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20 Cars Similar to the Nissan Maxima

2020 Nissan Maxima

The Nissan Maxima is a 4-door luxury full-size sedan. It's sporty with a base price of $37,640 for 2022 models. If you're a fan of some of Maxima's features but desire a range of different features, you're in luck. We found 20 cars similar to the platform that are excellent alternatives.

2022 Lexus LS 500h

20. Lexus LS

Car and Driver compares the platform of the Lexus LS to the Maxima. It's a full-size luxury sedan that offers a range of trims for enhanced luxury. Its high points are the attractive styling in the luxury market with lower prices compared to competitors BMW and Mercedes. The spacious cabin is quiet with ample spaciousness. The cargo volume is between 15.18 to 16.95 cubic feet. It has several touchscreen controls for a modern approach to creature comforts. It's also available in a hybrid edition.

2023 Genesis Electrified G80

19. Genesis G 90

The Genesis G 90 is another luxury sedan that offers the spaciousness of a full-size and responsive ride. It comes equipped with a 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine. It generates 409 horsepower for fast acceleration. It's known for its smooth running engine, which is also more fuel efficient than the V8 in some full-sized sedans. It's a prestigious ride with luxury features like a plush interior and a long list of creature comforts. All trims come fully loaded, including driver assist technologies and premium infotainment systems. The refined suspension guarantees the smoothest ride, and light steering enhances maneuverability.

2021 Audi A8

18. Audi A8

Audi's Media Center confirms a refresh for the 2022 edition of the Audi 8. It's the flagship full-size luxury sedan for the brand. The 3.0-liter V6 engine is powerful, offering an upgrade to the V8 option if you upgrade to the S8 trim. The automaker promises extreme luxury and high performance. Build-your-own packages allow for ample customization of each new purchase. On the inside, the seats are your choice of Valcona or Valetta leather with Dynamica microfiber on the door panels.

The seats are comfortable with ventilation, massage, and lumbar support. Additional comfort packages are available. Use the digital controls to dial in your seating position preferences. Guests in the back seat enjoy fold-out wing tables, digital remote controls for seating and lighting preferences, and more. The Audi A8 and S8 dial the luxury up a few notches.

Volvo S90

17. Volvo S90

Volvo's S90 is a full-sized luxury sedan considered a mild hybrid. The gas-powered engine receives a supplement with a 48-volt battery that stores energy recovered during braking. It also helps reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions. A few outstanding interior features are:

  • The Bowers & Wilkins audio system.
  • An air purifier.
  • 360-degree camera.
  • Blind spot info system.
  • Google built-in.
  • A suite of driver assistance technology features.

It comfortably seats 5 with a cargo capacity of 13.5 cubic feet. The fuel economy ratings are 23 mpg in the city and 32 on the highway. Enjoy best-in-class comfort and a choice of a 1.0-liter mild hybrid or a plug-in hybrid engine with up to 400 horsepower.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Base E 450

16. Mercedes-Benz S-Class 500 4Matic Sedan

Mercedes offers a solid alternative to the Nissan Maxima if you don't mind paying the premium price. The S 500 4Matic features a 2.0-liter turbo inline-6 engine with an electric auxiliary compressor and mild hybrid drive to enhance fuel economy. You get a 429 horsepower engine with 384 lb-ft of torque for the higher cost. It accelerates from zero to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds—the engine pairs with a 9G Tronic 9-speed automatic transmission. The fuel economy is 21 mpg in the city and 30 on the highway. The cargo space is limited to 12.9 cubic feet, but the bulk of the interior space offers comfort to the Driver and passengers.

BMW 7 Series

15. BMW 7-Series

BMW's 7 series is a full-size luxury sedan with a premium price tag. The front-engine 4-door comfortably seats 5 with spaciousness for head and leg room. It's powered by a V8 twin-turbocharged engine. The power plant generates 523 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque. The top speed is 128 mph. It's matched with 8-speed automatic transmission with manual shifting mode. The seven-series vehicles provide a smooth and fast ride for those needing power. The fuel economy suffers as an exchange for power, however. It gets 17 mpg in the city and 25 on the highway. Furthermore, it's sheer luxury and sporty handling with all the benefits and trappings of a full-size luxury car.

