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How Blake Masters Achieved a Net Worth of $18 Million

As a venture capitalist and author, Blake Masters has already made quite a name for himself. Now that he is running for public office, there is an even greater level of interest in his campaign and how he amassed his current level of wealth. He came to further prominence by looking to win an Arizona senatorial seat. His best efforts granted him the chance to run against Democratic incumbent, Sen. Mark Kelly.

Others may have learned of Blake Masters because of his frequent collaborations with Peter Thiel. He has served as the COO and president of Thiel Capital and the Thiel Foundation. Masters’ wealth is derived from a wide range of sources, though. Let’s take a closer look at Blake Masters net worth and how he has managed to make his way to the brink of a senator seat before eventually conceding.

Blake Masters Early Life

Blake Masters was born to Marilyn and Scott Masters in Denver, Colorado, on Aug. 5, 1986. Marilyn ran an academic tutoring center, while Scott worked as a software engineer. When he was young, his family made the move to Tucson, Arizona. Blake attended a series of private schools and once he graduated high school, he was accepted to Stanford University.

In 2008, he graduated with a degree in political science. From there, he decided to continue his education and enrolled at Stanford Law School. Four years later, he received his law degree. After obtaining his second diploma, Blake Masters began his own startup. This tech startup was called Judicata and was designed to assist with legal research. He departed from Judicata in 2014, one year after joining. The website was eventually published three years later and was purchased by Fastcase in 2020.

Blake Masters Net Worth

Masters net worth has reached $18 million and he derives this income from a wide range of sources. He has never been content to focus on one aspect of his portfolio, as he is a well-known author and venture capitalist. He is said to earn a sizable percentage of his revenue through the royalties from the aforementioned book sales.

Blake Masters Author Career

Drawing on his experiences at Stanford Law School, Masters released his first book shortly after graduated. Zero to One: Notes on Startups was written in collaboration with Peter Thiel. This was not his only form of literary success, either. Masters went on to write additional books, working alongside Michael Alan Nelson to write Insurrection V3.6.

Thiel’s tutelage was also instrumental in Masters’ amassing of such a high net worth. He has been referred to as a Thiel protege for quite some time now and rightfully so. The two have been working together ever since they met during Masters’ stint at Stanford Law School.

How Did Masters Raise His Campaign Funds?

Blake Masters also made headlines because of his unique choice when it came time to raise campaign funds. He provided potential donors with the chance to purchase non-fungible tokens. These NFTs were provided to anyone who offered a donation that met or exceeded the $5,800 mark. Those who received these limited edition NFTs were also given the chance to attend exclusive live events and access a private chat server.

Recipients were even given a copy of the book that Masters co-authored with Thiel, with autographs from each of them. By choosing this unique path for campaign fundraising, Masters was able to raise nearly $600,000 within less than 48 hours.

Blake Masters Connection To Peter Thiel

Thiel and Masters first made their connection during Masters’ enrollment at Stanford Law. While he was obtaining his JD from Stanford Law, he corresponded with Thiel over e-mail. From there, Peter encouraged Blake to enroll in a class that he would be teaching during the spring semester back in 2012. The two hit it off even further from there.

Masters took diligent notes during Thiel’s lectures and gained notoriety by posting them on a tech blog for others to read. They have maintained a close relationship since, with Masters serving as president and COO of multiple Thiel-owned companies.

Blake Masters Overall Career Path

In addition to his political ambitions, his work as an author and the time he has spent working alongside Peter Thiel, Blake Masters has had his hands in other industries. Once he completed his education, he spent a few months working as a law clerk at a US Attorney’s Office. It was not long before he began to work for Thiel, though.

Through his work with Thiel’s companies, Masters was able to make a series of even more notable connections. Masters and a number of other staff members were selected by Thiel to assist Donald Trump during his ascension to the United States presidency. This is when Masters began to hint towards his own political aspirations.

In 2019, he spoke about potentially challenging Republican US Senator Martha McSally, deeming her a poor candidate. While he did not end up going through with this idea, these ambitions would set the stage for what was to come.

Blake Masters Net Worth and Future Plans

Blake Masters net worth has now risen to $18 million, with no signs of slowing down any time soon. Masters also does not plan to step away from the political arena in the near future, either. His close ties to Peter Thiel and Donald Trump assure him of being able to play a major role in the future of the Arizona Senate seat that is currently being held by Krysten Sinema.

While it may be too early to speculate for some, the re-election process is already underway. Her seat will be up for grabs next year and that is why candidates like Masters are doing all that they can to position themselves now. Masters is already encouraged by his very close loss to Mark Kelly in 2022, as he was only five points short of taking the seat on his first try.

As Donald Trump continues to show strong signs of trouncing Florida governor Ron DeSantis for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024, it is only reasonable to consider the credibility bump that a candidate like Masters would receive from standing next to him. Experts believe that Masters’ best bet is to focus on the future, as opposed to harping on the past.

Only time will tell and Masters’ chosen strategy will play a key role in his ability to re-emerge in 2024. At the moment, it would seem unwise to bet against him. After all, he is a candidate who has already succeeded in a number of different fields and seems poised for even more success in the future.

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