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20 Things you Didn't Know about Calaxy

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Calaxy is an American startup that provides an open social marketplace that is designed for creators by creators. It is a brand new company that could change the way content creators interact. It puts content creators and fans together to provide more fulfilling and meaningful fan experiences while helping creators to interact with their loyal fans. It is a blockchain alternative that is based upon a consensus algorithm that helps creators better serve fans and simultaneously monetize their interactions with their respective communities. If you've not yet heard about this exciting new crypto company, here are 20 things you probably didn't know about Calaxy.

1. Calaxy is growing its number

According to Crunchbase, Calaxy is just getting started, and its members are growing at a steady pace. The analytics for the Calaxy website shows that over the past 30 days, the number of visitors has grown to 27,648. This number represents a monthly visits growth rate of 132.08 percent. It is ranked as number 728,364 of the millions of websites registered on the worldwide web.

2. Calaxy is the most popular in the United States

Ninety-nine percent of the web traffic for Calaxy comes from people who live in the United States. The monthly visits growth rate of visits from people in this country has grown by 427.65 percent over the past 30 days. One percent of the visitors are from Singapore. This may not seem like a high number of website hits, but for a company that is so new, it shows steady progress, and that Calaxy is also starting to receive international attention a people from another country are showing an interest in the products and services that are offered by Calaxy.

3. Calaxy has a small core leadership team

The executive leadership team at Calaxy is small. It is comprised of two members. Solo Ceesay is a co-founder and chief operating officer. Cooper Kunz is the chief technology officer. So far, these are the only two people listed as executives for the new startup.

4. Calaxy is a venture capital-funded enterprise

Calaxy has participated in one round of venture capital fundraising. The seed round closed on July 1, 2021. It raised a total of $7.5 million in startup funding for the new company.

5. Calaxy is off to a good start with investors

Calaxy has only been in operation for a year, but it has already attracted the interest and support of a few major venture capital investment firms. The $7.5 million raised in a seed round is significant for a new company and it shows that investors have a high level of confidence that the business will continue to grow and prosper to give them a strong return on investment.

6. Calaxy has 16 investors

The first few years of business are often the most critical for new startups. This is the time when many either make it over the hump or fail and fade into oblivious. Calaxy is doing remarkably well in its first year of business. The enterprise has secured the financial support of sixteen investors, which is more than what most companies have at this early stage of their development. Investors include NGC Ventures, Eric Struk, Larry Ogunjobi, Animoca Brands, Luke Walton, Chaz Smith, Redbeard Ventures, ArkStream Capital, Claudia Sampedro, Matt James, and several other investors who wish to remain anonymous at this time. We were impressed by the number of private investors and financial firms that have taken an interest in the future and success of Calaxy at its early stages of development.

7. Calaxy is a privately held organization

Calaxy is a privately owned company. It is still under the control of its founders Solo Ceesay, and Cooper Kunz. You will not be able to find shares of Calaxy stock listed on any of the public stock exchanges. The company has not yet filed for an IPO. It's still in its infancy and early stages of development and so far, there have been no public announcements made about the possibility of taking this business public. So far, it's doing well enough with private fundraising efforts.

8. The founders of Calaxy are first-time entrepreneurs

The two founders for Calaxy are Cooper Kunz and Solo Ceesay. This is the first entrepreneurial effort for both of them. Although they're new at being business owners, the two bring impressive credentials to the job. They're both seasoned professionals and that is one of the factors that has given investors such high confidence in their abilities to make Calaxy a roaring success.

9. Solo Ceesay is a Wharton graduate

Before founding Calaxy with Cooper Kunz, Mr. Ceesay attended the John Burroughs School in St. Louis, Missouri. This is a prestigious preparatory school for children in grades 7 through 12. he graduated from the liberal arts school after becoming involved with varsity football, varsity wrestling, the jazz band, and the super mileage vehicle club. He went on to attend the prestigious Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He was a member of the football team and established himself as a college football athlete during his time there.

10. Ceesay is a Wall Street professional

After completing his education, Mr. Ceesay became involved with the financial industry. He secured positions in trading and banking and spent time working on Wall Street. He became a securitization expert and learned a lot about investments. He is distinguished as the first NBA player to securitize and tokenized his contract with a team. He took an interest in cryptocurrency as well as blockchain technology. He discovered ways to combine these with social media to create data and revenue streams that are secure methods for building wealth. Solo was a Spencer Dinwiddie advisory for a time when he realized that he could launch a new company that would provide a secure network for creators that would help to monetize the data of creators. This is when he partnered with Kunz to found Calaxy.