2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition

14. Lucid Air

If you're looking for a pure electric vehicle to replace the gas-powered options, Lucid Air offers an all-electric full-sized, 4-door sedan. However, the base price is more than double the Nissan Maxima, but it offers luxury with a stylish aesthetic inside and out as the first rollout in the new brand's lineup. It's a state-of-the-art vehicle featuring compact-size motors and a big battery. The configuration gives it the best driving range on a full charge. The EPA ratings estimate you can get up to 516 miles at 60 mph. The cabin is spacious, with average materials on the interior. Acceleration is swift, moving from zero to 60 mph in under two seconds. It's still new on the market, but there are high hopes for its success as a disruptor to Tesla.

2022 Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo

13. Porsche Panamera

Porsche offers the 2022 Panamera as its most affordable luxury sedan. It's a powerful car available in various choices, including V6, V8, and plug-in hybrid configurations. The engine displacement is 2,984cc, generating 325 horsepower and 331 lb-ft of torque. The top speed is 168 mph. Although not the quickest, it does decently, from 0 to 60 mph in 5.4 seconds. However, the impressive 4-door sedan offers the convenience of a hatchback with an automatic rear hatch. The windshield washer system includes rain-sensor technology. Other amenities include heatable, electrically adjustable folding exterior mirrors, stepless door stay hinges, infotainment, and luxury interior amenities. However, EPA fuel estimates are not yet available.

2021 Maserati Quattro side

12. Maserati Quattroporte GT

The Quattroporte is another full-size luxury sedan that offers 4-door convenience with seating for 5. This model fares a little better on the cargo space than most competitors, with 18.72 cubic feet. However, it scores high on its sleek and sporty exterior design. It's fairly rare, with a limited number of units available for sale, but the interior switches and knobs are somewhat dated. If you don't mind the old-school cabin, it's comfortable with ample space and plenty of creature comforts. It's an upscale sedan with drivers' choice of a 580 horsepower V-8 engine in various trims for upgrading the interior. However, the acceleration is rated at 0-60 mph in 4 seconds.

2020 BMW 8-Series Gran Coupe

11. BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe

Edmunds suggests the BMW 8 series if you're in the market for a full-size luxury sedan. The two or 4-door beauty is a hair longer than the Series 7. However, it's known for its nimble handling for its size with a comfortable and luxurious interior. Previously, leather seats were an upgrade option, but now they're standard fare. Instead of a trunk, it offers the convenience of a rear hatch with ample cargo space. It's ahead of the seven series in sportiness. The AWD's standard powertrain includes a turbocharged 6-cylinder engine with acceleration from zero to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds.

2022 Tesla Model S

10. Tesla Model S

The 2022 Tesla Model S is a full-size electric-powered sedan that boasts a driving range of up to 412 miles on a full charge. However, the most recommended trim is the Plaid version with a 1020-horsepower drive train. It offers exceptional acceleration with room to seat four adults. The rear cargo area is large, with secondary cargo space in the front trunk. The Model S is loaded with features, including semi-autonomous technology. The interior is not as luxurious as comparably priced luxury vehicles from other automakers, but Tesla holds a special place in the advancing automotive technology sector. It's powerful, comfortable, and clean running. It's hard to beat its acceleration at zero to 60 mph in 2.4 seconds.

Karma GSe-6

9. Karma GSe-6

The Karma GSe-6 is a full-size luxury sedan with an exotic flavor. It's a plug-in hybrid style made in California. The vehicle's materials come from sustainable materials. The gasoline engine gets up to 70 mpg with an EPA rating of 80 miles on its electric motor range. It's powerful with a 536 horsepower engine system. It features solar panels on the roof for replenishment of the electric range. It's available in 3 trims. However, the comfortable interior and sustainable theme make it a novelty, but the power and speed make it a serious contender in the full-size sedan market.

