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20 Amazing Corn Mazes to Visit in the United States

Great Vermont

There's no better place to enjoy some fall fun than at a corn maze. These huge labyrinths boast twists, turns, and miles of winding paths, all designed to confuse, intrigue, and bewilder any visitor who steps up to the challenge. If you're lucky, you'll also be treated to a range of side attractions, from pumpkin patches and animal experiences to pumpkin blasters and hayrides. If you're in the mood for some good old-fashioned family fun, save yourself the bother of googling 'corn mazes near me' and check out our guide to the 20 most amazing mazes in the US instead.

Treworgy Family Orchard

20 Treworgy Family Orchards, Levant, ME

Treworgy’s corn maze is Maine's longest continually running corn maze. Spread over 4.5 acres and standing 10 feet tall, it promises hours of fun for the whole family. If you like the idea of wandering through the maze at night, be sure to join in the fun at the annual Family Night Maze. There are no spooky thrills, making it ideal for little ones. Each station is lighted and you'll be invited to collect treats as you make your way around. Once you've reached the end, head for the cafe to enjoy some warming hot cider, hot chocolate, and donuts.

Cherry Crest

19. Cherry Crest Adventure Farm, Ronks, PA

Set in the heart of Amish Country in Ronks, PA, Cherry Crest Adventure Farm boasts one of the longest established mazes in the US. Open since1996, it offers a vast array of activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy, including animal experiences, a hay chute, tractor rides, and more. The maze itself consists of over two and a half miles of trails. Guests have the chance to choose between an easy or challenging experience using a color-coded clue system. If you're in the mood for a real adventure, grab a flashlight and prepare to tackle the maze by moonlight.

Sever's Fall Festival

18. Sever's Fall Festival, Shakopee, MN

Like the idea of tackling the largest maze in the Midwest? Then head for Sever's Fall Festival in Shakopee, MN, a giant labyrinth of twists and turns and winding paths that are guaranteed to keep you thoroughly entertained (if slightly puzzled) for hours on end. Each year, owners Sever and Sharon Peterson show off their creativity with something entirely new and unexpected. Each year is different, but based on some of the designs they've created in the past (which include a world map, a sinking Titanic, and an Egyptian Sphinx and pyramid), you're going to be in for a treat. The best thing? After you've tracked down all the fun facts in the maze, submit your findings and you'll automatically be entered into a prize draw with the chance of winning $500. The fun doesn't end there. On top of the maze, you'll also be able to enjoy a smorgasbord of fun activities, from pumpkin blasters and giant slides to magic shows, jumping pillows, obstacles courses, straw bale mazes, and a whole lot more besides.

Lowe Family Farmstead

17. Lowe Family Farmstead, Kuna, ID

You'll need to keep a cool head if you intend on tackling Lowe Family Farmstead's maze. The 18-acre challenge will stretch your puzzle-solving skills to the limit. For little ones, there's a smaller maze to enjoy, plus a score of other attractions like a flower field, a potato sack slide, a candy cannon, and a pumpkin patch.

Richardson Adventure Farm

16. Richardson Adventure Farm, Spring Grove, Ill

According to, Richardson Adventure Farm's maze has over 11 miles of trails spread over 28 acres of corn, making it one of the latest mazes in the world. It's not just the size that's impressive - the themes are equally amazing (past designs have included tributes to Star Trek and the moon landing), while the attractions (which include zorbing rides, zip-lining, and all the usual hayrides and pumping patches you'd expect) promise hours of family-friendly fun.

Carpinito Brothers, Kent, WA

15. Carpinito Brothers, Kent, WA

Recommended as one of the best corn mazes in the US by, the Carpinito Brothers is a must-visit for anyone within traveling distance of Kent, WA. The maze is open from the end of September to the end of October. Along with the maze, there's a pumpkin patch to enjoy, plus the chance to stock up on fresh fruits and veggies at the produce stand.


14. Cornbelly's, Spanish Fork, UT

If you like a challenge, you're going to love Cornbelly's. Their intricate, super complex mazes are hard to navigate, but it's always a lot of fun to try. Other seasonal activities on offer include farm mini golf, climbing walls, corn holes, and more besides.

Davis Mega Maze

13. Davis Mega Maze, Sterling, MA

With 8 acres of twists and turns to navigate, Davis Mega Maze is, as its name suggests, mega. It's also a lot more than just a maze. Scattered throughout are enough games like hammer bells and slingshots to keep you entertained for the full three hours it takes to get from the start to the end. Before you leave, pop by the restaurant to enjoy some award-winning Kansas City BBQ or loaded mac and cheese waffle cones.


12. The Farmstead Corn Maze and Pumpkin Festival, Meridian, ID

Located just outside of Boise, Idaho, The Farmstead Corn Maze offers visitors the chance to explore its 18 acres of corn and navigate their way through its two mazes. The larger of the two is a real head-scratcher, but the smaller one is easy enough for little ones to master. Side attractions include a corncob beach, hayrides, a pumpkin patch, and a beautiful flower field.

Queens County

11. Queens County Farm Museum, New York City, NY

Recommend by as one of the best corn mazes in the US, the three-acre Queens County Farm Museum maze isn't huge, but it still offers plenty of challenge. Clues and puzzles are available to help you navigate your way through, or you could up the ante and tackle the twists and turns by moonlight. Once you've found your way to the finishing line, be sure to take a tour of the rest of the museum to learn more about sustainable agriculture and heritage livestock breeds.

