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The Five Best BMW 7 Series Cars of All-Time


One of the most iconic BMW models is the 7 Series, which has been produced by the automaker since 1977 and is currently its flagship car. This is the model that the auto industry giant uses to reveal new tech, features, and amenities to the world before other BMWs get the latest and greatest, and it's a truly remarkable luxury sedan. Over the years, the 7 Series has seen a number of exciting changes and it's managed to raise its prestige and popularity. Here are five of the top BMW 7 Series cars.

2006 BMW 750Li - $71,800


When it first debuted, the 2006 BMW 750Li sported one of the best interiors of any other production car in its class. It's filled with bells, whistles, amenities, and a lot of high end features including smartphone integration and power adjustable rear seats. The Rear Comfort Seats option cost $3,500 and equipped the car with the same features integrated into the driver seat such as sixteen way power adjustment, four way lumbar support, and adjustable thigh and side support.

Those who wanted even more entertainment in their ride could opt for the $2,200 Rear Entertainment Package, which included headphone jacks, a six DVD changer in the trunk, and an LCD screen for viewing. Its performance definitely matches the appeal of the 2006 BMW 750Li's design, and inside is a 4.8 liter V8 engine that produces 360 hp.

2008 BMW 760Li - $82,495


The 2008 760Li marked a turn for technology in the BMW 7 Series lineup, but what was really remarkable about the car was its power. To compete with other premium offerings unveiled at the time such as the Bentley Continental GT and Mercedes-Benz S600, BMW put a V12 in the 760Li.

Combined with a six speed automatic transmission complete with a lockup torque converter and a 6.0 liter 48 valve all-aluminum V12 engine, the 2008 BMW 760Li produces 438 hp. It has an electronically limited top speed of 149 miles per hour and can go from 0 to 60 mph in 5.4 seconds. This is the perfect BMW 7 Series model for someone who wants comfort, amenities, integrated tech, and speed, and you can still find today for much less than the original MSRP second hand.

2013 BMW 740Li -  $81,525


BMW's 740Li is all about luxurious comfort, hence the stretched wheelbase and the super roomy interior. The profile of this car calls to mind an upscale limo, just in shortened form. Of course, you can't take a full size limo around with the speed that this car can reach, and fortunately the larger chassis size doesn't call for changing the way you'd drive a regular sedan. Agility is a big plus with this model, and its world class suspension provides for very responsive handling.

Some of the new features rolled out with the 740Li included the option of all-wheel drive or rear wheel drive, an eight speed automatic transmission, and a turbocharged engine. The 2013 740Li has a 3.0 liter turbocharged inline six engine that produces 315 hp and is intercooled. Its transmission is an eight speed automatic with manual shift mode, and the model has a top speed of 144 mph. Speed isn't a problem with this model, as it's able to go from 0 to 60 mph in 5.4 seconds.

2016 BMW 730d xDrive -  $82,295


Though the 7 Series has often been put up against the Mercedes-Benz S-Class in a number of ways, there's one thing that has always separated the two: 7 Series cars are designed with the driver's experience in mind first and foremost. That's definitely true of the 2016 BMW 730d xDrive, and it's outfitted with the best of the best to make driving it a pleasure.

If you only give the 730d xDrive a quick glance, you may think there's no differences in the aesthetics of its exterior or profile that are noteworthy. However, this model has excellent fine details that are worth pointing out. Covering its body are sleek creases and character lines, which give this car a refined, elegant, and dynamic appearance. Even the placement of the headlights was done in a sophisticated way, and it's a practical move -- being connected to the grilles allows air to pass through based on the needs of the car.

The interior of the 730d xDrive is downright sumptuous, and its finishes are gorgeous. Like every other BMW 7 Series car, this one isn't all about appearance and has great performance. It can reach a maximum speed of 155 mph and has a 3.0 liter six cylinder engine that produces 265 hp. The car can go from 0 to 62 mph in 5.8 seconds and it handles beautifully.

2017 BMW Alpina B7 - $137,995


The 2017 Alpina B7 can go from 0 to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds -- that's definitely one of the most incredible things about this model in the BMW 7 Series lineup. This car will make you wonder if more really is better, because that's exactly what it is: more of everything that previous iterations in the series had wrapped up in a super elegant package. The aforementioned speed matches the car's power, which is derived from a twin turbocharged V8 engine that produces 600 hp. Its eight speed automatic transmission has a manual shifting mode, making it an amazing ride to drive no matter what one's preferences are.

This model's engine has an air intake system that's different than any other BMW 7 Series car, plus having two axle air suspension underneath the Alpina B7 gives it optimal ride height adjustment. To say that you have a world of options for where this car can go is putting it mildly. Combined with its speed, performance, and power are looks that are worthy of the car's six figure price tag alone. The exterior of the car is just as gorgeous as ever, and even the interior shows some key improvements.

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