Bentley Flying Spur

8. Bentley Flying Spur

True Car explains the amenities of the Bentley Flying Spur for drivers who desire the ultimate in full-size luxury sedans. It's not the most expensive, but it is high. It's an athletic vehicle with a 6.0-liter W12 Turbo engine that delivers power and performance. The EPA estimates give it 12 mpg in the city and 19 mpg on the highway with a gas-guzzling economy. The Flying Spur handles nimbly, despite its athletic build, and it provides a quiet and smooth ride. The driver assistance features are limited, but the interior is elegant and refined. However, it's a customizable vehicle for those who don't mind paying extra.

Rolls Royce Ghost

7. Rolls Royce Ghost

The Rolls Royce Ghost is a cut above the Flying Spur. It's among the elite in high-end luxury full-sized sedans with all the comfort and convenience features imaginable. It comfortably seats five and is only available in 1 trim level. The Ghost's EPA rating is comparable to the Bentley, with 12 mpg in the city and 19 on the highway. A 6.7-liter V12 Turbo engine powers it, and like the Flying Spur, it comes in an AWD only. It's a luxury sedan with remnants of the old world and a modern touch. It's hard to beat the luxury of the cabin. Combine that with a silky smooth ride and ample speed and power, and you have the ultimate luxury vehicle if you're not concerned about operation costs.

Rolls Royce Phantom

6. Rolls Royce Phantom

Rolls Royce of Pasadena takes us to the flagship sedan in the Rolls-Royce lineup. The Phantom is available in the standard full-size version, or you can get the extended wheelbase which starts at $550,000. This is a vehicle that seldom sells in stock condition. Most buyers fully customize their orders at a significant increase over the base price. It's the most luxurious sedan on the planet, and you can make it uniquely yours. The team at Rolls Royce works with each client to ensure satisfaction in customization details. A few examples of luxury include personalized artwork on the dashboard and deep pile carpeted floormats. Massaging rear seats, displays of a starry sky on the ceiling with fiber optics, and much more.

5. Kia Cadenza Premium

The 2022 Kia Cadenza Premium is one of the few remaining luxury sedans built by the brand. It features a front-wheel-drive powertrain with a 3.3-liter V6 gasoline engine. The powerplant generates 290 horsepower and 253 lb-ft of torque. It's paired with 8-speed automatic transmission, according to CCP.

Avalon XLE Hybrid

4. Avalon XLE Hybrid

The XLE Hybrid trim of the Toyota Avalon is a 5-seat full-size luxury vehicle with outstanding fuel economy. The 2.5-liter hybrid engine delivers 215 horsepower for an estimated 43 mpg in the city and 44 on the highway. It's offered on an FWD platform. It's equipped with luxury interior elements, comfortable seats, LE reflector headlights, 17-inch silver painted wheels, Toyota Safety Sense, a 9-inch touchscreen, and connected services free with purchase.

2020 Chrysler 300

3. Chrysler 300

Chrysler offers the 2022 edition of its legendary 300. The luxury full-size sedan has few changes for the 2022 model year, with the exception of a new N95 cabin air filter. It's available in multiple trims, including the Touring, the Touring L, and the 300S. The base model comes in a 3.6-liter VV6 engine. You can upgrade to a V8 for a higher price. Acceleration is unremarkable. The V6 engine achieves a sprint from zero to 60 mph in 6.3 seconds. The V-8 is a little faster at 5.3 seconds.

Toyota Century

2. Toyota Century

Fairwheels confirms that Japan has a full-size Toyota sedan called the Century. It's only for sale in Japan and is mostly for transporting dignitaries. The powerful 5000cc DOHC 8-cylinder V8 engine generates 425 horsepower with 376 lb-ft of torque. The fuel economy is approximately 32 mpg. It's sold in AWD with a 7-speed automatic transmission. It's one of the most luxurious sedans froma the Toyota brand.

Mercedes Maybach S

1. Mercedes Maybach S

The Mercedes-Benz Maybach S680 4Matic sedan is powered by a V-12 engine that generates 6f21 horsepower. It's a large sedan that accelerates from zero to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds. It comes with a host of luxury features like air suspension, soft doors, a Burmeister 30-speaker system, a rear entertainment system, and more. It's full luxury with the powerful V12 trim or the S50 sedan with a V8 engine and 48-volt hybrid powertrain.

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