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How Cash Warren Achieved a Net Worth of $50 Million

Cash Warren

Cash Warren has a number of accomplishments to his credit, both personal and professional. He is married to Jessica Alba, a Hollywood movie star, and has worked as a film producer in the movie industry as well. He is also an entrepreneur, starting multiple businesses. Today, his net worth is estimated to be $50 million. Curious how he got it all? Let's find out.

Early life

Cash Garner Warren was born on the 10th day of January in 1979. A native of Los Angeles, California, he was the son of Michael Warren, an actor and college basketball player. His mother, Sue Narramore, is white, while his father is black.

He also has three siblings, a sister named Kekoa Brianna Warren, another sister named Makayla, and a half brother named Grayson Andres. He has remained in Los Angeles for most of his life.

High school years

From 1993 until his graduation in 1997, Warren was a student at Crossroads High School in Santa Monica, California. While in high school, Warren followed in his father's footsteps and played on the basketball team.

During these years, Warren sometimes shared the court with Baron Davis. Years later, Davis would play in the National Basketball Association, a professional basketball league. He would become a two-time NBA All-Star, was a member of the All-NBA Third Team in 2004, and he twice led the NBA in steals during the 2003 to 2004 and 2006 to 2007 seasons.

Warren was bullied in high school

Warren had bad skin in his youth and was afflicted with a bad case of acne. As he once told People magazine, “I had horrible acne as a kid. I mean…really bad. It was so bad that it sent me to the hospital once.”

In high school, his acne condition was so severe that it caused other students to bully him. Warren said that the torments did not bother him much, however. In the same People magazine interview he is quoted as saying that “I refused to be insecure about it.”

Instead, Warren focused on his academics instead of the bullies. The strategy seems to have paid off. Giving his attention to his education served him well during his career, and taking the high road undoubtedly helped him land one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.

College years at Yale

After receiving his high school diploma, Warren moved to New Haven. It was while in the Nutmeg State that Warren matriculated at the Ivy League Yale University. There he studied political science from 1997 until graduation in 2001.

Early career

Warren began his career in the entertainment industry, as so many others do, by working as a production assistant. His first job was to work on the successful film, Taxi.

This launched a career for him producing movies. His name appears in the credits of many other movies, including The Rising Son, Modern Family, 30 for 30, Fantastic Four, and Most Modern Family, among others.

Warren's career progresses

Not only does Warren work as a film producer, but he has also worked in Hollywood as a director, actor, and even a screenwriter. He is known fo movies such as the Fantastic Four, Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors, and others.

Given his versatility over more than a decade of working in TV and movies, Forbes magazine called him one of the most powerful men in Hollywood in 2011.

After releasing “Bloods and Crips: Made in America,” Warren was nominated for the News and Documentary Emmy Awards.

Warren tries his hand as an entrepreneur

Warren's career has moved beyond the entertainment industry. He is the founder of several businesses.

One such business focuses directly on the entertainment world, befitting his roots in that industry. Verso Entertainment is an independent full-service film and television production company founded by Warren and one of his friends. He serves as the president of the company.

Verso Entertainment produces original content for a variety of formats, including digital, cable, and broadcast markets.

Warren moves into the sock and underwear business

In addition to the TV and movie production business, Warren also launched Pair of Thieves. He co-founded Pair of Thieves with David Ehrenberg and Alan Stuart to design and sell luxury socks and underwear. The company produces items for men and women alike.

Their products, they say, use the finest quality fabrics to ensure comfort and are treated with special techniques to ensure each pair has the signature Pair of Theives style.

Connecting the famous with their fans

Warren was able to capitalize on his Hollywood connections when he co-founded Apoko. This company helped movie stars, professional athletes, and other celebrities connect with their fans on social media.

It is a family affair

While Warren got his start in the entertainment industry, he is not the most famous person in his family. That would be his wife, the noted actress Jessica Alba.

Warren and Alba met while working on the 2005 film, The Fantastic Four. The movie was critically panned but was a success at the box office. Alba and Warren are said to have hit it off immediately. Though they were both dating other people at the time, they said it was love at first sight.

The pair began to date in 2007 and were married a year later, in May 2008. The two did not have a long engagement but rather got married on a whim. After discussing marriage, they tied the knot the same day.

Warren has said publicly that Alba has been a large help in running the sock and underwear company. She helps him test the products to make sure they are durable, are sufficiently stretchy, and are comfortable. Warren also credits Alba with having excellent taste and instinct in the fields of fashion and design, which are undoubtedly useful when running a clothing company.

The Cash family

In addition to Warren and Alba, their family includes three children. The first, Honour Marie Warren, was born several months after Warren and Alba were wed. Haven Garner Warren, the couple's second child, came into this world in 2011. Their third and final daughter was born in 2017.

Cash's net worth

From his work in the entertainment industry and his entrepreneurship, Cash has amassed a net worth of $50 million. While to most people this would be an immense amount of wealth, it pales in comparison to his wife. Alba is said to be worth $1.7 billion. With the talent and capital this family has, it will be interesting to see what comes next for them.

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