Treinen Farm

10. Treinen Farm, Lodi, WI

With an impressive 15 acres to its name, Treinen Farm is the largest maze in Wisconsin, and quite possibly the most fun too. Described by the farm as “part work of art, part outdoor game, part social experiment,” the mazes are always a feast for the eyes, with some past examples including a pirate ship, a dinosaur, various mythological figures and animals, and even the “Vitruvian Man.” Just be prepared for a hike - most years the mazes range between 4 and 6 miles, so comfy footwear is a must. Along with side attractions like pumpkin patches and hayrides, the maze also hosts the annual “Zompocalypse” on October 29. If you've ever wondered what happens when you introduce a bunch of spooky zombies to a maze, this is where you'll find out.

Cool Catch

9. Cool Patch Pumpkins, Dixon, CA

If you want to visit one of the biggest and most fun mazes in the US, take the advice of and set your sat nav for Cool Patch Pumpkins, Dixon. Co-owners Matt and Mark Cooley created their first maze in 2013 as a way to attract more visitors to their pumpkin patch. Back then, it spanned a 'measly' 15 acres. These days, it covers a massive 60 plus acres of cornfields and is very much the main event (sorry, pumpkin patch). It already holds the Guinness Book of World Record for the world’s largest temporary corn maze, but each year, it gets bigger and better than ever before. If you ever find your way out, check out the pedal vars, hayrides, and that pumpkin patch before you leave.

Exploration Acres

8. Exploration Acres, Lafayette, IN

If car racing is your thing, do as Time Out recommends and head for Exploration Acres, Lafayette, who'll this year by paying a tribute to Indiana car racing. Find all 28 posts on the maze map, and you'll be rewarded with a prize (free meals, free entrance to Monster Mini Golf, etc) that you can redeem at local venues.

Long & Scott's Farms

7. Long & Scott's Farms, Mount Dora, FL

You can never predict what theme Long & Scott's Farms will choose for its maze near Orlando, but you can guarantee it'll always be a ton of fun. Now in its19th year, this year's festivities will come with the added benefit of a huge jumping pillow, a 60ft super slide, a giant castle-like playground, audio tours of the farm, and hayrides. Before you leave, stop by the cafe to fill up on some sweet treats.

Connors Farm

6. Connors Farm, Danvers, MA

There might be bigger mazes than the one at Connors Farm, but there are few that boast such amazing designs. Just a small sample of previous year's themes include Charlie Brown, Clint Eastwood, Family Guy, and the witches of Salem. This year's theme is 'Fun on the Farm,' so expect plenty of farmyard animals. If you like the idea of navigating the maze by moonlight, stop by on a Friday or Saturday. They also run a Singles Night each year where single adventurers can find love as they navigate their way through the maze, before enjoying s'mores and amour around the campfire.


5. Ekonk Hill Turkey Farm, Moosup, CT

If you've got little ones, treat them to a visit to Ekonk Hill Turkey Farm. Scattered along its corn maze paths are stations that will teach kids all about the animals they'll meet on the farm. Once you've navigated the winding paths (which are easy and fun enough for kids not to lose interest), head for the farm cafe to enjoy some fresh homemade ice cream before heading back out for a tour of the farm.

Devine's Corn Maze

4. Devine's Corn Maze & Pumpkin Patch, Harrodsburg, KY

The Devine's have been opening their family farm to visitors for 15 years, and each year, it just gets better and better. The maze itself is always a blast, but the side attractions are just as exciting, with a Field of Horror, zip-lining, slides, wagon rides, a corn crib for little ones, critter petting, campfires, and more.

Happy Day Farm

3. Happy Day Farm, Manalapan, NJ

Happy Day Farm has been delighting kids and grown-ups with its 10-acre corn maze for years. Themes are eclectic but always a heap of fun, with previous year's designs running the gauntlet from John Deere tractors to the Civil War and Marvel's Avengers. Regardless of the theme, the maze is always split into two paths - a simple one for kids, and a more challenging one for adults. In case you get lost, you'll be provided with a GPS locator at the start. Other than the maze, there's a bunch of fun activities to enjoy, including pig races, tractor rides, a fun slide, and a feeding zoo.

Denve Downs

2. Denver Downs Farm, Anderson, SC

Denver Downs Farm's maze is the perfect place to enjoy some fall festivities. The 12-acre maze is studded with numerous checkpoints loaded with fun facts about farmyard life. Before the start, you'll be given a Maze QR code game that will record your completion time and post the result online - if you've got a competitive streak, it's perfect. Other fun activities to enjoy include barnyard bonfires every Friday and Saturday nights from sunset to closing, musical and light shows, giant slides, tractor rides, animal feeding, and plenty of fun games designed especially for little ones.

Great Vermont

1. The Great Vermont Corn Maze, North Danville, VT

Spanning 24 acres, The Great Vermont Corn Maze is the largest corn maze in New England. For the past 15 years, it's been inviting fun-seeking visitors to come and check out its attractions, which include a huge, mind-bogglingly complex maze for adults and a smaller, less challenging version for kids. The larger mazes take around 2 hours to solve, so be prepared for some serious walking. Once you've finally found your way out of the maze, be sure to check out the Pretending Play area, the World's First Barnyard Golf, and the farm area where you can meet and feed some of the cute animals that live on the farm. If you're visiting in October, you'll be able to catch the terrifying Dead North Farmland of Terror - but be warned, it's not for the fainthearted.

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