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A Closer Look at the Bulova Classic Wilton GMT Watch

Bulova Classic Wilton GMT Watch

Some watch enthusiasts have shied away from automatic GMT watches due to their high price. Typically, such watches cost at least $1,000. Luckily, you can get a budget-friendly GMT watch called the Bulova Classic Wilton GMT Watch. According to Teddy, the GMT watch costs $875. This watch lets you track a second time zone via its additional, 24-hour hand, which is not a feature some costly GMT watches offer. The watch can do this, thanks to its Miyota 9075 movement. This movement allows you to set the hour hand independently, which means the GMT hand will not follow the hour hand like in some GMT watches. It may not be the best-looking movement, but it runs at 4HZ and has a power reserve of 42 hours. Besides its GMT functionality, let's have a look at the watch’s additional features below.

The Watch’s Strap is Made of Leather

Leather affords the user certain advantages. First, the material is comfortable. Due to its flexibility, the material can assume the shape of any wrist size. So, you will not feel as though the watch is too tight on you. The other aspect of comfort to consider is its breathability. Its breathability causes it to absorb precipitation from sweat. Therefore, you will not have to feel some wetness beneath the watch. Another merit of leather is its versatility. For instance, you can pair it up with a suit and tie or a shirt and jeans. The material is therefore suitable for people who do not generally know what outfit to wear to match the watch. Another aspect of versatility is how it can be designed in several ways. For instance, you can opt for this watch’s brown or black leather strap versions.

The Watch’s Case is Made of Stainless Steel

Generally, rust makes a watch unappealing. As a result, you will avoid wearing it in public since some people may judge you for the watch. With this watch’s stainless steel case, you do not need to worry about rust since the metal is non-corrosive. According to Reliance Foundry, its anti-corrosive nature is due to the presence of chromium. Chromium reacts quickly with oxygen to form a protective layer on the case, hence preventing the entry of water and air onto it. The other notable advantage of stainless steel is its good hardness strength.

That means the material can suffer some external damage without changing shape. Therefore, your watch’s case will remain unchanged if you were to drop it accidentally. If your skin easily reacts to certain metal bracelets like nickel, you will be happy to know that stainless steel is non-allergic. Nickel allergies manifest in the form of itchiness and rashes on the skin. So, if you have been looking for a watch with a non-allergic material, this is the one to get.

Its Crystal is Made From Sapphire

Have you ever used a watch whose crystal later cracked or broke? If this has happened to you before, you should know that it was likely not made of sapphire. Sapphire is a very hard mineral, hence not susceptible to cracking or breaking. According to Jewelers Touch, it has a hardness value of 9, making it the second hardest mineral after diamond. Another attractive thing about sapphire is its transparency. Transparency is crucial since it is what helps you to see the time on the dial. However, its transparency is also its drawback since it develops glares from excess reflection. The glares make it hard for one to view the time. In order to eliminate the glares, the sapphire crystal has been laced with an anti-reflective coating.

It Has a Water Resistance Level of 30 Meters

If you have read the header, you may be eager to dive into an ocean with it. After all, it should survive a depth of 30 meters. Contrary to popular belief, the watch cannot last that long in that depth. That is because the measurement does not refer to water depth, but pressure levels. This watch would survive in a pool of water 30 meters high, provided there is no movement within the water. Since water is hardly still, the watch will easily be destroyed by the force of water movements.

Instead, the watch can survive droplets of water from rain showers, handwashing or a splash caused by a moving vehicle. If you desire a watch that you can swim with, consider the ones that are at least 50 meters. Regardless of the water resistance level, watches gradually lose their water resistance after some water exposure. So, if this watch has been exposed to water droplets on different occasions, you should have it checked or serviced regularly.

The Watch Has SuperLuminova Luminescence on the Hands

Thanks to the luminescence, you can effortlessly lead time in the dark. It is made from strontium aluminate, which is not radioactive and toxic like radium. Before SuperLuminova was invented, radium was used in watches. This luminescence’s greatest asset is its brightness. Even when it becomes dimmer, you will still be able to read the time. The dimness is caused when the luminescence is not exposed to some light. To restore its brightness, you must charge it by exposing it to natural or artificial light. For the best results, it would be best if you use natural light. The beauty of this luminescence is that you can charge it as much as you like, and it remains unaffected, unlike batteries. Even after thousands of light circles, the luminescence will not exhibit any wear.


Typically, you may have to buy an expensive watch to get the most out of it. However, with the arrival of the Bulova Classic Wilton GMT Watch, you can get a budget-friendly watch that is still effective. As a GMT watch, it can do what other expensive GMT watches cannot do. Additionally, Bulova ensured that this watch was durable so that you could continue enjoying its functionalities. With a sapphire crystal or a stainless steel case, you will not be visiting a watch repair shop anytime soon.

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