for amateur photographers. It requires knowledge of how to set the shutter speed and aperture without digital assistance. Consider adding it to your vintage collection if you're competent enough to use this durable camera.

7. Kodak Retina II Type 142 - $399

Kodak Retina II type 142 is a high-end 35mm camera, initially released in 1936. Thanks to Kodak, photography became more affordable for the multitude. This folding photographic equipment has a separate rangefinder window and viewfinder. It's also fitted with a knob film wind to advance the frame. It is characterized by the Schneider 50mm f/2.8 or f/e or Kodak Ektar 50mm f/3.5 lens. What adds to the sophistication of this prestigious camera is the Compur-rapid shutter of 1/500, which helps avoid motion blur in every shoot.

6. Olympus Pen - $52.82

Capture more photos with this half-frame vintage camera. With only a single roll, you can shoot 72 images. This portable 35mm camera underwent development from 1959 to the 1980s. It prides portability just like a 'pen.'

5. Contax T2 - $ 1,350

Released in 1991 is this iconic compact rangefinder worth shelling out for. The Contax T2 is a high-quality camera packed with conveniently valuable features. It has since been a desirable choice for high-end users. Thanks to the outstanding clarity and color rendition, it brings every shoot. What sets this autofocus camera apart from its equals is the superior array of manual controls; the exposure compensation, flash and aperture controls are hardly recognized by many users.

It has a fixed 38mm f2.8 folding Carl Zeiss T* multi-coated Sonnar build of 5 elements in 4 groups. What a powerful lens in such a small camera! Though Contax T2 s ranks above the competition, it became more popular in February 2017 when Kendall Jenner pulled it out to take photos of Jimmy Fallon. Since then, this point-to-shoot compact camera has been a popular option in the hands of many influencers and supermodels.

4. Pentax K1000 - $170

Pentax K1000, 35mm SLR, is a great vintage camera for professional and sideline photography. Why is it highly sought among youngsters, especially students? In addition to reliability and simplicity, Pentax K1000 is a mechanical camera and requires no batteries. Besides, it's one of the longest-lived popular budget-friendly cameras with an appealing vintage look. It's also portable, thanks to its small size, you can carry it everywhere and shoot all day. The K1000 has a superb light meter; hence exposure is a cinch. If aspiring to pursue photography or create fun and memorable moments around it, jumpstart your aspirations with this worth-owning vintage shooter.

3. Konica Hexar AF -$760

Looking for a 35mm f2 lens complex camera that is trapped in a simple design? Konica Hexar AF fits that description. It comes with a fixed lens an autofocus rangefinder system. If you are a vintage enthusiast, this point-and-shoot camera will complement your style and personality. It can comfortably fit into the pockets of your 1968 vintage outfits. Meaning it's a perfect camera for street photography. Its film advance and the quiet shutter will provide you the discretion needed when shooting in the streets. Not to mention the built-in light meter, a plus for image clarity. Grab yours today and create memories filled with a touch of vintage.

2. Hasselblad 500C - $1,200

If you are a dedicated photographer or collector, you've heard of Walter Schirra, an enthusiastic photographer behind the modification of Hasselblad 500c in 1962. Walter and NASA astronauts would not have anything to show for their mission to space if it were not for this vintage camera. Its top-notch performance is exemplified in the iconic photos that still stand as the basis of the Hasselblad's and NASA's partnership to date. This model has since been improved to what Michael Kennan, one of the world's most celebrated landscape photographers, uses today, the "Hasselblad 500 c/m". As they say, emulating legends is a step towards achieving the great results you've always aspired to. Getting yourself a Hasselblad 50cwith 800mm f2.8 planar means producing images of high quality with perfect accuracy in terms of color reproduction.

1. Leica M6 -$ 1,800

In the market for a simple yet sophisticated mechanical masterpiece? Leica M6, a 35mm rangefinder camera, is a perfect option for German Engineering. This aesthetically gorgeous compact camera has a reflective light meter, film-advanced lever, rewinding knob, and a shutter speed of 1/1000 and above. Leica M6 is an incredible camera, most used in documentary filming and photojournalism. It's a reliable retro-style camera loved by many photographers, a worthwhile investment that will consistently deliver an unmatched user experience. Owning a Leica M6 means having a historical lens that prides quality and easy maintenance.


It's now evident that you don't have to shell out for a digital camera to create fascinating moments you can retell and remember forever. Vintage cameras are equally advanced and capable of producing quality images. Some models can leave a dent in your wallet. So, take time and go for what's best for you in terms of photo quality, aesthetic appeal, usability, and affordability. There's always an option for every buyer.

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