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How Evan Ross Achieved a Net Worth of $30 Million

Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson

Evan Ross is an actor and musician who had a brief career in the entertainment industry in 1999 before officially becoming a professional entertainer in 2006. Since beginning his career, Ross has enjoyed an ever-increasing amount of professional success. In turn, it has led to him becoming a wealthy man. It is now estimated that Evan Ross’ net worth is $30 million, and here is how he accrued his wealth.

Evan Ross’ Early Life

Evan Ross was born as Evan Olav Naess in Greenwich, Connecticut, on August 36, 1988. His mother is singer Diana Ross, and his father is mountaineer and businessman Arne Naess Jr. While his mother is African-American, Ross’ father is of Norwegian and German descent. Ross has an older brother, three older maternal half-sisters, three older paternal half-siblings, and two younger paternal half-siblings. Ross’ parents divorced in 2000, and his father died in 2004 in a mountain climbing accident.

His Acting Career

Evan Ross’ first encounter with the entertainment industry was in 1999 when he was just 11 years old. He played the role of Ricky Bender in the television film ‘Shelley Fisher.’ He then did not appear in film or television again until 2006, when he was an adult.

When he began his adult acting career, Ross’ first role was playing Anton Swann in the 2006 film ‘ATL.’ In the same year, Ross appeared as Danny in three episodes of the sitcom ‘All of Us.’ The following year, he appeared in the television film ‘Life Support’ and the feature film ‘Pride.’ Throughout 2008 and 2009, Evan Ross’ career continued to progress.

Over these two years, he appeared in the television series ‘Girlfriend’ and the films ‘Gardens of the Night,’ ‘Linewatch,’ ‘Life Is Hot in Cracktown,’ ‘According to Greta,’ and ‘Black Water Transit.’

Evan Ross Sees Success

By 2010, Evan Ross was established in the film and television industries. In that year, he appeared in the films ‘Case 219’ and ‘Mooz-ium.’ In 2011, his films were ‘The Family Tree’ and ’96 Minutes’. For his performance in the latter, Ross won an SXSW Film Festival Award for Breakthrough Performance.

Ross also landed the role of Charlie Selby in ‘90210,’ appearing in nine episodes between 2010 and 2011. Over the next three years, Evan Ross appeared in films such as ‘Jeff Who Lives at Home,’ ‘All the Wilderness,’ ‘Just Before I Go,’ ‘Squatters,’ and ‘Supremacy.’ He also played Diver Hawkes in ‘Wicked City’ and had a role in the television film ‘CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story.’ At the end of 2014, Ross landed the role of Messalla in ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay- Part 1.’

The following year, he resumed this role in ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay- Part 2.’ A busy year in Ross’ career was 2017, as he landed the role of Angel Rivera in the series ‘Star’ and played this role until 2019. At the same time, Evan Ross appeared alongside his wife in the reality television series ‘Ashlee + Evan.’

He was also in the film ‘The Curse of Buckout Road,’ playing the role of Aaron Powell. He then played Cameron in the 2020 film ‘Pink Skies Ahead.’ Most recently, Ross Evan has had roles in two films, both in 2021. He played Sam Williams in ‘The United States vs. Billie Holiday’ and Mike in ‘She Ball.’

The former was a feature film, while the latter was a direct-to-streaming film. In addition to having film and television roles, Evan Ross has also appeared in two music videos. The first of these was the music video for The Notorious B.I.G.’s 2005 single ‘Nasty Girl.’ Ross then appeared in the music video for Lionel Richie’s 2009 single ‘Just Go.’

Ross’ Career in the Music Industry

Shortly after starting his acting career, Evan Ross also decided that he wanted to pursue a career in the music industry. He began recording his debut album in 2007, and it includes a combination of pop and R&B. He had been working on his music for four years before he released his debut single ‘Yes Me’ in 2011.

His mother and Tony DeNiro co-produced the single. Ross then released a preview of the song ‘How to Live Alone’ in 2014. A year later, he released the song as a single that featured rapper T.I. In addition to launching his solo career, Evan Ross is in the duo Ashlee + Evan with his wife, Ashlee Simpson.

For the series ‘Star with Brittany O’Grady,’ the duo recorded ‘All I Want’ and ‘Don’t Look at Me.’ They also released a duet collaboration album called ‘Ashlee + Evan’ in 2018. Furthermore, Ross has also featured in songs by other artists. He first featured on another artist's song on DJWS & Hero’s single ‘They’ in 2016. He then featured on Kronic’s song ‘Restricted’ in 2017.

Evan Ross’ Net Worth

According to Wealthy Persons, Evan Ross’ net worth is $30 million. Ross has predominantly made his money as an actor in both films and television, although his career in music has also contributed to his wealth. As he continues to work in various aspects of the entertainment industry, Evan Ross has the potential to further increase his wealth in the future. His high-profile marriage has also increased his earning potential.

His Personal Life

Evan Ross is married to singer Ashlee Simpson. The couple became engaged in 2014, and their wedding took place later in the same year at Ross’ mother’s Connecticut estate. Upon their marriage, Ross became a stepfather to Simpson’s son, Bronx, from her marriage to musician Pete Wentz.

Ross and Simpson’s daughter, Jagger Snow, was born in 2015. She was followed by their son, Ziggy Blu, in 2020. The couple lives in a luxurious property in Encino, Los Angeles. According to Dirt, the couple paid $4.5 million for the 6,250-square-feet farmhouse-style house that sits on 4.4-acres and boasts five-bedroom and 6.5-bathrooms.

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