11. Cooper Kunz is the tech professional

Cooper Kunz is the other partner who founded Calaxy. He also brings an impressive history to the mix. Kunz earned his degree at the University of Arizona, where he studied computer science and philosophy. He is a software engineer and developer who serves as the chief technology officer for Calaxy, as well as its founder. He was executive director at Hack Arizona for two years before becoming a freelance computer software engineer. He also worked as a software developer for Hedera Hashgraph for three years. He is passionate about creating creator economies through Calaxy.

12. Calaxy uses a blockchain alternative

According to LinkedIn, Calaxy uses an alternative to blockchain that is called the Hedera network. It is powered by the hashgraph which is an algorithm that functions through consensus data that is discovered. The monetization system is applied to the open social marketplace of Calaxy, which uses cryptocurrency media to create fair exchange values through the system. This in turn allows creators to create tokens for fans to use, to monetize the relationships that become established within the community. Fans can use this system to enjoy personalized experiences and creators are compensated monetarily for their work.

13. Calaxy merges the virtual world with physical assets

The blockchain-like technology that Calaxy relies upon allows fans to purchase crypto sneakers that were worn in games by famous players. Fans may use the blockchain-based system to gain physical assets on the Infinite by Suku portion of the marketplace. This is just one example of how tangibles may be obtained with the cryptocurrency system.

14. Cooper Kunz shows creators how to mint their crypto

Kunz provides a video that instructs creators about how they can use Hedera Hashgraph to mint their digital currencies. This is a capability for creating branded tokens to purchase virtual and physical assets in the marketplace. It's good for business and will help creators to maintain a monetization system that is unique to their businesses. The guide is simple and anyone can do it. Kunz was also a teacher before he embarked on his venture with Solo Ceesay to launch Calaxy. Minting digital currencies that are unique to a specific business will help ensure that the credits are spent on the site of their origin, which is a brilliant move for creators with large fanbases. The possibilities are vast for financial success.

15. Calaxy has published a white paper

Cision by PR Newswire, reveals the contents of the Creator's Galaxy Whitepaper. It reveals the vision that the founders have for creating a social media revolution that is decentralized. It's just one more step toward creating a new system for monetization and fair trade for both virtual and physical assets using blockchain technology.

16. Calaxy Inc is a pioneer

Calaxy is a pioneer in a new economic system that they refer to as the Creator's Economy. The founders developed an app that is innovative and puts control over the monetization of intellectual properties and physical products into the hands of the creators. The Creator's Galaxy Foundation was designed to create a micro-economy that is geared towards assisting creators to enter into a new decentralized system that allows them the opportunity to achieve financial freedom without the need for trusted third parties. It eliminates the need for permissions. It's a new kind of economy that helps creators to realize the full potential of earning while enhancing the relationship they have with their fans by enabling a host of interactions and tokenization that is branded individually.

17. Calaxy oversees a variety of participants in the ecosystem

Calaxy's white paper outlines the participants in the new micro-economy that it creates including Calaxy's Creator's Galaxy Foundation, Calaxy Inc, which is the first app in the CG that decentralizes social media and restructures relationships between creators and fans, The Creator's council which is comprised of various celebrities and creators who seek to monetize and provide their expertise on the subject, and various third-party applications for integration of blockchain protocols within the Creator Galaxy.

18. Calaxy is a liberator

Unlike most other social media platforms, Calaxy is geared toward creators and their needs. It provides a liberating environment with an ecosystem that includes high-profile influences including artists, models, athletes, and Creators who have diverse audiences, to comprise the Creator's Council membership. Some of these famous personalities include Twitch and YouTube stars, Television stars, NBA champions Reality television personalities, Hip Hop artists, and more. Cooper Kunz confirmed that fan engagement is limited by all other social media platforms but it will not be the case for Calaxy. Creators may interact with greater personalization in their creations. They can freely monetize through branded NFTs and social tokens in a decentralized social media environment that gives them control over their portion of the marketplace. This is unprecedented freedom to interact with fans and to earn revenues in a blockchain format.

19. Calaxy is in its beta stage

According to the official Calaxy website, Calaxy's app is currently in its beta phase of testing. Currently, fans who join can engage in video calls with their favorite personalities including creators, stars, musicians, athletes, and others. The virtual meeting platform is available to fans who request the beta key to participate.

20. Calaxy is a startup to keep your eye on

Calaxy is just getting started but it shows promise of becoming a transformational enterprise within the social medial realm. It promises a new kind of entertainment that is more personal than simply watching your favorite personalities on television. The implications for this new social media marketplace are far-reaching for both fans and creators. The personalities who choose to create and offer their content on this new social media marketplace stand to bring in fortunes in revenues through the blockchain platform. The founders of Calaxy also stand to make a fortune. Only time will tell, but this venture has all of the earmarks of becoming a pioneer in a new revolution within social media.

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